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Cha. Btannard teaclies Uu cüool in n,( lincharían district tliis fall. H la expccted that werk on the new de pot at Dexter will poriiivdy commenee lo a few davs. D. A. Palmer, f Dexter, luu Mturned rrom a itay of two yeara In Colorado, in i-onie better liealtli. The Souili Lyon city council has agreed to purdiasc a rfre engiiic, and residente of lliat place are jubilunt. Mis. Thomas Siinpson. of Sck), has foneto Kansas (,'ity to vltit hi-r laiighter, Jlrs. J. W. Kuapp, The ladies of Wiltsie G. A. R. Pot,Sallne, iad a table snd made $17 ou eleelion dy vlnch they i)rescnted to the post. Some of the farmers are drawing their vlieat to Ann Arbor, filling contraets at 1 Ctí. per bushel.- Chelsea Echa They all knew yon and hovered near on and wouM do auytlnnír for yon hst nwday. is It to-dty f- Leader. to I lie Vpsilantlan, there has been 1100,000 expended In new bulld"row I "'lt CUy y(':l1' A r''Ahl ímart The Dexter Leader complalna bitteily of the "llftiiíg ing " tbatjfoei abouttown Dlyhta and cal] I futí to displace and deftroy property, aml hintx at ten dan In umy öloan, ii Dexter bov, Ims been pronioted to conductor on a froiglit train on the M.C. R. R„ (rota a brakemaifs posttion, which he luis lield tor the past four vears. Election bonfires were bnrned In most ot the villages of the cnunty. It made little dilterenee who comes oñtahead the arerayfl boy is enthusiastic in tlie bonlire business. Laat Taeaday, onr election board and several others in town were treateil by ham (uerin to ripe itrawberries, luit picked from the garden of I. Storms, Lima - Chelsea Herald. Sarcasm from the Dexter Leader: "Tho county board of supervisors liave refused to adopt standard time. As this is a progrewlreage, staiulnnl timéis cvidentlv too slow to snit Vin." Doring Mr. and Mra. Baldwin'i visitin the state of New Yoik, Mrs. Iialdwiu met tlirec sisters wlio lia 1 not been tORether In more tban B5 jrearg. Tlieir nnited uta amounted to 890 jreara.- Chelsea Herelcl. The Saline marksmen have orgauizcd a run club with ten charter memben, ofllcored by Dr. II. a. Nlcbota, president; J II. llortle, vice-presiilent ; A. Ij. Van DuWil, scerctary; K. M. Dennla, treasurer. The contract loi the new school building is stil! iinlot. school board are glvinfl tho proposed plans mature consideration, evidcntly believing] tliat tbcre's mochín the oíd roazim, "always start right."- Leader. -Mrs. Olive Gorton Graves, mother of A. R. Graves, supervisor of Ypsilanti town Uied Oef sntli, 1886, Bged 83 years. Bhe carne to "i psllantl in 1835, waa marriod in 1826, and has liveil ttaere everslnce, an honored and respectad pioneer. The Methodist church of Webster was reopened Sanday of last week. Rer. W. W. Uarnsay, of Ann Axbor, preaeliini; in the afternoon, and the pastor Mr. Bird in the evenllig. Thecburch looks very neat and the lodety has nearly pak) for all the repairs reeenlly made, There are a gooá maiiV ljiys in this village whohave a hnbit of throwioff 8ton e have licanl of several men and women beinghitby these mltdes. '1'heanplication of a rod by the parents of the small boys wlio throw stones, would be appreciated by pedestrians.- Echo, Chelsea. Wouldn't that be pretty severe punishment. Try spanking llrst. Trade is slower in toivn (his fall so far than usual, because that farmers have to sell is lowcr than usual and they have less to bring to town, and les money to spend. Trade s likely to coutmue very diill all winter. 'J'lie people have evidently got to learn to live on less business and less money, than ever beforc since the close of the war.- Chelsea Echo it is a mlatake that editon tra dcligbtcd to gel " to lili up tlle paper, lhat they have plenty of time to correct bad manuscript. That they shmilil mitf everybody for notliing. That tlicy raust have no opinión of thelr own. Tliat they know everything whether informed of it or not. rhat the sliould notice every scalawag ihow tliat travels. Tliattliey should have iiews whethe itbere is any or not - Saline Obtenrer. Dnrlns the put tbree weeks workmcn bare been ennged in maklng cxtensive repaln on the interior of the M. E. clmrcli me valla and celllngt have "been neatly Pnpered and the woodwork new painted". Ihc atalee whicfa have alwmyi been inconrealent owins to their narrowness, have been widened, and Um vork wlièn completttl, will udd ffPOHÜy to the attractiveDesaand oonvenleix r that place of worship. - Dcxter Leader. 1'atiick Mc(Jiullat), wlio died at liis borne in the towiuhlp nf Dezter, Tueadar, Ocl Mh was uur of the oldest residents of the town, and i man blarhiy etteemed by all whpkuew hiiii. The deathof Mr. MoCiuillan, and liis uife, who died about eieht montha a-o, are the only two dcaths wlmii havo occuned In that happy family, tlR-iriiiiiechihiren- six boys and three gin, all ot wbomare over 9] yearaof in survivinj; them.- Deztei Leader. On Satttrday.Oct. 28d, tlie pnpUtof the 6Uj, Oth, 7th, and stii gradee of oiir union cnool, witli Uielr teacher. Miss Libbie Depew and Min l'illle Mutecliel, and some othera, made au excursión by rail to Ann Arbor to visit the iiniversiiV muteiim and Iibiary and other object oí Interert. ItWMaJoyfnlooujpauyand notbins occurred to raar their pleasure. The oc caslon wlll be long retnembered both on ocountol the pleasure enjoved and the Instructlofi glned.