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A i'raternity hop by the sophs on the tapis. What has become of the lady gymuasts ? Gaswantedat the new dent. laboratory bench ! The Southern Code Club Uourt takes the Kentucky Law Journal. The new books go Into Cornell university at the rate of ten per day. W. A. Whitslar, D. D. S., M. D. '85, s practicing at Youugstown, Ohio. The Unity Club has Issued its'iprogramme or announcemeiit for the year. Bronchitis knocked Dr. Chadbourne out of nis senior senior quiz last Friday night. The U. of M. supreme court is now organized and rcady for business. Appeal your cases. The law students want Librarían Vance's salary increased and the library opened longer hours. Thcre are 600 American students at the University of Berlín, which is the largest in the world. Some good work was done at the polls Tuesday by enthusiastic republican boys. They worked for Allen principally. The gym. is now in full blast, wlth as complete an outfit as any in the west - and .stilt tuere Is room for a few more. The civil englneers groduated at the university are in great deinand out west, and tnat is one of the strangest in the university. At the meeting of the Philosophical Society next Friday evening, In room 24, Prof. Walter wlll read a paper upon Lessings "Laöcoon.", P. P. Watson Is the president of the Freshman dents., Miss SI. J. Robinson vice president, W. S. Taylor secretary and H. N. Holmes treasurer. Quite a number of students of both political partios went home to vote. There is nothing like exercising the rights of an American citlzen. We had the pleasuré of examing gome of the advunce sheets of Dr. Stowell's now work on The Teeth." The DentlsU have gomething good in store forthem. "We saw George Yaple go over the ience: Good-bye, George Yaple good-bye. With '110 tariff on wool' tacked on to liia pants: Good-bye, George Yaple, goodbye." A propesition to have the study of the Hebrcw language pursued in the university is being brought forward, and the Argoiiiiut think.s thiit it ought to be introdu eed. The wife of O. W. Kuggles, who waa ill with dyptheria, at the time of the death of her husband, died this Wednesday, a. m. These deaths cause much sorrow in the medical class of which Mr. Kuggles was a member. Last Thursday the Univcrsity Glee Club was ornanized with f ixteen raembers. R. G. Cole was chosen musical director and Geo. J. Waggoner librarían. It is hoped to makc sucli progress that by next spring a concert tour of the principal cities of the state may be made. During the year Profs. Walter, Morris, Burt, Payne, Dewey and Adams will read papers beforc the Philosophical Society, and a portion if not the entire number will bc published as a continuatlon of those given to the public last year by Andrews & Witherby. The rain kept the attcndance down at the meeting of the Dramatic Club last Weduesday evening. Tuis year the club proposes to givc a couple of entertainment, and take systematically the study of dramatic art and expression, supplementing Prof. Demmon's Shakcsperian course, and Prof. Trueblood's elocution. O. W. Ruggles, of the medical department, class of '88, died last Friday morning at his home on Thompson st., of malignant diptheria. His wife, who bas been very ill with the same disease, died yesterday. He was a manly student, and by his uprightness had such popularity that ho.was elected president of his rías euHh Thcre s said to be a scheme to consolidate the Adelphi and Alpha Xu literary gocietles, each of whieli is composed of 1 about sixty members, the object being to secure the Alpha Nu hall for the purpose of a drawing room. The consolidatio n, it is thought, insteiul of becomlnif one great, strong society, would become ' weak and die out. Hcrbert W. Brown, son of Rev. F. T. Brown, formerly pastor of the Presbyte't rian church in this city, and a gradúate in 1880 of the literary department of the unlversity, was married October 19th, in Chicago, to Miss Wilma M. Jacobs. Thelr home is in Mexico City, whcre lie is doing missionary work. FIELD DAT. The Field Day exercises were attended by a good sized crowd upon tlie fair grounds last Saturday, and much interest manifested in the popular games and sports of that popular event. In the tug-of-war the sophomores failed to show up and the freshmen were awarded the honors of courge. Running hop-step-and-jump- Won by Morrow, distance 40 ft. and % inch. Second F. Ducharme, 38 ft. 2 in. Wrestling - Two contestant, DeHaven and Jackson. Won by De Haven in two straight falls. One hundred yards dash - Won by Wright in 10% seconds, coming within a 14 aecond of the record. Standing broad jump- Won by F. E. Ducharme, 11 ft. % inches. Record 12 ft. 9 Inches, Two hundred and tweuty yarda dash - Won by Wright in 24 4-3 seconds. Record, 22 2-5 seconds. Drop kick against the wind- Won by Jas. E. Duffy, 1C3 ft. 10 inches.


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