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VI. To tho Coikikr: Berlín, Gkrmaxv.Xov. 1:!, 'SC My theuie to-day K "The Qermai Unlversily." Unless I am mistaken, Uk Uuiversity of Berlín is now the greate tinlversil v in the world, and for tliat rea son, and the reason tliat I know moti about t tlian any other, my remarks an made with referent to thtt nc. tboagh, doubtless, in ntofl respecta appltcabli to all. The unlversity !)iiK1íms 11 this country are a disgmce to the Imtltatloos they represent. There can be no doubt about the wisdom of expendlog the incomc and taxes for the support Of a iniiversity in tlie support of Iba best men for professor-, and In paylng good salaries, though the buildings may beold and delnpldated, it the choice lies between bavlng ;ood buildings and professors poorly paid, or poor buildings and professors well paid. For it is the internal, intellectual part tliat niakes a unlversity and not the outside as the fame of Germán Universities has proved. Bnt it would soera tliat t Is nut Deceasar; for such a oboioe to he made, but tliat Oermio; could as well afford to erect line buildings for her ui:iversities as to be eootiuually building Immense barracks. The eost of the building and grounds of the numeroiiü racka, many in thu very heart oi the city of Berlín, must be enortnuut, and vet new ones riae from time to time, wiiiie the old bain called the Koyal Fredrio Willlam University still (helton its flve thouaand studente and its learned profenon. However, to do tho nation justiee we urn-t acknowledge that the new buildings thal are erected are buik in the best way and with all modern improvements. jFor example, the new Polytechnlc Hi;li School In Charlottcnburs, dedtoated in 1884, isa magnificent edifice of four stories, aud seven hnndred feet in length. It is of gran i te and sand-stone on the outsule brick on the inside walls, and a generoua use of inarble and bronze in the vestibules ancl state rooms. Tlie cost was nearly $2,000,000, which goes as far liere, in bulldlnfr, as f4,000,000 in America. The l'niversity of Jïerlin, named as above, was founded in the year 1S09, and a fornier "palace'' situated on Unter den Linden, and directly oppositc the palace of Emperor U'illiani, was given up to its use. Yon may infer from wlmt I have already said that the building is not a reniarkably fine one. The outslde, how ever, is in :i tolerable condition, for it has been kept in a presentable state so as not I" ruin the looks of Herlin's best sti-eet. Uut in.ike an inspection on the inside. The rooms are gloomy, and .so il ark that n most of tlicm they re obllged to burn gal nearly all ilay, and even at noon I Uure chances to be a little cloud io the kv. The w.ills are bare, stained and sometimea broken. As to vt-utilatioii tliere s none; not even the Windows are o]eneil, and after sitting in a [erowded room tbr au hour, it is strange that all are not asphyxiated. 'J'lie si-als ara u-uttlly of the primitivo eountry school house kind. Thcy are long, pine benches wlth desks iu front, and ure placed so near together that it is imposeible for one persone to pass another who is seateü. The places are mimbered iind each one, when he eleets a course, i appoinled a (efinite seat; and so, for about ten minutes before the lecture begius, the spectacle presented soniewhat resembles "lenp-frog," as the students spring over and run about upon the benches to reach their pluces. Ilere also, aswell as in the district school, the practice prevalía of carving or writing names, and of making all the fantastic symbols and ligures imaginable. As some may be interosted in eompariiig the attendanee of the uinvcisities I will add the following list, comprisiiifr the universities that have au attendani'c of live hundred or more. The nuuiber of In8tructors s for the present semester; number of students, for the last semester, and the figures are taken from tlie last editiou of the "(Jerman Uuiverslty Calender: " Unlver8ity. Instructor. Btudeata Berllu -jiiii ,j7(üí Konn ui i:Bi Breslau JU'.I 1 13(i Erlangen 90'J Frelburg S2 Hot Oteasen S ,,_! Uültlngen 1U MU Grelfcwalti "8 1U2S Halle 110 156.1 Heldelberge KM U6S Jena ¦ i;t Kiel n 55U KiinlKSberg 'M sxl LelpHÍc 171 8108 Miirburg 84 UB9 Munich l.s 3ih;o Hlrassburg HHJ M Ttlblngen 00 H1S Würzburg M 14W In Switzerland, Kussian Kast-Sea Province, and Austro-Hungary, jthe principal uoiversitics stand üs follows: Unlveralty. Intructors. ijtudeuts Kern m BJ5 Oeueva 77 SM Zürlch ttt SOI Inrnit Tl 1702 Uraz io:i USB Lemberg SM !i7i Vlenna ;!ijii ;,3óS Iniisbruck 7S! Krakuii BS Prague 107 The opening of the Unlvprslty here is "offlcially" the middle of October, which means from ten to fourtcen days later. The lirst thing for the student is, of ecours, matriculation. After obtaining Borne uays pieviously a ticket ol uchni.-,sion to the mutriculation, you go bo the SenaU room at the appointcd Jiour, taklag your papen with yon. Only a certain nnmber of admlssion carda ure given out for the same hour- a liuudred, I think. Tlie papers are gvna lo tlic "Jiulgc," and If satisfactory paaaed to the liector. Then ut the calling of jour uame yon preseut yourself before the Rector, and pass on to ii huif dozen other olllciaU, nnswering questlonsand slgnlngyournameand end wkh the uvasHifi-, wlio cnarget the moderate ree of lesa than (ve dolían, and reeelve therefote the printed rutes and , rerulatlons of the university, a book In , wllch to inscribe tlie coune you eleet , cach temester, two large papen In Latta, . one (hc certlflcate of ndrohwlon into the , nnlverelty, and Lbe otherto the proper . fiiciilty - medicine, luw, philosopliica], theolofTlcal, etc., and a eard with forty or , üi'iy questlons regaj-dlng pare'ntage, realdence, v..ur father's business and educa. lion, to be aiiiwered in riünj; and lianded , in the ncxt day, After the wliole liuif. dred have passed la review as above, the Rector ca Ui tbem op in a row about him, makes a llttle apeecb or exliortatiou to bè gOOd and diligent boys, net to bummeln, huttobe an ornament to the university. Thereupon he shakcs hands all aiound as B pledge on the part of the student to obcy the rules, and the ceremony is over. The Ucctor d livered liis address to us in a very Informal wanner, iwayin to and and fro, wlth one hand In hli trousers' pocket and the other in front of UU face, at whicli he looked as inteiltly M If readnjí h!s fortune there. One's papers are kopt al the L'nivcrsity untü he leaves. Mv diploma was returned to me, but my PS8waa retened, and bein? made out for myaelf and meine Frau, the Rector asks wlth a twinkle in his eye, If abe, ateo, Wbhed tci enter the universitv. That, of coune, is not allo wed. n the folio winf! day trhen one returns the list of answered qnestions, be recelve a card with his name and number as student of tlie university, and tliis is to be carried alwaya npon hla person, and protects him fiom arrest by pólice except for crime. Heneeforth lie is under the government of the University and not that of the city. Of the lectures, itudenta and


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