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The demócrata of the country must have ...

The demócrata of the country must have ... image
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The demócrata of the country must have been in a state of "inocuoua dwutuile," al it wcre, Nov. 2d. The bñllí-K'M keep rolling until November, 18ÉS,"and will roll ¦ -publican president into the White House. A Tennessee court has held that an agnostlc i3 not competent to tcstify, and an appeal h is been taken (o the Mipreme court. Ilenry George is alieady looming UP as a presidential candidato or the labor jiarty in 18SS. Henry woukl ïnuke the o'.d parties liowl, by George. WW Don M. still retain the scepter of power In Michigan í That'3 the all important political question among Don M. Diekinson should wiile another letter decltulng to be ;i candidate for U. S. Scnfttor! Put in a "silver gray" by all mean. President Cleveland is crcdlted with "feeling wcll" over the elections. Wliy not? They were tlie best elecÜOM we hare liad in a loug timo. "Wm. R. Morrison, oí Illinoi?, the great horizontal taritl' Uuker bas been defeated, and wlll nt woik for the EnglWl motiopolists Ín tlic next bouse of representat tives. Let'ssee! There was a fellow named Shank said sometbing in the early part of tbe wmpaign. Ana nlso asothec fellow, named Fiee Estce, wrote a letter, we believe ! The fottowing oompliment comes from the Detroit Tribune: The bero of the second congressioniil district is Capt. B P. Alien. Rewarü eometb to him who íiatiently endureth. Mucli credit for the good political work clone in this county before election must be accordcd to Mr. W. M. Osband, oí Ypsilanti, wlio ilid good organizin;,' is chairman of the County Committee. The greatest surprise party was the reS'iltdown in "Old Virginny." To elect Bis republican congressmen and carry the state by 15,000 majorlty was a proud record. In West Virginia, too, the republicana gain three congressmen. The Detroit ï riDune : "Tuesday's vote shows that the third party's new accessions do not come very lavgely f rom the republican party. The third party folks have found out that churning republicans does not bring prohibition butter." To show the popularity of newspaper menwiieu they do get a chance, Gil Osniun, tor Secretary of State, receives the higheit majority of any candidato on tlie ¦tata tieket, and O'Donnell, for ooogrew in the 3d üistriot was elected by 4,79 majority. . Several careless fellows who wagered their moiiey on tlie Strongth of the Detroit Frec Press' assertions tbat Tapie was elected, aro swcaring mad. Moral: Never bellere, the Free Press unless roosters, cannon nd big display type announce the result : He dldnt want to be a senator himself, but wanted to say who shoukl be senator. Like Napoleon, he aspired to be a great dictator, and like Napoleon, he uiet bis Waterloo. Yes, our Don resembles the great exile of Bt. Helena "in a thousand düVerent -waye," so to speak. Wherever the third party has cained TOtMthta y.aritNvas at the expense of the democratie party. When the CoürieR predlct this before election t was poobed at. But the result all over the state bas proven the prediction a correct one. The democratie papers will be -urlnl hm-att.-r about prohibition tafly. carernl licreaiier auwi .- The ex -cutivc conmiitteeof the exhlbUlon h aranted 8,500,000 f rancswith which to construct a ler 984 feet high. The United Si.t.-will not be at the top mach longer, it Wil! be observecl. Won,1er it Don DicklBSon, wlth a powerfnl ftlass, COUld ee anythinc of bis lost bopM from ÜM top of Hiat tower? Al.lrnnan Ki-arns, of the 3d want, KM In the txttle oi Cedar Run 1 tl": Sbenandoah Valtey, to whioh Oen. Sberldan mKlel.isfamoiKn.If. He telKs us thut out of 60 cannon captureil in that ennxement from Uw rebels, at least 46 "f thejO won; bright, iiüw guns, of Engllh make, wi.icii bad heen ron la by the Bngli-li tnróngb the blockade to help the tontb break up tl'is nalion. That fact maleagreat impression upon Ui nünd orEngland'sdetigoa apon America, and when be si-e= peOple adroeactíng free trade to-day, he s reminded of those Enjrli.-li gana in ffie Bhehandoan valley, and Bghta tgalnat it as he did againct EngIwhstd In the dayt of tbe rebelWoo. The Uberalltj of Methodists in tUelr expeuditure for rellgkrai work has longbcen weíl known; bi.t in thtl year of graCe this of earnert Chrtetlam lias rarpawed all ti previous eflfortfc The ta3k set in 18S5 w to r.iUe a million dolíais for misslons for 1837 aiui for every nu thafter. Al.-eady amoamt bas biicn obtained. To collect tbli ra suin was a tranendous nndertakiiifr, bol it lias been splendidly acoompltahed. lf lt be trne tliat the miereet wliich a Churcli shows iü taihMy work sa fair meature of tlie ChriiUan lüe of its inenibers, - the Methodistsot America have reason lor devout thankfuluess to day.J


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