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SUort uilvt'l lis.imnls DOt to eicvcil thnr of Lost ana Fuiind. Housen lor Hale or üent. Want, etc.. Insertad three week for Motatt. sltnullongwanted. iree. riMI RENT goou sult of Unfurnl-lnd Rooms for 7.3 oents per week BtNo.W North Ponrth Blreet. Inqulre ut nortn room upstalrs trom -i lo I u or Brom Ut '¦' '- ¦¦ TO ltENT- A part ol a FnrnUhsd BOOM -fionia toB Kooms. Snltable forhouBei;,;ii BaUtte. 1J-L FORSALE-Two go hI work Mre.wlth foal, ouw; BoTu! 1 good Wig ' ""-¦ and oiinT yiung eattle and :i lotol Flga. APply ol .!. S.JIu.111, WliHmore l.uke Koud. J CO RENT CHEAP-A small house on Baat ".nnal öbeervatory. Applyto O. L. MattliewB, lleal Kslale Agency. 1 1?OR HENT-COTTAGE-Klve rooms, large basement and cellar. New, olean, warm, water lmloo.s, lu.-l .heller. Iaa Uian one block trom Campas. Capt. J.. U Jauies, E. Unlverslty avenue. ri-(O House Ko. 18, Cemetery street. JL Ai'ply t CoUitiKUotllce. OiEVERAL I10USF.8 TO RKNT-ln good S looallUi nd for U to po month. o. .1 . (. A. s,slo,,s. 1 yM Estáte and Insuranoo agent. Omceovwtspraal sIBce, Ann Arbor. T OANINQ-Money to loun nn flrst-olns Ij K.-ui k.sImIh Hartgt t Onrrent rate pi "TfiiT.-M. Sntisfactory urranKeinents made Wlth capitalista deslring nm-li Inveatmenta. ¦virv óonveyanee and transaoUon In V)SB? "'""-'¦"z"i'yKfNulAn.;1A:


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