- Cbelea Herald. Tin: late) iwlndle broagbt to Ikrht is the picket feoce Kaemt. These swlndlerg go tnroujfh the country and bv endearoring to lecure wme nod man t iieln (hem introdam the machines mul dlatribute ciroulars advertMng same, gel tbem tosleo ihelr name and addreta,to what purporia to be i poatal card, bat whiohturui tip in (iie rorm of an order tor a machine One of thesu conlidciice men, and by the wiy be was trota Jackwn, where It teeuu all the rascáis are not inside prison wal la worked his linie Khéme on Mr Robert Sbw. an aged and blghly reipected farmer In the toutheactern part of thetownhip, a short time since. „t iuanv days afterwardaone lirown, a lawyer.also froín JaclMon, appeared al Mr. shv house, and L-y oulldozing, Becured his si-fiiatnre to i i.ote tor 1200. It WOUld not be a 1)1.(1 idea to load a thot-gun deur to the mu.zle, and wben one of these rascáis cali around let him have the contente.- Saline Observe r. . A 83 foot drive well ut Manchester furDihw water In n Inexhamtlble suppiy. Thr I'ickct says that home talent wil I put ii uratnatic entertainment on the oftKnd!"1 Pl"Ce SO"' or the bcnefit I'ror. BUI luis been telling tho jcople of YgUutl aboiit spiden, and Patttaon keeps them poste,! on martyr. Vnsilanti is progressie ' A. B. Smitb, of theMilan Leader, who ran for circuit conrt coinuiissioner on the lronibitioii ticket, has gettled down to nslnei aaln, juit as if uothing had hapPened. Well, there didn't nnicli happen. The NbffM (raa well is down about 1G00 leetandstill no ndications of gas have heen discovered. The drilling continúes slowly in the hard lime rock: and but a few feet per day is the well stink. The jipply of water in the well proves ¦ barner against more rapid work. A new suppiy of ron caslng has been procured and will l,e Inserted In the well when a cuanjte of rock gliall be found, which it is (lionght must soniT oecur, the water is sapposed lo continue untll sucli chanco is reached. There is no intention by Mr Noear o fdiscontlnnlng the work until pas hall be obtalned er a thorough exploration ofthc lower regiem made.- Dundee [ The Vpáiluiitiaii of Not. 1, y i ves the follouing account of n general Jollitication meeting held hut Wednesday eve.iin"at " ípsilanti: -__ ' The general jovoua feeling over the . elección of Captain Allen to represent this district In the Flfticth Congress. 1 psilanti i lust representatie in thatlhonorahle body, found expression last evenmg in a grand demonstration, the principl features of whlch, were a torchlitrht procession headed by the band, a congratilatory meeting at the rink, and a big Donhre at the corner of Congress and Hu ron 6treet3. A tlioHsand small billï, issued by the repubücaii city committee, gave noticeof the nieeting at the rink, and before seven " ¦ 'k the streets were Jined with peonle making their mv riuk wards. At seven o'clock a pro cession comnosed piproimnentcitizensoftliecitvandcount.v , hcadc.i bj th -cornet band iindfollowed by a long inocession of young men with Chinese lantarnt, formed at the rink and prooMdlag to the ïesidenoe of Cant Allen, eacorted bimto ttaeiinV l'rol'. Osliand TM chosen chairman of the meeting and oponed the cxercises with a bnct statement of the pnrpose of the gawerlnK and a short referen to the facts thnt brought it about. Trof. Osbaml wa foilow-d by Prof. Geotve, Col H ö Mi-an ot ¦ Anu Arl.or, IVof. l'utnam, t)r.' W. B. Smlthof Ann Arbor, Andrew nmpbell of PittefleJd, A. Wilkorson of Uundee, and the speakinj; was concluded by a short speech from Capt. Allen, in - pandee, and the ipeaking was concluded s by .1 short specoh froni Capt. Allen, in t wlnch he cxprcssed Iiis sincere Tatitude lor the general mpport that had been eiv. en him by liis fellow citizens of Ypsilanti ( and Washtenaw county, and acknowl, nlginii liis fnll appreciation of the IiMi , honor tbat had been conferred npon him At the conclusión of Mr. Allen' reraarki, lic was prewoted n vcry liandsoine Moral horseshoe, by Ul chairman, the emblem belng the gUl of Mr. J. 15. Wells wlio last reek succeeded Mr. N'icliolson is proprictor of the greenhouse near the postoflico. The borseshov was coinposed of roses, carnations and heliotrope. In addltlon to the gentlemen trom otlur paris of the county naraed as speakers, .1. B. BeaJ, I.ouis Taylor and l'red Iluson of Aun Arbor, HenryFord Charley Blackmar, J. liiakeslee, Dr.Chamn, Dr. Pinkbam, Frank Trussell, Mell Barnes, H. K. Zimmerman, Albert Johnsou, II. II. Dextcr, John S. Bray, and W. h. Hooker ot Milan, and Mr. anïl Mrs, R. II. Marsh of Saline, and othere whose names we did not learn, were present and assisted in tliejoyoiisdemonstration. A splendid lunch was given the visitón by Capt. Allen, at the Hawkins House, directly afterthc adjourninent of the rink meetiiijr. At the conclusión of the congratulatory meetiiijr, the young men of the city proceeded to crect an immense pyramid of loxes and barrels, on the corner of Congressand Huron sts , aml the result of their enthusiastic eftbrts was a huge bonlire, almost dangerous In its proportions and heat to the buildinjjs in that vicinity. It was carefully guarded, bowever, and no linrm oanie from it.