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NOTICE. "VTOTICK tl liireby glven Iliat thero will be JlI il special meeting Of the S'ock lmldfi's ol the Toledo. Ana Arhor iuhI Nortli Mlchlimi Hnllway at tlie Ooinpuny's offioe in Toledo 01:1o, ou November 29th, A. D. '86, at 1 o'clock p. m. The object of sald meeting ti to approveor reject the agreemenl tor oonnolldatlon licre ie iin min ie by ilie Board of Directora of th Toledo, A ii i. Arboraud Nortb Michigan rallw:iv eornpany nnd tbe Toledo, Ann Arbor and it. Pteaaant rallway eorapany, and for the tranaacilon of inch otlier boaloen as tnay come before the meeting. e. i COOK, Secretar?. Duted Toledo, Oliir, Kept. 21tli, lS.-ii. FRANCIS" L YORK, M.A., Wlll recelve daring THE COMING SUMMIER A Limited namberol Papila In PIANO, O R C A N HARMONY, At grvatly I IR, E ZD TJ G IE 3D EATBSApply h.v mal] or at i NO. 30 SOU ni [NQALL8 STKEET. Please to Notice This ! I wlll sen.l each of my Customera Notioe whiii bis Note or Aooonnt wlll be du e. I wlll ezpeot lilm to uie the matter hls prompt atteatlon at tbat time. I wlll seud only one Notioe of ibis kind. I hope all wlll oonalder thla lofflclent. Proflta are too mail and credlta too h ¦ri to v arranl me to borrow money to Pay mv Debta no matter bowamall or how great the Bill. 1 wam it Cortbcoinlng when due, I am tliankful for your patrouRge, bot the Pay I mast Inwe. xoura i ruiy. M. ROGERS, ?LÏT. 7 BH ut 1-2 and 01l ff LJft V Ti".uum'iits ut $ifll{JLl 1-3thepr 8Ofl ;?ƒ_.,_. , f,rgl'ii -ln i..ns, umi i-iual ifD D 'ƒ"' ""' Kwi'sh in iv, i k 'l LJ I LJ L L-l ' il l'aiH.T printing and accu.L¦#-, -,, ,, r, j7 fvrwt agvnt aa SÊlfiL V 1 0 L D ¦ repurts an onU-r tit crtrrj t;rnm„., KMcatl for tien urckn. Kam mvC-nöION.Êm chanc fnr nKents tn niuko mJ Jr Sond gt.tK) for out¦¦¦¦¦aClF "U TJ'IKSIS VKKY l.ll ¦ " Jf J'( licnry HUI "iih. Co., AQTUMA CURED! II W I I I Uil! iinrcs the most skrpticil GERMÁN ASTHMA CUREzriÈc most violuut Bttat-k ; insurcB comfortahl efTocts cun's whcre all mher n-iuwLc rail' o vrnitinK lor rcsulis. Hu nction ih immediRte, dirfrl nnd corlain, and a cure is in all CURABLE CAME8 "U pcrmftDeotly cured me. Refer to m tt any tlmr " "t. n. ƒ.011, SI. Paul, nu. ¦I m enllrclj reilored to hollli bj Oermsn AilhmB ''ure' Tío., mm, nmM,n, OA.o. Germn Asthm Cure li all yoa claim for It. It oever fcili. " ?,.. K. Tn tin,,rlin, QrttmltU, S. C. Mr phyilcUn rpcommenle d GermD AnhmE Cure II oured m." Mr: M. L. Tttrick. UrnKmilrrry, (i„ ThoBuad. of ilmllar Lellen ra He. i.k ur drui.,1.1 bont U. (icrmiin Asllumi turo Ir Fold by all dniir Kim at ÖÖc.nd l,or ant by maU on recelpt of pnce. I nal trvv tu any aililrrMR fi.r tami' H ' 'Illr-KM A V M.l... -. . 1 , .. I . Ml ,. ¦¦ . PÏTfMfl VI r; CO.,nf Hip BCIENTIPIC ,-, nunne toact na Bolloltnra for INUenta, r,:i.v Trude Marku, ('opyrlchls. for the UnlU Bngland, Franoe. Qerraan j, eta llami iiookiibout Patenta aenl tree. Tliirty-wven reara' exuerleno. Patenta obUlned thronsh MUNN A CO.arénotloed IntheSciiMinr , mi i kas. tbe Eu-geat, heat, and wV"''''!:'',"''"'''1 'entino paner. Ü.Xa ycar. vvccKiy. i-piiMHhii nanrlnn and Intereatlns lnfomiiitinn. Speoünen oopy of t ho Si-irm A iiict. leain aont free. AddreasUDNN k CO, n n'Ü'u Amekican Ollice. ai Broudimy, New Yurk. THIS PAPER '¦ I HIV I Hl kil UoWELt. COS Kcwspnppr Advcrtlsing Burciui (10 Spruca SiriM'ti,wherf!iilv ¦¦¦aiai ¦¦¦ tisiURcontniolsmuy MEiUf VilDIf bu muüü tor it In lik fff I UlllVa EVERY LIVE MERCHAN'J IV AX A Kit UK. Should advertise in THE COURIER.


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