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nnua NO FEE I! 1 ESTiBLisiiEo íssi. 1 Merrill INTIL BETTER ƒ DETHOIT.MICH. ƒ Block. ' flQ&k} Tlle EeBnlari Old-Established Lmfl PHYSICUJí & SURGEON ?jfflr li rtill ttcitlsg with tho frcatert 5u8KILL AND 8UCCES8 YOUNGmen,middle-agedmen and all persons who by thetr own acts of Imprudence or Folly at any period of life have brnught upon themselvcs, the evil effects followin closely upon the hecls of txansgression of the laws of nature, should consult the celebrated Dr.Clarke at once. KememberlNcrvoun dlseaeB(with or without dreams) or deblllty and loss of nerve power treated scientifically by new methotls witli never failing success. 49It makes no difference VTliat you have taken or who has failed to cure you. JKT'ne terrible polsons of Syphili and all bad blood and skin tlisenscs, completclv radícate d without mercury, Bemember that thisone horrible dlseaae, íf neglected or improperly ireated, curses the present and coming generations A tl unnatural discharges cured promptly xvithout hindrance to business. No experiments. Both sexes consult confidntlally. Age and experience Important. A written guarnntee of cure glven in every case undertaken. ySafferers from any chronlc dlseaae write Hifttory and Symptoms of you r case - plainly. Cases solicitud which others have failed to cure. ÏSend two stamps for celebrated work on Chronlc, Bfervoue and Delicate Diseases. You have an exhaustivo syniptoinatoloy by which to study your own catte. Consultation, personally or by "letter, free. Consult tlie old loctor. Thousands cured. Oflices and parlors private. You sec no one but the Doctor. licforc confidinz your case consult Dit. CLARKK. A friendly letter or cali may save future suffering and shame and add golden vears to life. Medicines ¦ent everywhere secure from exposure. liuurs, btoS; Sundays, 9 tu 12. AilJrcv, F, O. CLARKE, M. D. MERRILL BLOCK. DETROIT. Mlch. NOW IS THE TIME TO USE JOHNSTON'S SARSAPARILLA FOR LIVER COMPLAINT, DYSPEPSIA, AND FOR PURIFYING THE BLOOD, It has been In use for 26 years and has proved to bo the best preparation in the Market for Slok Hoadacho, Pain In the Slde or Back, Livor Complalnt, Pimples on the Face, Dyspepsla, Piles, and all Bisoases that arlao from a dlsordored Liver or impure blood. Thousands of our best people take it and give lt to their children. Phyalcians prescribe it daily. Those who uso it once recommend it to others. It Is made from Yellow Doek, Honduras Sarsaparilla,WildCherry,Stillingia,Dandolion, 8assafras,WiQtergreen, andotherwell-known valuablo Roots and Horbs. It is strictly vegetable, and canaot hurt the most delicate con8titution. It is one of the beBt medicines in use for reyulating the Bowels. It is sold by all responslble drufrfrist at one dollar for aquart bottle, or slx for flve dollars. Sample bottles 50 ets. free on roceipt of price. W. JOHNSTON & CO., Detroit, Mich. flWhen tou hace tried all the Sarsaprilku, and fiavc bun diëappoinUd, try Johruton'$. rpHE CIRCUIT COUHT FOR THE COUNTY 1 OK WASHTENAW, in Chaucery. Jenny F. Norton, Complulnaiit, ) vs V Stanley Norton, defeadant. ) It satlsfactory appearlni; to me by iiffidavltt on tile, tlim the derendnnt, sinnU-y Norton, is not a resident of i his state, but resides in Manltoba, In the Dominion of Cauada. On raotlouof K. D. Kiniic, i-oinplainant's solicltor, It is ordered that tlie - : . i 1 defendant, Stanley Norion, cause hls uppearanoe to be entered horein, wlthln four mom lis from the date of thls order, mul in mnoI hls appearance, that he cause hls nnswer to the complainant's bill of complalnt to be lllcil and a copy thereof to be served on aaid complalnant'K solicitor wlthin twenty ('20) days after service on hlm of a copy of sald blll and notice oí thii order, and timt In default thereof, said bill be taken aHconfessed by the sald nou-reslderit daïsudant. And it is further ordered, that witliln twenty days fter the date hercof, tbeikld coraplaiuant cuuc a DOtloe Of tl Is order to be ptibllsh In the Anu Arbor ('oirikk, a neW8paper, publUhed and clrculatliiK In ald county, and that sald puhllcatlou becontlnued therein at least once In each weck, for slx weeks lu successliin, and that slu-causea copy of tbls order to be personally terved on sald non-resldfiit tlercndaiil. at leant twenly days before the time above preKcrlbed hls appearance. PATRICK McKKKNAN, Clrcnlt Court Commlssioner of Washlonaw County, Mlchluan. K. l. Kinnk, Solic-tor for Complaloant. Dated, September j. 1SS. KU'.i-l:'.-'.. inriITO WANTED ""¦ or. scott's II_LI IV nnnlc-u bwuüful Elfctrlo flliril l.lCorset. Sampltfree to those bo. "¦¦Il ¦ W cominnr (fCDU. Norijk.qnlck ules. Territorj glven, satUIacüon guarautead. Addreaa DR.SCOTT.842 Broadway


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