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woi-k at uie gym m now in ttill operation. The annual sophomore hop is down for Dec. lOth. And still the cry coiue3 for more hours at the law library. V. S. Holden wil] represent the sophomores upon the Palladluin, vice Ford. Prof. Dorrance attended the Detroit Dental Society's convention last Saturday. Political feeüng among the students runs highcr thia j'ear than for niany years back. The first meeting of the ladies who desire to join the gymnasium will be held tomorrow. The Sis entertained "Gov." Vaple wlieu he was lieie, but il:i, lic is no " Gov." now. The Phi C'lii'.-iare tooooapjr th' elegant newhoiise recently erected ly isn Morse on N. State st. The final foot ball cnntest between the freshman and sophomores was kicked out Saturday, beinjr won by the former. Last Saturday, after some three hours' balloting, J. H. Black, of Flint, was choBen class president by the senior Iaw8. Prof. Stowell bas flnished liis examina tionsof'the bloody garments in the Crouch case, but the result bas notyet bee made public. J. A. Henlon of Dayton, Ohio, and C. M. Moffutt.of Jackson, üt. freshmen, have ;ach been suspended by the the faculty forone yearfor rusliintr. Dr. Angelí left last Friday to be present at the 250 anniversary of Harvard, as a representativo of the U. of M. He was accompanied by Dr. Dunster. Boya] Farrand of the freshman cías?, and B. C. Kockvvood, of the sophomores were each considerably injured by the rush in the football gaine Saturday. The liomeop. class of '89 has chosen officers as follows: President, C. A. Micrune; vice-president, Miss Davis ; sec'y, lïy Copeland ; treasurer, Miss Walker. The Chronicle desires the present addivss of ever inember of the medical elass of '80. Any informalion lilrtlíiMtid to P. O. box 236 1, will be received with thanks. The junior laws finally succeeded in electiug u pretldDt Saturday, the lines benig drawn betwoen the east and west. Geo. Houston, of Illinois, is the lucky man. B. F. Shively, who it will be reiucmbered altended the law department iast last year, bus been elected to congress frum the 13th Indiana district, by tlie demócrata. The republican Staden tl bad a jollilication ineeliig Saturday evening, and paraded the streets with bands of niusic, vk;torious brooms, etc, The meeting was entirely addressed by studente, lt was a jolly jollification. The Gamma Phi Beta college sorority holds lts annual coiivention in this city [bis week. Friday evening a reeeption is tendered the guestsof Beta C'hapter at Mr. Harrison Soule's. Delegates will be present from Syracuse, X. Y„ and Madison, Wis. Yesterday morning death again entered the ranka of the student's circle and removed Mrs. Clara Damon, wife of W. E. Damon a junior student in the medical department last year, and the literary department thia year. Tliis young wife was only 20years oíd and a bride of bt three nionths. At a prohibition meeting in Shiawassee county the night before elcction, the speaker made the statement that there were 14 saloons directly opposite the university at Ann Arbor and the state had repoatedly refused to have them moved. J. N. McBride, Ut. '88happened to be present and at the close of the meeting denouiced the statement as fdlse, and the meeting broke up in a jangli?. In all the reports given to the associated press, of the 2"0th anniversary of Harvard l'nlversity, any reference to western unlversitiesisstudiously avoided, whlle rcpresentatlves of the eastern colleges are made conspicuous. Forlnstance, President Angelí is eredited to Emmanuel College Cambridge, Eng , and judge Cooley, on whom an honary degree of LL. D. was eonferred, is eredited to Michigan, simply. Why the name of our university, and the names of other western unlversities and colleges are omitted, is a trille singular. Couldn't be any jealousy of the west? One invoice of books lor the GermanAmerican Goetlie Library lias arrived, and another is expected in a few week?. The fund now amoiints In all to $1,347 but it is anticipated that large additions will be made to this during the coming winter. Thil will facilítate the study of Germán literatnre in the university wonderfully, and is an end mueh desired. The editors of the Oracle to be issued by 'P'J, orter tome handsome prizes to be contcsred for by members of that class: The best el;iss song set to music; the best humorous sketch not exceedlng 1,500 woids; the best story of not more than 2,000 words; the best dramatic scène, and the best cartoon illustratlve of college life, will cach be rewarded handsoinely, the judges being Profs. Walter, PattOTffl' and Detniuon. Eugene K.Frueauff received a dlspntcli Monday evening, that his brotber, Maj. J. F. Prueauff, had died that day of pneumonía, at his home In Leadville, Colorado. He leaves a wifo, daughtcr and live sons. The Üemocrat haa conducted the clean eet cauipaigu of any of our cotemporaries in thig District oa the opposito 8ide of politics. Ia ts last issue it magnatiimouslysays: "Capt Alleu is the next Congressman frooi this district. As long as we have got to have a rcpublican we don't know of one we would rathcr see clected than the Captain." The first masquerade of the seasoii will be held by the O. C. Social Club, at K. of L. üall, on South Maia streek, on Friday evening, November 12th. The coinmittee of arrangements annotinces that every thing will be done to mako the occasion an eiijoyable onc. Musio by the Chequamegon orchestra. Masks 11 be removed at 11 o'clock. Those who like to trip the light fantastic toe will havo a finu opportiinity. Mrs. Eliz.i North, of Kansas City, for years a resident of this county and city, and who has been having some considerable trouble about her property n our courts, seiit a photoraph of henelf to friends here reccntly. Although ninety ycars of age she looks but about sixty, ehe still retalns the management of her estáte, valued at about $30,000, and shows a good deal of skill and shrewdness in its management also, we are told. The Atlanta Constltutlon doosu'l care which of the Taylor brothers has bccn elected Governerof Tenncsee, and draws the following moral from the ounpaign : " Bob and Alf deserve all the applausc are gettiug. They have set a pattern that other politicatis will follow, and oponed a path that proves so unexpectedly pleasant that other polilicans will walk therein. When it is accepted tl.a) evcry man does not become a scoundrel the moment ho off.-rs for office, we sliull be able to induce bettor men to become candklates."


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