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Scott's Inmisión of Pare Cod I. i ver OU, wil li II) 'poplioHP'ilton. is amost valuable romedy t'or conrumption, icrofula, wasting diteatti of chlldren, cotd$ and chronic oought, and In all condltions wliere there is a loss of llesli, a lack of oerre power and a general debiliry of the pystem. Not Full-Sizeil. " Say, Loaroaore, liow mnch did the railroad eompany pay yoa lor thateo tlicy i un overf" 'Sixty-fivo ilolliir-." "Slxty-flvedollsrs! Wliy, that miserable road tbat runs by niv place killed a bftter cow for me and only pld me forty dollars." "Oh, wel', but yonr cow was killed on i narrow guage road, you know." - Brooklyn Bagle. ituckipii's irnlea Salvo. The Host Salve In the world tor Cutí, Hi-uisc-. goree, Ulcers, Stilt ftbeum, Pever Sores, Tetter.Cliapperi Elando, ühllblalns, Corns, and all skin Eraptions, and positlvely curca Tiles, or no pay requlred. It Isnaranteed to tive perfect satisfncliori, nrmoney refnBad. Prlee 25 centt per box. For Salí' by Ebcrbach & Sor.. Counsel: "Tlicn yon ih'nk be struik yon wltli tnaliee aforethouitbtf1 Witncss, Indtgnantly : "Vou can't mix meupllke that. I'vctdl you twlce lie hit me with a biick. There wosn't do Mal leta or notliin' ot' tlie kind about."


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