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N'ext Friday, in t'nivcrsity Hall, the Detroit riillhannonlcclub will jtive the first of thecourseof coneerts offered by the University Modoal Society. It is the first appearance of the club in this city, but is well known and rapidly growing Into favor iu Detroit, where it beging its second acaso n under tlu: poft favorable prospecta. Mr. L. F. Schuit wlio was tor a tiine teacher of violin in the School of Husic, is the energetic and able organizer of the club. Tlie progratnine is made with regard to the pleaaing quaüties of the selections, and (hen will be, perhaps, a unigue chance to hear the Viole d 'Aruour, an instrument onco popular and now seldom, if ever, board. Mr. Walter Voightlamler, the viola of the club has made a special study of tliis instrument abroad, and has conseuted to j.lay one selección on ,it. It has seven atrlngi but under the finger board and bridge there several othor aris which are made to víbrate in hannony ; the tones of the instrument are soft and sweet, and exceedingly pleasing to the ear. Besides Besides the Viole d 'Amour there is an arrangement for a string quartet of Bach's "My Heart Everfaithful"; and a concerto for, 'cello and piano, by Mr. Chippe and Miss Mary L. Wood. The season tickets for the fourconcerts are at the low price of $1.50, to be had jat] Osiu & Co. and Geo. Moore. Prof. M. E. Putman and vvife, professional chiropodlsts and manicure will be In the city a few dtft, having an office in the Unity bloc.k, Boom 3, where they would be pleased to meet any desiring their services. Mrs. Putman paya especial attention to the treatment of ladlw.


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