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3ACH & ABEL'S COLUMN. The newspapers are full of wordy shop claims and noisy blasts of Commercial selfpraise. But what catches the public first, last and all of the time are quality and prices. These prices are OUS most effective arguments. They can't be duplicated. We have the Cloaks and will sell as we advertise. Lad es' heavy Boude Coats in Black, Brown, Cardinal and Navy Blue, S4.5O, and S5.OO. Heavy Boude coats, edged with Astrachan, down front and on cuffs, $8 and $ I O. Ladies' heavy Astrachan Coats, $10, $12 and 15. Astrachan Boude Wraps trimmed with 3-inch Russian Hair and 20 tails, $IO. Boude Wraps, Black or Brown, trimmed with handsome grayfur, $IO. Wrap Jackets, long front, Frieze, uncut Velvet, deep fur and tails, $I5.OO. You wouldthink them remarkable at $20-00. 20 Seal Plush Cloaks, ' quilted Satín Lining, four Seal Ornaments, $2O, better than any $25. OO Plush elsewhere. 15 Seal Plush Cloaks, quilted Silk Lining, 4 Seal , Ornaments, at $25, better than any plush elswhere at $35. 50 Silk Circulars, at the very low price of $8, usual price $12. Everybody concedes we are doing the business In the Cloak line. Everybody? Verhap that is a little bruad. We'll let It stand though with that. Eoerybody. Cloaks for Misses from 4 years to 20 years. We havn't said much thisfall aboutour Misses' Cloaks, it isvery difficultto describe them. We will simply state we have a complete assortment. All of the new styles and most of the new materials. (We came near saying all, but that couldn'tbe true.) Certainly as many as are to be found in anyone assortment nd a great range of prices. We doubt if many mothers will take the risk of making afterseeingour prices. They are made with the view of discouraging such efforts. A great many think too, that they set and look better than most garments made at ïome. Cood Misses Cloaks from S2.5O up.I BACH & ABEL. Hftlf CDTICCDQ or ersw w's to examina HU f bil I IdCnO thif paper, or obUin aatimates on dvertising tpace whn Ín Chicago, will fmd it on file at hoAdvartiungAgencyof LORD uTHOMASl Statement of One of Michigan's Pioneers. _,.. „ _ Diarera. Mich.. April 23. 1888. Hibbard1 Rheumatio Syrup Co.. Jackaon, Mich.: Gentlemen-Tlp Henrr has flnlshed taking ne syruu and used the Piasters you Bent lilm. aud they have greatly beneflted hlm. We Rent an order to Mesera. James E. 1-iavis & Co. yesterday for som. Mr. HenrT ís an old man ind very much respected, and we quote you il own language as near as we can, to-wlt : ¦1 do not know how thls medicine will act with you, liut it is the only thing that I ever rot that will help me. Hefore I conimenced akliiK it there was a year I could not. when n bed, straighten my legs, nor neither for years could 1 lay on my back. Now I can traixliten out my lees and lay all night on my ack and enjoy a good night'B sleep. I dld not x-gin to realize raunh benefit until the second mttle was nenrlv used up. and the thlrd one nade me oomparatively a hanpy man, as I beleve 1 have miw gol somethiiiK that will cure what I have been accursett with for yeara- the vorst kind of muscular Rheumatism." Hopn(f the above facts in Mr. Henry'H case may je of value to you, we are, very trnly, MILES & CL'KLETl", Druggists and Booksellers, Uexter, Mich. Statement from Z. W. Waldron & Co., Druggists. Jackron, Mich., May 3, 1886. rthiMimntic Syrup Co., Jackson, Mica.: 'it-ntlemen - Your Kheamatic Piasters are tlving excellent satiafaction. We regard them is the best Piasters wo aell. Your Hheumatic syrup Is wlllns rapidly and Is making urne remarkable oqxm, Please send us over one croHtt of the Syrup and half a groes of the PUÏsrs at once, as we are nearly out. Kospectfully yours, 7,. W. WALDROX Se CO. Jackson, Mich., May 3, 1888. ïhmmatle Syrup Co., Jackson, Mich : Gentlemen - For some time past I have had occasion to use nuarly all kinds of piasters and a great many of them. I want to say to you that in all of my experienee I have never re¦civoil such beneñt and relief as 1 am now obaininu from the nse of Hlbbard's Hheumatic 'lastirs. My mother. a lady of 60 years of age, is also uslng them with greater beneflt than an v nhe has ever nsed. I do slncerely recommend them to all as belng the best plasten mauufactured. Kcspectfully vour, " H. G. SUTTON, Of the firm of Knapp & Sutton, Jacknon, Mich. A Bad Case of Rheumatism. NORTH Wolcott, N. Y., May, 1885. Gentlemen - It U with pleasure 1 write yon n regard to your Rheumatic Syrup. I think t my duty to let the public know what It has done for me. I have suffered two years with rheumattsm in mv hip. I have tried many llninents, but recetved no beneflt from them. íelnif acqualnted with a number who have een cured by your Kheumalic Syrup. I gave it a trial, and I am cured af ter uslng four tles. I know the Syrup will cur any case of ' Rheunmtlam if taken as directd, as hundreds will testify to In this lmmediate vlclmty. I am gratefnlly yours, JOHN P. FOWLER, Ju st ice of the Pe&oe.


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