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POWDER Absolutely Pure. Tblipowdernever varíe. A marvel of purlty, sirencth and rholeomeness. More eco iionu.a' Uuui thaordtnary kinds, and caunot be sou in aompetltlon with tbe multitode of loH-tt-st, shon welïht,,. powderg. SoldODly in caus. Itniuiiiaui,,.. Puwiler Vo . 1O Wall si., S.Y. SCALYrjTCHY SKIN, And all Itofcteg and Scaly Skin and Scalp DlseMH Cnrod ly Cnticura. Psoriasis. Fpzi-m.i, Tetter. Blnrworm. Lichcn PrnrtlD, 8oald Had, Mik CVu-i. üui.druil' Barben Hak. r-' c,n, en1 ud Wuhera iman'i Itcn and every speclos of itcliii -a. üurniiip, Sriv, I'im&ly Humon of the kin and Bcalp, wlth .on of air are posülvelj cured by'iitlr,ur, ili rel skin Cnre, and Cntlcara Soup, aqd ezqnlut e Bkln Beaatlffer externally, ml Cutlcnro Reeolvpnt. [be neW I I nd I'nriller Inlernally, rhen pln-irlans and all olber rwntdlai lail. Psoriasis, or Scaly Skin. I. liihn J, i'.-r, D. D. 8., Iruii);; practlced dontistryin thl couuiy for thin.v-ilv yeara nd bi loe well kijouu to thonunda hereabonta, wltn a vi.-w to helpany ivh i are mtl eled as 1 lmve been for the put twelre reara, tentliy thai ihe Cntlcnn Reme Olea cured me of Pwrlwla. or Sc.ilv Skm, g ilnys, aíter the doct.irs with whotn I had conaaiïed gave me no he!p oí encoarafremeiii Newton, N. J., JOHN' J. CASE, D. D. S. Distressing Eruption. Toar OaUeart Kemedles performed a wondorrai cdn laat sammar oo onaofoDr cu?tomer, an ld notleniaji of leventy yeara ir m wbo saffi-red with a f.arinlly dlatreuin; iTiitlnn on hiB hi'iid and tac-, ai h , had trled all remedies and tO !IO pUriM-r, Texarkana Aik. J. l sMITil A CO. Dustpanful of Scales. II F. Oarpenter, N.Y., cured of Psoriasis or eprony. o. twvHty ycari' ettiicUnf, hy C'uticura Hemedk-8. ilie most w.mderful core ou record A daatpaoTal ofacalua M from Intn d.iily. Phyrcians and h:s friefids thon,'!it he mcut dle. Eczema Radical Cured. For the r:ldic:ll cure of an oh tirata 0 Bcremn f loog stancline, I give entire credit to I hf VuíKura Ittined'ics New HavoQ. ct. B. B. RKHIARDWN. Sold hy all Drnfrjrlria. Prlce: Cütiouba SOOta.i Rmoltikt, TOO; 8oíp, 28cts. Pottib Urdo and Chii icju. (.'o., Úoitoo, Wem! fir-llm to ar.'Hkin MaetWI" T3T? A TT l'l l' V the ComplaxtOB und Sitn by OEiiXJ ll"in.' Ilie (TTiri'ltA Mmr. ZLJk IT FLLLS GOOD! T ¦ worn out with I'ains, Aches feFZlt1""' minuto by iiti.ui.. Antiáí&.yít& l'ain riaater. At DroKglata, : ceuh CONSTITUTIONÁL CATARRH. No single dtsoAse has entattod more Buffeiiag or ha tened the brdaklng Dp of the conatltntlon ttian Catarrli. The scnse oí' sm. 11, of tute, ofalght, t hearing, the humm voice thc mind - on or more, and .-ometimeo all.yield to lts destructive inflnence. Tin1 polson ii dletrlbotei tbronghout thc yute in and breaks up the most robuet oí conatitutíonn. Inored,becaust; little underttood, by moet phyaiciane, i m pot en ti y iis&alled by qntcki and charlatans, tboae saffering from it have little hope to be rellfiVed ol il thifl Bid6 of the ltíívc. It ín time, then, thnt tlo popular trea'ineni af tbS terrible diseasa by remedies within tbe reach of all kd into hindt at once competent and truntworthy. The new and hitherto nutrlod method apopted by Ur. Saiid ord in thu prepvftüoo ol hls Radical Cure bas won the he u tv approvaJ f ttiousaiidí. It id lovtantflneoua Ín aíTordinií reliel'in all head cold, tneEÍag. nafllin and olwtructfd braal biog, and v ipully remoTM 'tur opotesslve ¦ymptomBi clearing the head, Bweetenfng the breith, rottorlojt the tenaea oí snu'll, in.'-te tuid heMriiiL', and Deairftliztnc the constltatlonaJ tondencytu Uj(! dtteaae tnwarde thc luu, livor and ki.liu-yrt. Bandfobd's Radical ituk consiste of one bottle oí che Radical Cuke, and ooe bo$ol ath míh a i. Kks h.v];nt, :nid one IhpkoVED Inii; prlce $l.uu. RHEÜMATIC PAINS. mr NiMiralfic. Sciaiii-, Baddon, Rharii nml Bbw Nervoafl l'íi'iw huí Stndoí Itplloved Bi in Out' Mimill-'i y ti iKUiira fíP Antl-I'alii IMaMtrr, tlu' mostper VW fct antidote to paln nnd, jl'Xrr QOOipounded. New, original, InRiaDiaueoftB inftllible ;md safe. At all drn í'yr.; Uva (br$1.00: or (l'llJ¦ ft-ee, or ol rotter líniL' ;iud Cbemica] (""., BostODi Wfttf. 1887. HARPER'S YOUNG PEOPLE. AN ILLUSTBATED WEEKtT. Haiíi'kr'.s Yof.Nc PeopLB has beon culled model of what a periodícal for young readers ought to be,' nnd t lie Justice of thls conimi'ndat.lon Ís amply sustalned by the largeclrculution it luis attalned both at home and i n Great liritain. This ssj hal been reached by nieiliods that must oom m end themHelves to tbo JadgmeDt of parents. no leafl lliau lo thu tos les OJ ohildrcu - naiiifly, by ao earnevt and W6ll auatavlned eflbrt to provlde tbe hestund moat attraol I ve readlng for yming people ftt a low price. The illiiHtraUoiiN are OOploaa and oí ajcoplously lililí aiandaxd í exoellenoe. An epitome of cvcrytlung tluit i attractive nnd detirmbw In juveoíle litcniture. - Boston Courier. A wcckly icust of gOOd tfaiogl to thc boys and iriris in every family whicli it visits- Urooklyn Ji ion. It is womlcrful in its wcalth of pictures, informaton and interest.- Christian Advocate, N. Y. TKRMS: Postase Prepotd, 19 Per tèkr. Vol, Vul, commence SSB. Singlo iiumbera, 5 ceuts MMlU. ¦ iboal i be made by Po1 Offl Mipimv Order ur Drafi, loavold ohaooeol iss. ¦irenot n mpti tti's aavtrlUtmetU without the express ord, roj ÖABPÏB UuothAddreas HAHI'ER & BROTHERS, New York. JJAMBS O. III.I.K'8 KKATlIl-KOtV Outwlln all (illiiTbooks. ir.n. J. S. WlHc'of V;i.,t:is: ' Whoever tnk't it matter vohttlw hé BlatM'9 friend oreneny. utU rwr, r put U imm "irííí . i:, 'i hurman i i'isaic


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