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NO FEE!! ) ïsTABLisHtn i5i. ) Merrill UNTIL BETTER ƒ DETKOIT.mich. f Block. S LS- . The Eegolar, Old-Eitablished 4Jfe) PHÏSICIAN & SUKGEON Ct Wf is itill troiting with tho jlllÉMl I jJSKILL AND 8UCGE8S YOUNGmen,middle-aged men and all persons who by their own acts of Imprudrnco or Folly at any period of life have brought upon themselvcs, the evil effects following closcly unon the heels of irnn ¦ffressJon oí the laws of nature, should consult the celebrftted Itr.Clarke at once. KcmoiaborINervous lisenes(with or without dreams) or dobility and loss of nerve power treated scientifically by new methods with never fnilingf success. Lylt makes no diffcrence wliat you have taken or who has failed tocure you. JftyTiie tfirrïblo pnlson nf Syphili and al! bad blood nnd skin diseasrg, completely er idl cated without mercury, Itemember that tnUone horrible diseasc, tf neglected or impropcrly treated, cursen the present and coming gencrations #3 A 11 unnntural discharges cured promptly wuliuut hindritnce tü business. No experiments. jioth sexes consult confidentlally. Age and experience Important . A ivritton ennrnntee of cure giveii in every ense unuertaken. jQ9Sufferers from any chronic dlseasewritc ïliatory and Symptoms of your case - plainly. Cases solicitcd which others have failcd to cure. ïnfSend two stamps for colebrated works on ('liroiiic, Nfrvous and Delicate Diseases. You l;ivc ;m exhaustive aymptomatology by which to studv your own case. Consultation, personully or by letter, free. Consult the old loctor. Thousnnds cured. Offices and pnrlors priitti-. You see no one but the Doctor. Beforo contiiiin-T your case consult IK. CL.AIÍ.KK. A friendly letter or cali may save future suffering and shame and add polden vcars to lifc. MeJïcines sent everywhere secure trom expoaure. Hours, feto 8; Sundays,9to 12. Address, F, D. CLARKE, M. D. MERRILL BLOCK. DETROIT. Mlch. OH! MY BACK! DR.lïfLL'S ENGLISH BUCHU Is One of the Best K.DNEY INVESTICATORS IN USE. WJllcttrcatl (lisonso of the Ktdntys, ttt adder ProstaLlc l'orliun of the Urinal j Oiirons, Initatlon of tho Naokof tbe BluUUer, Durnliifr Urine, Gtoet, OonorrbM in all it Rtaffes, Uacoui hiw ii tree, ('ortKi'stiun of thi Kldneys. Brlck Dni Itenui-U, L)lablM inilamatlonof Ki-t m- -1 ;ni] Blnilder.lJropsv of Kiiíiu-ys Ad4 Ürl 1 rine.l tin In th lUfflon of tlio Bladder, fAl K Ürlnarj Canlui Henal Cal.Mihis, Rena] Colic, Betentlon )f rine, Fiv.ment ürlnatlon,Grar( 1 In all ü ¦ rormit, Innblllty tietaln the wal , . ;i, j% unced m Itfe. ii is v KIDÍIS1 liVKStlflATOK that ïwtores the Urine toit-í natural color, remov) ilio m-id and borniiurukd thettffectol thaaxoa-tvg uw of intuMcutin Jrink. PRICE, $1; Six r citlea for $5. Deüvpred on r ¦ of prlop. 1 f.r (' S.)M by ftll Prngfrists. w. - 1 & co., So:.e .r;i:s-Ts. DETEOIT, MICH. Johiurton'a Sarsaparllla is the elionpest and best Blood remeny nuse.asitonlycostB a dollar f or a quart bottle. '!': it. Ëitlier f tho above sont irec; cm Kcetpt of prlce. C. H. MIULEN, INSURANCt AGENT! No. 4 S011II1 Main St.. Ann Arbor. Ttas oldefit affency In theolty. Kstahlisiiod over a quarter ii ¦ oeulary ago. EtepraenUng tli( folKiwhiK Hrst-class companlus. with over $00,000,000 iipimi nul AtseU. HOME INS. r)„ dl New York. 00NTIKENTAL IN8. r., of New York. MIAGARA IN3. CO., of New York. GIRAK1) INS. co., 01 riiiludelrhla. ORIËNT INS CO..OÍ Hnrtfonl. COMMERCIAL UNION, ol