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The holding of au electiou one ilay, and the giving of complete returns the next, by n weekly pajer, s something of an cffort for a weekly paper, but we give below complete returns from thls county. They may not be absolutely correct, but they will be changed but very little by the official returns. The full vote is given wherever possiblc, and majorities in other Ingtances. The first mentioncd in each Is the republican candidato, then follows democrat and prohibition. Here the figures are, study them up to your heart's content: The figures upon conimissioners and coroners will be given next week in full. The prohibition yote has fallen off in the county fully 200. Mr. Allmendinger In thls representative district, though defeated, mnde a grand run. Starting in agalnst a democratie majoiity of over 400; with a popular onearmed old soldier as ui opponent ; with a thoroughly organized opposition having money at lts back and plenty of henchmeu at its beek; with everylhing, he is only beaten in the district by about 75 votes. It was sucb a run as he should feel proud of, even though defeated.


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