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"Gootl-bye, George Yaple, Rood-bye." Don. Dickinson's decapitated congressmeii have been heartl frorn. Tlic defeat of Robinson in the lat district is no credit to the district. Washtenaw county can be redeemed by continual, presistent, and energeüc work. The demócrata furnlshed the money but the prohibitionists couldn't furnish the votes. Most all of the people, regardless of party, look jolly over Capt. Allen'8 election, anyway. The $100 per montli candldtte didn't take well with the public, some way. I?ead out, as it were. The "frec trade " education of the lst and titli wards told at the polls on Allen and Luce, Tuesday. If the Gtonnau towns hnd not stood by Salsbury so well he woulil have been ttiiowed uuder even worse than ever. If the democratie party fcels proud of the exchange thty have made In the first district, replsdllg Maybury with Chipman, tliey are weleome to it. 'Til bc blained if the democrats wlll flirnilli iny more funds for the piohibition siilc-sliow," said one of the prominent democrats to ye local this a. m. " The inves-tment bas been poor." Xow if our temperance friends wlll only go back ;;:üii to the rlrst principie, organiza non-partlMa, W. C. T. U. sooietit's, red mid blue ribbon clubs, etc., tliey wlll be uble to accomplish aomethinjr for temperanoe perhaps. That ia, work lor temporalice instead of the offices. The following s a list of the congressmen eleOted in this state Tcesday : lst - J. Logan Chipman, D. 2d- Edwnrd P. Allen, R. 3d- JamesO'Donnell, R. 4th - Julins C. Burroughs, K. 5th- Melbourne H. Ford, D. 6th- Mark S. Brewer, R. 7th - Justin R. Whiting, Greenbuck. 8th- Timothy E. Taraney, D. 9tli- Byron M. Cutcheon, R. lOth- Spencer O. Fisher, D. lltli- Seth C. Moffatt, R. The latest telegrama teil us that Ohio, Indiana, Pennsylvania, Mussacliusetts, Connecticut, New York (probubly) Wiscousin, Nebraska, Minnesota, California' Kansas, Dakota, Utah and Wyoming have all elected republican offleers, while the democrats carry New Jersey and the solid south, as usual. Speaker Carlista has probably been defeated for re-election. So has Frauk Hurd. Iq New York City Abram Hewitt, democrat, Is elected mayor by a small majority. There has been a gain of about 30 republlcan congressincii, and oue or two United States senators.


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