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Geateel, On my wheel, Isit. The vulgar raob raay fllt Below; They go Unheeded by. And, they fiy, Mountetl high, SU, Turning wlth toe or heel, My wbeel. -Puck, New Yo rk. Eight persons joined the Presbvtedan cburch lastSunday. The liulics of the Presbyterian society gire a social to-night. Refreshmentsserved - all invited. The first snow squiill of the senson came to see us last Saturday and the night previous. Oíd probabilities has been making some seriona errors ou the weather recently. He better brush upa little. Martin Clark is muking a business trip to New York and Ohio In the interest of "Tue Tliysician and Surgeon." Fred. Brown was taken before Ju9tice Prueauff Monday, for keeping open after hours Saturday nifht, plead gu 1 y and paid $25 fine and $3.45 costs. Rev. Theodore W. Haven, "son of the late Bishop Haven, and remembered In this city, has accepted a cali to the Liberal Congregational churcli, of Cliftondale; Mass. Election Nov. 2d, Thanksgiving Nov. 25th. Time enough between you see, so the defeated candidates raay get over being mad about it, and thankful that they were dafeated, anyway. Fred. G. Schleicher and Ueorge Seiser were arrested Friday last, for violation of the city ordinances in laying a plank walk when the ordinance requires one of stone. Hearing to-day before Justice Pond. The Thompson-Huston co. liave pnrchased for their plant in tliis city two boilers, one engine, 20 miles of wire, one ton guy wire, 6,000 feet of cable, 1,000 poles, etc. The entire ainnunt of wire in the circuit will be upwards of 35 miles. Those vh o buy of peddlert, shonld understand the quality of the goods they are purchasing or else they muy be sold. For instani'f one of our sixth ward ladies found that her $7 rug was an exact copy of a rug 8old by Wines & Worden and John Keek & Co., for $5. Last Thursday J. H. Allmand gave us a ful) quart basket of red raspberries, and they were excellent berries, too, with a flavor very fine considering the time of year. This second erop is something wonderful lor this climate. Eider Davis desires us to state that lic was also favored with a basket of these berries. A deacon of a neighboring church lias a tring of buttons half a yard long taken out of the contribution box within a few years. Wuat business has the deacon with buttons? They were contribnted for the heathen, and several scores of heathens have been obliged to liitch their suspenderá with a shingle nail because of this embezzllng deacon. - Ex. Dr. Ramsay lectured last Friday eveningat Dexter before a lanje and delighted audience, hls subject being "Sky Wondere." The lecture was under the auspices of the Methodist Society and a very handsome proflt was realized fiom its avaüs. The lecture in its scope of thought and earnest manner of delivery was brilllant, and won golden opinions from all who heard it. Dr. Ramsay is del i veri tig a series of diacourses upon "Creation." Next Sunday evening the subject will be "The Light of the Fourth Creative Day." In the morning his subject will be: "Sabbath Keeping." These sermons are very eloquent, and that they are appreciated by the public Is shown by the fact that the scating capacity of the cliurch Is insufflclent to accommodate those coming to hear. The name of the Ann Arbor Vraa de Poel Electric Light and Power Co. has been changed to the Ann Arbor Thompon-Houston Electric Co., and A. L. Noble will be the resident stockholtler and manager. The company has purchased that part of the old Weil property laying south of Washington st., incliiding the old brick building, and will lócate their plant there. This will be an enterprise that will help build up and boom the city. Dr. McLaehlanV litt'e daugbter, Winnle, enne near meeting with a sad fate laat Friday afternoon. In company with anothcr little girl slie was playing about the house, when in ome manner ter Oress caught tire, fiom the grate, it is fupposed. She went inunediately to the kitchen where the girl, togetlier with a man who was painling the house put out the Sames, but not until the dress was burni-il nearly up, however; but a woolen (kirt and woolen undershirt savwl the little one's life. As it is she was considerably burned about the arms nnd on the back. It was a narrow escape for which the little one's 'parents are too thnnkful for any words to express. Selick Wood is shipping apples to Lockport, N. Y. Wm. A. Clark lias gone to work for Andrews & Withcrby, as book keeper. The State strect billiard room runs full blast Siiiul.iv-. Sucli things ought not fo to be. Daniel I'rice, of Delhi, was re-committed to the Pootiac asyluni lust Satnrdaj-, by Judge Harriman. 