Londoo. LIVERPOOL, LONDON and QLOBE. WASHINGTON FtKi; and MARINE, of Boston. Untos Low au (lic I,o west, Lawms Liberally Adjiistcil and promptlf l'aiil. C. II. MÏLLEN. RINSEY & SEA OLT'S BAKERY. GROCERY, AND Flour and Feed Store. We keap ooüstanUj on hnnd, BREA, CBACKEBS, ('AKKS, KTC, For Wtaoleskls and Retell Trndo. We shall a!io ktM'p a sappiy ff 8WIPT & DEÜBBL'8 BEST White Wheat Flour! Delhi l'lonr, Kyc l'loiir. Buckwlieat Flour. lom Tlcal, I'ocil, Etc, AtWbolsMle and BaUII, A yenernl stock of GK0CERIE3 aJ PRÖTISIUNS Conplantly on hnnd, wtiicli win ha iort on as rsatonahle ti'rtre ns ut tmy otlier hone ui the cit. . Cash paiil lor NUTTER, EUU-;, and COUNTRY PB0DOUI mnerally Qod( d livured to any part of the etiy wlihut extru charco, niSKY A SE A BOLT. '1 ¦'H E 11 IK !U [T C( HIKT KOR TH E ('OUNTY L OF WA8H n:.N IW, in Chanoery. .IcMiiy P, Xorliin, ( 'iniphii tiant, I vs y Stnnley Norton, defendant. i It sutisfnrlor :(pp-'.irin to me hy nftldavltt on 1 i i . uw, the defendiut. Htaaley Norton, Is not a resiciem f thiaslatiB. bol röslilrs III Mimilrihii, 111 lll liiiininlon of l'iinada, On moilonol B D. ECmuo. complalö;ini's Rolloltor, II i ordrreil Ilinl the -;üt defeodanl, BtHnley Norion Raam M iippenranodtobeentered hereln, wlihln tour tnonths fioni tbe date ol lhin order, aod in cnaeot ii is appearance, thai lis cuaatj hla anawer to tbe oomplatnant'a blll ol ooroplalot to ba ' filtti and a oopy tbereof lo ba aervad on BaJd oomplainant'a Bolioitor wlibln Iwentj daya alter service tm nim of a oopy ol aald ' liil mui nolioe of tb In order, and th l In debnlt thereof, aid blll be laken s oonfetaed by the said non-reHlüenl rleleudant. And it is inrihcr ordered, that wlihln twi'iuy daya after i late heroof, theaald oomplalnanl oauea nol of ihli order tobe ' publiab In the ADn Arbor idi kiek, % newa i paper, publlxhed and clronlaUua in Mid i oounty, and thafc aald pobllcatlon i aedthereln at Ii-hsi onoe in eaob week, ft slx weeks in auooeMla id ibal aheoaoaea copy of tlns order to be persoually terved on ¦aid non-realdent defendant at leaattwenty ( daya before tbc time above presorlbed lor hls i appearanoe. PATRICK MoKERNAN, Circuit Court CommUsloner of Waihwuaw I oiinty, MlrlllK'tn. E. D. Kinhk, Bollctor for Complainant, IVilcil, Si'plcinbi'r 2T, 1888, ( lSlt-1838, Noticc to Credilors. STATE OF MICHIGAN. Countj ol Wathtrnaw M. ] Noticc Is hereby giTsn, tktl bjr an order of thn Probate I ourl for th (¦¦.muy ol Watbtantw nadeon the ImIi dny of O.-toler. A. l). 1886, atz monthe Irom that date were allowea tur credlton to . present thcircliimeaL'iiin-t tne estáte ol BIsanorG Bibbins, Ute of nld coanty, dereawd, ud iliat il] credl(on (¦ ald decensed reqnlred to praeeol h' ir claimt lo Mld Probate Conrt, at the Probate iffloeli the cityol Ann Aihr fur examlnation and allowann-, on or befbre the I8ihdyol April iext,andthat uch cIiIdu wlll '¦¦¦ heard belore I uld Conrt, on Tneoday Uw iStfa day ofjannan and r u Mondnv the elghleenth dnv ol i r i ! i ,i ut ' in o'clock In Ihe Uw noor r raen ni imid ñ " Datcd, Ann Arhor. i t ihiT 'h A i bv, W II. I. [AM 1) II (KI MAN, , ' '-¦ -i Jodirool Piobat. ' t aSflala JAMES O. III, MM s M&9 HKATHISTOiVv ' fS Outwlla all othorlxkiks. ir..n c Wj'xÁ .?¦ w;''rv-.Ny8 ' H7io,,,r v WLJWV '"'?'¦ "i'i nomutlcr vhtlhcrhe . Uv áaWj wilt i„,t h down vttltl Ui (1 IP "¦f'''1,',""""";. "":.' '-¦' ciiuita J'.i,. ' nts wniitcil (in (.-('Í


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