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¦ ¦"'¦¦¦ w s. H SPECIAL I Ml 1 'fLAVORINel rQWDÉÍ tXTRACTS V f$Sr-_ _--tíL 3 natural fruit 4oÑgHÑJpy Ij -avor MOST PERFECT MADE Preparod with strict regard to Purlty, Strength, and Ileulthf ulnuss. Dr. Price'a Baking Powder contaius no Ammonia, Ltmeor Alum. Dr. Price't Extracta, V anilla, Lumun, Uraugc, etc., flavordcliciously. PRICE BAKINQ POWDER CO., Chicago and St. Louis. ZtTOTZEilZfcTGSUCCEEDS LIKE SUCCESS TH F. ffHEELIBS' GAZETTE ! OF Sr&!XliFIELD,;XASSACBU5ETTS,D. 5.A, IS OICsTZE. THEWHEELMENS' GAZETTE IS A KOURTH OF 32 PACES AND COVER, ; PUBLUHBD MONTHLY. ONLYÍFIFTY ENTS WlIhKr.MKN ANO dlliERS WHO WANT CHOIOB KBAniNOCAN SKCÜKE THE SAMK BY SUBSCRIBIUO FORTHE UAZETTK, A HANDSOME PA1-Klt, WELL-PEINTED AND MOdEL OF NEWjPAPJtR NEÈt) AI1PIIKS8 WHEELMENS' GASETTE, SPRINQFIELD, - MASSACHUSETTS. Sample Copies Free. 96-ly ANN ARBOR FKUIT OECHARD. BARTLETTES, WK BEAUTY And all kinds of Autumn Pcars. WHITK QEAPÏ8, CONCORD GUPES, SALEM (RAPES. RAsriiERKV, SIIUUBS, and W1NE. Piense cali U tlie orcliard on West IIuron street, or send your orders for Fruit Hod Kruit Trees eaily to EMILBAUR, - ANN ARBOR. U80-U ABNER MOORE'S TONSORIAL PARLOR, Nxt úir to the Farmer's :ml Moi'linnic's liiuik. II VIH CUTT1NG, S1IAVING, SHAMI'OONINO AND DTKING. Tlio bost of Work men nnd Sntlsfiielion liiiMranteed. ¦ TT ¦ % ¦T' T"F B -Í W-m 9 tl'iAN's IMPERIAL TltUSS. Sptnil 9prlng, khhU'iI Iroin 1 to (i pounda In preñare. WORX I)AV AM) MGIIT, by au Innmt a week okl, oran .¦idultMI yenrs. I.;idiis TfnMet n perfeetlon. Bnolqse itampi for testimoniáis cit cures, ato. BOAN IMPERIAL TRUS9 CO., ANN AKBOK, MlCII. ñlCLiffl&SS MANUFACTÜRERS OF SclooliiCliircli FÜRNITUHE. OPIJi 1 HOUSE (II llltü AND WIND-MILLS. Are now prepared to manufacture School and Cbaroh l'urnlture, ml Opern House Chalr, I.awn Scttees, Camp Tables and the TRIUMPH WIND-MILL The best and s'mplest and most reliable 1 ii use. KfjuilrliiK üone on Hhort notlce. Also dealers in PUMPS, CYLIXDERS, PIPES, ETC. TANKS MADE TO OEDER. LADDKUS, PKAC'H BOXES, BERET CUATES, In (act, any artlcle made to order. NO. 33 N. FOURTH STREET, ANN AUBOR, MICH. REAL ES1A1E INSÜRANeB11 AGEN6Y. J. 0. A. SESSIONS ATTO1ÍXEY AND NOTABT PUBLIC Real Estáte sold or rented and rent collected on reasonable terms. NonL bilt olil aml lirst-class Insurance Companles represenbMl- witb Insurance capital of Slo.ixni.iXKi. Ratea nu lowas any other liuntanoe corapany and tnaaet prornptíy pold. Olllce over Arnerlcnn Expres office, Main street. nu Albor. Hloh. SlSCRÏiTrlïê COURIEE.


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