8. Wood & Co., of thll city, bought 41,000 bami of apples at Mm end station, Lenawee Co. Capt. J. H. Palmer, of this cily, will occupy the pulpit of tho Charlotte Uu itarlan churcli this winter. Deputy Sheriff Van Wert, of Hillsdale, was in the city Monday night, on track of an Ohio horse thief, who liad stopped at Saline the night previous. A sporting club was orjrani.ed last eveninp; to bo known as the Fanciers' Sportiníí Club, with G. Stow as secretary. Kor pnrticulra nddress the secrctary, box KR, City Marshal Sipley says that alter this date the people must stop throwing ashes in the street, and that violations of the city ordinance in this respect will be promptly prosecuted. Dr. Winchell's bible class at the M. E. cliurch, Sunday noon. is rapidly increasing in nurabers, and is a feature very much enjoyed by the young people of the university and city wlio attend. Charlie Donnelly had the misfortune to break hls U-g last Friday in attemptin to ju irTp f rom :i wagon in which he had been riding. Dr. Bieakey set the bones and he is now getting along comfortably. A telegraphic dispatch Monday to J. D. Baldwin, of Ann Arbor town, announced the deatta of his younijest son, Chas. C. Baldwiu, at Loidville, Ont. Particulars not obtained at this writing. The Unity Club will hold its next regular meeting on Monday evening Nov. 15th. Prof. Heury O. Adama will read a paper upon: "Socialism, with reference to the Theories of Henry George,' and Miss Grace Scraftbrd will glve sorae readiugs. readings. Witli the compliinents of J. E. llenriques, a former An Arbor boy, the CoüuiKn reci'ives a piinplilet glving the "financia! eoodltlon of the city of Marshalltown, Iowa, including the Stli annunl report of the coinmittee on water worlti,'1 city offloer, etc. Testimony was taken before Judge Hm riman yesterday in reference to the sauity of Mrs. Eli.abeth Gabrielski the lady who jumped trom the Toledo lí. K. bridge into the river a short time since. She was adjudged Insane and sent to the Pontiac nsyluin. The haudsoine uew residence erected on State street, by Miss Morse, nextdoor north of the Delta Tau Delta house, is receiving its finishing touches, and an i'Xcellent job has been done about the yards of the tliree dwelllngl of Mrs. MoiM at this place, by that veteian lamUcape gardener, VVni. Acton. Here is a hint to soine of our "household auctioneers." Over 5,000 cheap pianos are worked off lu New York and Boston every year at sales of household goods, and each one is advertised as "belonging to a lady who Is obliged to dispose of this magnilicent instrument on account of flnaiicial dilllculties.'1 The Star Mountain Mining Co. beid its animal meeting Monday afternoon, aml ehose the followiug directora: John J. Kobison, KJward Duffy, Wm. W. Whedon and Oeo. A. DouglafS, Aun Arbor; W. F. Otttor and John B. Price, Detroit; Dr. C. V. Kapp, Manchester; Klngtley Calkins, South Lyon, and Peter (Jlaik, Diindee. Horton Bryan, of Charlotte, is the new city editor of the RegUter, vice V. B. Chauiberlain, who has gom to Mlnneapoli. Jlr. Hrvan has been the city editor of the Charlotte Prohlbitionist for the past two years, and comes to the fold of the Ann Arbor peueil pushers with the reputation of an eneretic, able and genial newspaper man. Here's to a better acqualntance. Services in St. Aadrev's cliurcli next Sunday as follows : 7:30 - Holy Commuuioii. 10:30- Morning Service. Litany and addres3 by líishop Coxe, mider the auspicea of the Hobart Quild; "Remineseences of Bishop Hobart," after whom the Guild is named. 12 na.- Lecture by Prof. Morris and Sunday School. 7:30 p. ín.- Sixth lecture by Bisliop Coxe on the Baldwin Foundation. On the Cth of November, 188G, ye local had growing in his garden rose and other geraniums that had been coveied up only one night to protect them from the frost, and tliat several weeks since ; but they ere frozen up tlie morning of the 7th. So when the people tell you Ín three or four years from now, that "we never liad such a beautiful fall as this," refer them to this Item. After spring comes again, and thu electric lightsystem gets in full forcé, we are liuble ta liave wonderful things happen. A gentleman in Davenport, Iowa, whose residénce is but 100 feet from an electric lamptower, the liglit of whlch ful Ís unobstructedly upon his flower garden, says his lillies, wliich ordinaiily bloom early in the daytime, open in the night, and that the niorning-glories will uncióse in the night a few minutes after the lower lights brighten the air. At a meeting of the Washteuaw Lodge, No. 719, I. O. G. T., the following of Heers were duly installed for the ensuiug term : C. T.- Qeorge Scott. H. H.s.-Mrs. N. P. HUI. L. H. S.- Mrs. Plunagan. V. T.-Mrs. L. McMauu. R. S.-Orvill6 W. Sage. A. K.- Charles Balley. Treasurer-Mrs. O. W. Sage. I. U - .Sarah Klynn. O. S.-Jame McUlll. M.- Viola Wluslow. D. M.- Wra. Mack. Fin. Seo.- K. P. Camp. Cliup.- R. A. Wluslow. P. t!. T.- Charles Uuinp. The lodge meets Monday eveningg at 7:30 o'clock. A shnrper pretending to sell jewelry, give away money, etc., collected quite a ciowd on the street laft Monday niht, nul aftfi'takini; in" several whothought to beat him at hls owu game, attempted to elide out of town, but li ís horse seemed tonnderetand Uiemutterand balkcd when about a half a block away. Thecrowd surn unded the fellow, whtii lie took to li i lieels, iind by taking advant.ige of a rear door to the Cook house, got away peaceably. Tliere was quite a crowd on the street but r.ll were good natured, and the idea of dispersing thein by tbrowlag water f rom a hydiant upon tliem, as at one time suggested, was ill advised, and that more moderate counsels prevailed was wt'll, perhaps, for all conciTned. Hucli fakirs are contemptlble fellows, and this one got badly scareU at least.