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mvnovii mui: T(iyA A.KHOB C01I11 IVDKItV, Nu. II IMCetS flrSl Tues iay ol MOb taoutU, VV. G. Doly. B, i'. W. A. Tolcharü. Recorder. Wasiicssa cm aitki:, N'd. il, H A. M.- Mti'is iiri Moiui;iy eaoh moath. liai H inily, H. P.; Z. Koiitti, Secretiiry. BUSINESS CARDS. Dl v LXB in CLOTfl CASKETS, METALIC Aud Comraan ('ofllns. C;ills ftlteated to Iitiy or Nlglit. Bmbalralag n tpsolalty. sto erooni oa Bi Washington sin-ft. lirsiiifiu-r Cor. Liberty and Klltn. W. II. JACKM, JDilESilIIITTiilüSil1!1!]. OFFICE : Orer Nach & Abel's Dry Good Store. Kutrunce next to N;ition;U Bank. WILIJin IIERZ, House, Sijn, Ornamental and FRESCO PAINTER! Paperlu, Glaxinp, Gilding, and ('alcimininp, and work of every dencriptiou done In the pest Btyle, aud warranted to giveatiefaction. Sliop, No. 4 W. Washington St„ Anr, Arbor. W, W. & A. C. SICHOLS, Rooms Over Ann Arbor Savings Rank, Miisonic Temple Ulock. GAS or VITALIZED AIR &4mlnt8tered for Iha palulen extrtcttoo of teefh. STATE STREET Msrctant Uú Establishment ANN ARBOR, MICHIGAN, DkakSik: If yon want n. oeat Bolt donut order untll you have eeen JOSEl'Il BERRÏ, Mercliant Tallor, State Itreet, Aun Arlior, Mlcti. You wlll nuil a very Une Une of BnglUli for Dron BalU. and nll tlie Newest Shades and Wsavea m Baok BnlUngs aad trowsermgs Ín stock and sample o or ¦ der from. Our long expcrlenee l ti Cuttlng enaoles na to el ve yoa a nent and perfect fit, and Clothes made in rtrsl-class order, it Lowcsc Living Prlces Cali and nee lor yoursc f. Respectrully yours, J(MSPU liKltllY, Merohant Tailor CET THE BEST FIRE INSURANCE! $29,000,000. Secarity lcld (br thu pnitociion of the palle; CHRISTIAN MACK Bepresentg 'hc fbltowtos lrt-cl8 companle, oi whli-b one, tbe xKtna. bu alono paid Í5,UOU,OOÜ tire otfet-e n wlxty-llve j%ÊIt '¦ Jitna, of $ 8,192,644 Fnuikiin 0f l'liila leliliii 3,118,71c dermnl.i, N. Y 2,700, 79t Germán American, N. V A,(;:, .'¦- Lomlou Assarance, Lonilon... l,416,78i Mletilgan F. A M., Detroit... 387.60Í N. Y. tJnderwriters, N. Y 2,596,67t National, Hartford 1,774,50.1 Phcenix, Biooklya B,759,08fl Losses liberally adjustcd and promptly ptld. l'olicie ssued at the lowent ratcs of premium. HUltf LTJMBERÏ LT7MBER! LT7MBEE! lt you "contémplate building, culi at FERDON Lililí ïlll! Corner Fourlh anti Depot Sts., anti ge onr figures for all kintls of LUMBER! We manirfaotare onr own I.mnber and gii:ir;intee AERY LOW PRICES ftGive us a cali and we will make it to your Interest, as our lrge and wcll graded stock fully ustains our asccrtion. Tclcpliouc Conncctions ith Office. f. J. K8KCH Supt. JAMES TOLBERT, Prop A. DeFOREST. Fire Insurance Píate Grlass Insurance, Steam Boiler INSURANCE ! Lowest Ratos, Honorable Adjust monis and Losses Promptly I'aid. REAL ESTÁTE RENTS HPBCIAL ATTENTION QIVKNTO COLIiKOTXOS r Rknts and M .n m.i mim oí i;i TATR INTKRKSTS FOK KkSI I IKN TK. BKTIEK ÖATISKACriON To DWSKKS HlMRANrapo. A. DeFORKST. 117 11T moremoney than ttt anythlui;clre by tak 11 I V Ing an ifi-ncy forlhu let xullinK book II III out. H'K'nni;r BUCreed ífrftndly. Nouf fall. Tornii fr.u. Hallett Book Co., Portland, Mulne. AQTUMA CURED! Hu I nlYlH sl5SlE TRHI' . IlW I I llllrl iinnillif mMtskrptiíal GERMÁN ASTHWA CUREriïï'r,1?;, mot Wulsnt attwk : iiuun comf urtablí onecte cuna whan all otber nui(xb-8 faa No vniiiiiK lor ri'iills. Un nrlinn ir. Iminrdlnfr. direct and rcrlain. itiui a carel rfferl.d in uil ( ( KAIII.i: ('ASES "ll ivrm&QeQtly curud me. Bcftr to me at ny time." Hrm. B. Iah. SI. fauí, Minn. I m rotlrcly restored to hi-nlih by G'-rmtn Aitbm , L?¦" 7Tlo.. í, ;,,m,Mn, oio. (iermKD Auhm Cure li all jon claim Tor It. Hoever fallí1 Pr. K Von finytrhn. GrinvitU, s. C. 7 phjlclan recommende fl Germán Altima ('ure lt oured me." M„. n. . TcirUk. Leudondtrry. UMt, TüoiuamU ir ilollar LM, n on DU. Aak aoj JroK.l,i bout II. ¦7"1,"-",.A"111"1" ('"r'" i"nMt.}-all dnitf. SnBSCRÍBElMÍirclm


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