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The latest publtcatloai of CaMell'i National I,ilrary, edited by Prof Hen ir Morley, are "i: uly Aiistniliiin Voraces" iy Felsart, Taiman, Dampier. "Graèe A.boundlng to tlie Cliief of Sinners " bv Jolui BnnyBD. "Maebeth," by 8hakei pciire. Kor sale by Osius ê ( V Tlie Pocket Atlas of tlie World coutalning ninety coloreJ map, comprUinir all the stutcs and territorios of the United State, and all the Grand división and principa] couutries of the world with complete index and forty-eight diagrama One hundred and nlnty-one pages leatherctte cover; prlce, W cents. Chicago: Hand, McNally A ( ,,. Theré are few tonga llut we leve more tlinn thoie found throaghout ShakeBpeare'g plays. Thess bare been plucked from the parent trees and set iipon n. brancli by tbemaelrM with Ule familiar imisii: by Purcell.Schubert, and the oldcr composers rlioae tunea have been smifr niñee Sbakestware's] time. Mesara. Caí Bell &Compay ,aVe thli prattily Illug. tratcel bolUay volume jnst re.uly. " Dr. Cha. Waldsteln, the youojr mcric.-ui who is I present the Director of the Fltz-WlHiam Museum in Cambridire, England, and a lecturet In the Unlrer' Miy, has au Important contribütlon in the November Century, in whlch he describes tbe Temple f Diana of the Epiiesians, iind Identifle a recen tl y ditcovered ancient gilver pinte u tbe work of the Ephesian silversmlths wlioge Indnstry la ilescrihcil In the AeU of tbe ADostles xix. 38, etc, The lied Honk as usual makoi iu u. pearaucc just when wanted, and the btatc eilition til Is year aljomuls wlth Statistical Information of the character now most in demand. The linie publicatlon lies become the itandard politioftl textbook, and not only is It of unquestloned valne as an authority upon election results, but la a model "of clean and mot artlstlo typograpöy. As of old. t i sent without money and without prlce lv Inolorinp stamp to C. K. Lord, Baltimore Manland. Sir Wallei-Sootfs "OfeiWmaa in the Uiden time ' lias been cliosen sa the text for six and twenty Illoatrations by E 11 Garrett, Harry Fenn, J. Steeple Davis Geo. A. Teel, Benry Sandbam, Chlld Ilassam and II. !. Mames, njrrared un"der the supervisión of Geo. T. Andrews for Cassell A Company to publlgh The book Has a genuine Cbristmas Baror: we hear the big logs cracklln on the liearth and smell the savory plum-pmldiii.' u we turn the leavea of this attractire roliimc. A correspondent of tlic Eogllth Hecnanic mys that lic used the followln receipe with tlic greatest suceess tor the ceinenting of ron raillng topt, ron MalInga to stoves, etc, and Hli iuch effecl as to resiüt the blows of a sledge hammer: Take eqiwl pnrts of suliihiir and white lca.l. with about a si.xth of boraxi incorpórate the tliroe so ns to forin one homogenout man When goine to annlv il. wet it with ttrons snlplmric iwld, and place a thln layer of it between the two pieces of ron, whlch should then be presscd tORether. In live daya it uill be perfectly dry, all traces of the (¦.ment Vanitned, and the iron will have the appearanceof bavlng been welded togeUier


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