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Real Estate Transfers

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Chas. Cron to Ellen Herrenden, Salera. $ 1,450 Ellen Herrendeu to James Merrlu, Sulera 1,400 Sam'l Gullirle to Aluert Guthrlo, Sylvan 500 D. W. Lawrenco to Jas. E. Lawrence, Ypstlantl 700 Josepn Lerg to E. Lcrg, Hrldgewater. . 1,000 Win, Deubel to I'. B. Duubel, Ypsllautl. 12,000 Dan'l Cobb to John V. Muyuard, Ana Arbor loo Ada Speer to R. I. Bell, Dexter... :.. 850 John S. Jennesa by ex., to Lucy J. Siiylus, Ypüi 800 Miiry M. tíheltlon to illiain Floree, Lima 135 J. Q. A S?ss!onstó Jas. H. Sage, Aun Artor 4.500 John K. Gates to Jacob Must, ChelseR.. 8óO Sriii'I V. Lookwood to Jacob Mast, C'helseu 100 John PllsLerer to Eugeuc Oesterllnc, Ana Arbor 3:5 J. E. & G. F. Nelthnmnior, by guard. to A. M, Netthamraer, 8clo 1,000 W. A. Clark et al, to St. Andrew's Church.Aun Arbor 1,000 B. T. O. Clark rt ai, to St. Audrew's Churuh, Anu Arbor 1,000 Arabella Westfall to Angelluu Mattliews, And Arbor 1,150 St. AndreWs Church to Treadwell & Rlchmoud, Anu Arbor 1,000 Alex. & W. Gordon to E. üordou, Sallne 1.00C More straight votes were polled tbis ear than before for yenrs.J A dispatch in Saturday's paper says that A. L. Thomas of the firin of Lord & Tliomas, advertising agent?, of Chicago, was among those killed and afterwards roasted in the llames at ltio, Wis., by the horrible railroad accident at that place. Thls liini has been one of the most honerable and upright in the United States, and newspaper men generally, though not personally nccquaintud with Mr. Thomas, will hear this sad intelligence with the greatest regret. The followir.g compümentary words are from the last Manchester Enterprise: "On a recent vlsit to Ann Arbor we called at the Courier oflice and were kindly showii around by the genial proprietor, Mr. J. E. Beal, who showed us the workings of the incandescent electric light, Davison's improved boiler furnace, by whicli a gre;it saving lu cost of fuel is maile, etc. The CouniK is alvvays a good paper and it luis a wcll equipped ofüce."