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The UH Hislory of the War tuit kas yet n...

The UH Hislory of the War tuit kas yet n... image
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The UH Hislory of the War tuit kas yet nijenred. - Boston Travcller. MARPEJVSM i The platcs of Harper's Weekly durlne Mm War havlng been destroyed, HAEPER'S Pictorial History oftlie Retiellion Ia the only means of obtalning lts lnvaluable historical lUimtrattonB. In two splendld folio volumes, saine aize pago as the weekly, and contalnlng 1,000 of lts famous War picture. Prlce for set, carrlage pald. In beveled cloth, $111 00: in Half Turkey Moroceo. bandeóme tsuilt stamp on Rlde md marhled edges 122. TO AVOII) DECEPTION. HEK TlfAÏ lindKS BKAK HARPKIt s NAME. Sold by subscrlptlon only. Send for llluxtrated I lar to McDONNELL BRO'S, 15 Dcarborn SI., Chicago, 111. Of Priceless value for Pretervation. - [Joston Advertlser. Ï14S. PENNYROYAL WAFERS. tl'rescription of a physician who has had a Ufe lonff experience in treatinc; female diseases. Is used mouthly with perfect snecess by over 10,000 ladii'8. Pleasant, safe, effectuaL Ladies ftskyour drugpist for Pennyroyai Wafers and ! take no substituto, or inclose postaireforsealedparticulars. Sold by all dnitrjnsts, t per box. Addrcss THE EUlUiKA CBEWCAb Co.. DciBorr. Mica. Sold In Ann Artor( Mich., by Ebcrbacb 8on. ] 308-1360 MADAME NIORA'S CORSETS. rffebilOT COMFORTAIILK AND KgiW ITkFKCT FITTING. ?VX '"; " '""'tspajtlu-y RiTO better ¦Bftli'fa il. -u thkn ny ¦ rwt BB6ycTo thf y ever old. Prcssmakpn jrtri Wf rcnTnnund thi"n furthelrflne Qr Í-. J tile. i. annol break itcr V_ r Aro i.artloillarlv likr-d hv n. í'L"1Í''.nf.f"Jflfrtllx;,'1]1" "4 ,; " } v ' pTrifusBack, _U JL VhicbcoTcm the o]Mn opdoe -i aiul pp'Urtstru'Fplnp. V pi typiTr tari.k STrrif, vliiih fc-" V" cm: !¦¦' iriit'Mt!v tfkfii i -'' OUt, M 1THOÜT CUTTDICi " ¦AÉH RUTINA. (y[.nr, nek for jMÊÊKÊ MAI VMi: MdRA'MORr"' Í-V WBik fiptebraied l'rm.H Cmrvmi Ml vMbjU'gl Bnn-1. !¦¦.¦ ir.-.. 'frnitHtfoM ff ;í JïJJf Por v.],. hy all LcAdlDg delMadam Mora'sCorbur. i . KR w n 4 ., Madame Mora's La Reino. ] mingham, Oonn. Madame Mora's Aldine. -¦ ¦ PIUi Madame Mora's Comfort Hip. 7iLwiiardSui.v v DRUG STDRE So. 7 S. Maia St. PURE DRUGS and MEDICINES! Fiie Toilet inicies ELEGANT PERFUMES AND ODOR SETS A Made of Pliysiciaii' Pre i scripïions. Cali mul soo ns. J. J. Goodyear. flULlf I Sumpleiree to thoM be. , " ¦¦ ¦ rominif agent. No rlk, qulck sales Terrltory Riven.s.lií.facllon guaraná!: Addre. OR.SCOTT.842 Broadway St.,N.Y.


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