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BACH & ABEL'8 COLUMN. A week later wlll be ampie time to consldcr whcre thing-s are chcapcst when the store Is in order. What you are thinking of now Is whcre you shall go to see the new thlngs. Are they what you want ï Are they as cheap as thcy can be ? Tou shall judgc. We are sure or one thing ; you will search the city In rain for such a collectlon to select from. Why do we say what you know alrcady from former years ï It is dlfflcnlt yet to makc any careful statements about the new dress goods. The counters are fnli. They can be looked at. This we are sure of. Take the whole of them, bottom to top, Trom the poorestto the best, you wlll flnd the most carefully chosen collection liere as, or course, you wlll flnd the iargest vanety here, whaterer qnallty you look ror. We will venture a word about a few styles. Hair line stripe suitings, all-wool, 42-inch, prlce 9Oc. Slik and woolen mixture, in all colors, :{. incii., price, 60 to 65o. All-wool suitingrs, checks, 42 to 44inch, 8lx different patterns, prlce $1. Fancy cable suitingrs, 42-inch., in a variety of combinatious, price 1 50 per yard. Mohair spiral strlpes. all cIors, 42. Inch, price, fl.'per yard. Colored Drap d'AIma's and cut Cashmores, In ten colorlngs, p rices 90c. and 1 per yard. Tricots In flfteen colorines, priecs, 35 to 50c. per yard. ireneli Tricots, flvc colorines, 54-in.. w c}ose $1.65, formor prlcí, 2 and Ü !Í5 per yarü. Yon who rcad at t distance may write for samples, i i representa It yery well indeed. : Black and colored Cashmeres, 42-In.. 40c. per yard. Weshould add a word or two more aboiit our large line of faney blaek goods. We know of no war to let you luto a proper appreclation of our stiiffs, Dut to tell you to come and examine thein We never had or'saw such Glotes for 65c, Hvc button lenjrthKid Gloves, fair skins and perfect in fashion, color and make. No matter whcre yon buy yonr stripe Velrets and Plushes, it's good to eet a pera at the ncwest styles. The rlght strines are now on or counters. Twothirds of the ladles think our one dollar stripe 'velvets are one-lifty until we teil them the price. On the! w hole' perhapg we have the pleasantest cloak department In the country, A generoiis floor with abundanee of light ; but what makes it pleasant beyoud example Is the large rarietr of cloak and hw we sell them. WI11 teil you all about a little later. Blanket time, tbat Is the time to remind you oí blanket wisdom, lt Isn't eas so close on the heels on warm weather to be blanket wlse In a minute. We hare been told we haven't mnch wisdom, however, all must admit.this Is blanket wisdom. No matter how coarse, no matter how Une. no matter how thiu no matter how thlck, no matter whether cottou or wool, but Iet the bianket be N?. Ofcourse, it depends ou the size oiyourbedstead, if you hare one. If jou sleep on the floor let the blanket be largre --enoiigh to wrap aronnd you. J lere is but one virtue in blankets. That virtue Is bigrness. We haye blankets for wise oeonle and nuwise. More Tor the nnwise Dccanse we have more of them. Large Blankets, #2,00, $3.00 and $4.00 and $5.00. It wil! pay you to wateh this column for the next three months. B ACH & ABEL. ATlTlTflTl Send six cents for postage Uit l I 11 8nd re've free, a costly box (I I I, f of goode which will help you X II Ifll l.tomorcmooeYrightawvfhn ... ... anytbine else in Ihia world. All, of either sex, succeed from flret hoor. The broad road to fortune opens belore the workers, aonolutely snre. At once addrees, Tkue & Co Augusta, Maiue. ' ónn nnn in ¦ w aaV IJII SendusScentspostage.and m . I by ?al' you wlll5et f V1lJUUUU packajje of goods of largo . . ' ralue, that will start you in work that will at once bring you in money faster ..ÍÍ??Jf?3rthlllt elee in Am!rica. All about the 200,(100 in preeents wlth each box. Aírente wanted everywhere, of either sex, of all ages, for all the time, or spare time only, to work for ns at their. own homes. Portunes lor all workers absolntely assured. Don't delay. H. Halustt & C, Portland, Maine. rT"T 11 'or workingpeople. Send lOcenta II postale, and we will mail youfree e ¦ PI r royal, valuable aamplc box of eoods 11JJ JJX that will put you In the war ofmahIng more money in a few days than you cverlhoughtpossibleat any bualness. Capital not required. You can live at home and work in spare time only, or all the time. All of both sexos, of all ges, xrandly uuccessful. 58 cents to $5 easily earoed evenlng. That all who want work may test the bnsiness, we nake this nnparalleled off: To all who are not well satlsfledwe will send il to pay for the trouble of writing Ui. Foll particular, dlrections, etc., sent free. Immense pay ahsolutely sure for all who start at once. Don t delay. Addrss Stihsojj & Co., Portland, Maine. AQTUMACURED! llV I I I Ilin nnroitk. mo.tllfpticil GERMÁN ASTHMA CURE'X moit violont attack; insurcBcomfortAbUileepeffocts curca whcre all other remedie fiU. No wfiltinff for rcanlu. lts acKion U ImmrdiRlr, direct and certain. and n carrln rfTrrtrd in all CURABLETCA8B II iwniaatoüy eored hm. Btflw to al u; Ohm." Bon. B. íet$, ft. Jmut, Minn. "I am lürelj rMtortd to hwitb by 0bu Aitbrna Cmn." ThOM. rillen, BmrnUfn, nu. "Oermta ltbm Cqrt !¦ til you cl&lm tor lu It dtt fUla." Prof. E. Van fingtrtin, Qrmtnvillt, 3. C ¦Uj pbyriolui roommen4 d QTnm Aitiim Car. 1 aard ¦." Jfr. M. L. THriek. Londondtny , (Mio TkNMidi at imllar IMUn ¦¦!. Aak Mj Annl'l Germán Asthraa Care it nold by all dnurffiBU at 5Oc. and S I or eent by maü on receipt of price. Trial uackiñ free to any addrwin for PATENTS HUNíí A CO., of thf SciEKTivir Amkuïcan, conLlrni" tO net as SoHcltors for l'atents, Cnveats, Trade Mark. Copyrlfihts. for tho Uolted SUtten, Cauada, Knjíliind, Prftoos, Cíeimany, ote. Hand Book about 1'jiUMiiM ent freo. Thlrty-snvcn yearn' experienoe. Patt'ntsohtHtnod thmuirhHUNN A CO. arenoUced In the BciKNTinc Ameiucan, tho largest, ïest, and raoHt wulcl circulaUd sclentiflo paper. $3.20 a year. Weekly. Bplendld enirraviOKB and lnt#rostln(c tnformatlon. Specimen oopy of tho Mrirn 1 1 fle A mii - lean aent froe. A ddress MUNN A CO-. Scikmxijtio AMKRICA.N Offloe, 261 Brodway, New York. SUBSCRIBE FOB The Ann Arbor Courier.


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