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V'HO ir. UNAOCyAPNTED WITH THS CEOCRAPHY OF THIS CCUKIÍ. .', WIL, SEE BY EXAMINIMO THI3 MAP, TKAT T'-i. " M" .. --¦ ' ___________ "iïCAbo, ROCK ISLAND & PACIFIC R'Y i.i oTit ; ceiiLral positlon, close relation to principal llnes East of Chie-.-o üontinuona linea at torminal pointe "Wost, Northwest and -i:i I only trae raiddl 3-link in that transcontinental system which invitos and Ilicl1' 1 3 travel and tralïic in cither direction betwoon tlie Atlantic anti Paoiflc. Tho Rock lsland main line and branches lnolads Chicagro,Joliot, Ottaw T '11 , Pïoria, Öeneaeo, Molino and Rock Island, in Illinois; Davenport I ti io, Washington, Fairflsld, Ottumwa, Oskaloosa, Wost Libertyjlowa City, pen I toinos, lndianola, Winterset. Atlantic. Knoxvillo, Audxibon, Harían, Gvthr'o ad Comicil Bluffs, in Icwa; Qallatin, Trenton, St. Joseph, Ciimeron . u; City, ín Missouri; Leavenworth and Atchison, in Kaneas; Albert Leo, ¦ Unneapolla and St. Paul, in Minnesota; Watertown in Dakota, and hundreds ei -itcrniodiate cities, towns and villajes. THE GREAT ROCK SLAND ROUTE Curu-antc33 Speod, Comfort and Safety to those who travel ovor it. lts ror ., ballastod. lts track is of heavy steel. It: bridi ituroo of stono and iron. lts rollins: stock is perfect as humnu skill c le has all the safety appliances that mochaiücol peuius hoa Invontod cxperleaoe provod valuablc. lts practical operation is conservativo and inct'. i al- ils discipline Btrict and exactingr. lhe luxury of itri passeneror accomin. lions Í3 unecmaled in tho Wost - unsurpassed in tho worlcL ALIi EXPBE9S TRAINS betwoen Chinaco nnd tho Mlsaouri Rlver oonsist rfcomfortable DA Y COACHES, mamiificent PULLMAN PAL.ACJÍ PAIU und 9IJEEP1NG CAK3, elegant DININÖ CAES providing excuLtant rueals, - botwoon Chioaffc St. Joaeh, Atchiaonand Koiiaiio City - ïo&tful ItSCIiINING ClIAIXi CAEi. THE AMOUS ALBERT LEA ROUTE '.f, iitvorito line botwoen Chicapro and TTinneapoUs and St. Paul. Ovev ) sol'd Faet Express Trains run daüy to tho summer reaorts, picturci,. auil hunting1 and tishintr Rrotinds of Iowa aud Minnesota. 'Iho i t iijlds and Rruzing lands of interior Dakota are reachcd via Watcit A cliort desü-nblo route, via Séneca and Kankakee, oflers cupericr inducem to trj'vclcra bet'weon Cincinnati, Indianapolis, Lafayotto and Council BItií', S. Josnpb, Atchison, Leavenworth, Kansas City, Minuoapoli3, St. Paul Ojíú kab racdfata pointe. All classos of patrons, especially families, ladies and ciiildren, receivo f rom oiïiciali and employés of Hoek Iuland trains protootiozx, ïospoctful court kinc'ly attention. i?or Tickets, Maps, obtoinablo at All principal Tiokot Olncec ia 1 ¦ Unitod States and Canada- or any desired Information, addreus. R. R. CABLE, E. ST. JOHN, 'ftisithnt and Goneral Manager. Chicago. Go.'icrj! Tlckei ,


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