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A Free Reading Room For Boy Proposed By Rector of St. Andrew's Episcopal Church

A Free Reading Room For Boy Proposed By Rector of St. Andrew's Episcopal Church image
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Last weck the Courier gave a brief report of a inectinjf, tlie objrct of whicli WM ti) formúlate fome plan that wouM come to the aid of the youth of our city who now inakc the st reets their home after dark, and who have ::o place to go to exeept tlie saloon or soine even worse places. Tlie moTement was conceived by the practical and kiod-hcurted rector of öt. Andrew's chutch, its nccessity having been proven to liim by witnessiug scènes upon our streetsafterdark, and fromconversations with sonie of the boys who had expressed adesire forsome place in which to gathcr, which would ,be cheerful and inviting. There have been tpMonodlc illbrts to establUh something of tbll kind fiom time to time in our city, hut tlie movement lias always lackcd the necessary fnnil-, or perhaps more particularly the nnraimrj stick -to-it-ativuncss to carry it tbrougb to success. But few doubt the practical value of a movement of tlili kind to help a cías?, (one thut is constautly nicreasiti") to {jrow up with better and puier moráis and into respectable and respected citizens. List evetiinji another meetin! was held at M. Amlrew's chapel to listen to the report (f tbe comniittec nppointed to adopt some plan of action. There were a nuiuber of our best clllxeni present who appeared to be tintte dceply lnterested in auling the cause. The committee, ttaroogh its ohatrman, Rev. 8. Kar)), presented the followlng resolulions, which wereadopted, singly : Resolved, Thut ono or more rooms In the Masonlc hiork. or one or more rooms In any otherellglble 1(kmIIou be leused for the purpose of ;i Young People's iieading Koom, whosv privilege ure to be ott'ered free of expense to tlie youtli of llie city of Ann Arbor, aud vlcinliy. Hsiolv'd, That such arrangements as inay be necessary be made witli Air. Willis Bougliton to Iranster lii circulalln librtuytooue or tliese rooms wllli the uiulerslaiid ug thut the uue of 1 1 ra books i - to be free to tlie occupantsof the Headiug lioom, and thul for thu present Mr. IJougUlon have geuerut charge of tbe rooms. IieaoUtd, That an pxecutlve comralttee of ten perrons be appolnted at tlils meetinic, whose duly It shml be to llave control of the flnanctal inatti rs of the Ueadlng Rooms, lo provtüe enlertalnments of varlou.s ktnda li om time lo time, to enlarge the work if clrcumstances seem to ju.stiiy, and In general to have the overglght and dlrectlon or all the In tcrehts concerned with the proviso that they malte a quarterly report to the citizens duly assembled by a cali publlshed Ín the city papers, or notlce glveu In the varlous churchet. Vonr commitlee would suggest thut the above Kz-Uoininlltee be dlvlded Into two dlvislons to-wlt, a nuance committee of Uve aud a worklng committee of flve. Jléiolved, That a fund be ralsed for the establishment and malnlenance of thts work. The sense of the meeting appeared to be to secure the parion of the old S' James, which have been oft'ered at a reasonable rental, and in the rear of which were additional rooms that could be obtained should the enterpiifti grow sufflciently to need them. Mr. Boughton, who is referred to in the resolution above adoiited, has a lUg IIIMUM UI UUU VOIUU1U5, WUI1 aua'U-u to the needs in tlm case, whicli he will devote to the uses of this inovement, and give his eutire time to the management of the rooms at a nominal reuiuiieration. This fact secms ilmost providential, and givesthe sclieineadvantages that itwiuld cost a great deal' of moiicy to obtain otherwise. The followlng eommiltevs were then chosen: On Finance-Co. H. S. Dean, Chas. H. Worden, H.J. Bruwn.Ueo. Frauk Allmendlnger, John Keek. On Work- Junli.s E. Beal, Trof. M. E. t'ooley, Evurt li. Scoll, Louis IX Tuylor, A. W. Hamiltou. After some little discussion in reference to various matten pertainin; to the enterprise, the meeting adjourned forone week, to meet at the eonimon conncil room. The temporalice people of Vermont are asking for a high license law, the prohibitory law baring proved a dead letter. The republicana will have notrouhle in finding plenty of good timber outof which to niake a United States senator this winter. We've 8truek it, Mr. B.iynrd. It was the tarilï' that oaused Messrs. Sedgwick and Manning to brinjr disgrace upow their country as representativos in Mexico ! Fiinny yon didn't [hink of it. Sonie of nis patriotic bretliren propose to have Geo. L. Yaple appointed as postmaster at Mendon for his grcat eftort in heiping the republicana earrv Michigan. Brlllliant Ideafl Vry propl Of all the ex-PresIdeuts, Rutliertard B. Hayes Is the only one that Is living. - lt. I'leasaut EnterprUe. Wall, if Mr. Hayes and Mr. Cleveland both live until March 4th, 1888, there III aga'm be two living ex-preilrlentt. It 8 supposed that the luinian voices heard iu the jfeat Texas hades (which blossonied out last week) was simply variations of Mexican Minister Manning's oratnrical endtavors, while on his recent drunk. The people will begin to love Cleveland for the enemies he has made soon. It is now asserted that Indiana's famous(?) Engüsh-man - Win. H. - has announced open war upon tlie adininistration! Tally one for the adniinistration. On account of the prevalence of pleuropncumonia among the cattle in Chicago and Cook connty, Gov. Alger has ssued a proclamation prohibitinj: after Dec. lst, the consiirnment of any cattle froin the Infectad región to Michigan except upon inspection by commissioners oppointed bj' hini for the purpose. Ifs a good thing to have n presidential candidato in ai Btnte. lïlaine carriod Maine spluiulidly ; Sliennan went one better In Ohio; and Logan put the Illinois vietory away up to the top notch, including the bniial of Horizontal Reduction Morrison. - Laniing Bepubltc&n. Yes, but what wcre the people dólng all this time? Micliigun ln.l no presidential candi. late but she gave the republicana a tundióme majorlty, jast the same We clip the foUowIng írono the Farmer's Almaiiiic fr 1887: "Good roadl and j;ooil schools are the be?t investiuents any town can makc The first ure for the gooil of every citizen now, and the seeond lor the xv e! fa iv and Illtellfgence of L'en enitions thftt are to borne. A ncjrlect of the roada renden the sclcctinun liable to lodlctment tor cruelty to animal, and the nejileet to put up neecsaiy gnideboai'ds is .-ibout cqmilly b,ul. When xvill our country toxvns lcam tliat t is true cconotny t') loo! lifter these Important duties?" Wheftt brillas 70 cents xvith n btroager niarket. The Bo:ird of Health held a regular meeting Monday cvening, 'che usual num. ber present, ürtiiijr to the presence of dlpbtherfak and geniet fever in our city, ths Board xvould suggest to every eitlsen that it xvould be xvise to take precnutionary ¦mwiiti to prevent the Fpreadiu{ of the disensu.