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Silver As A Boomer

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Ed. Ann Arhor Courier:- You say best wheat 70 cents and tliat farmers -li.niM use tlieir infiuence to get up a tfreat European war, I presume you mean for the purpose ot ailvancing the price of wheat. Jïow, war is wholesale murder, DOthlng more and notliing less, and wc farmers are not in favor of murdenng our fellow mini, even if ït will advance the of wheat. Tlieir is a much better way to ulvaucc the piice of furin pro luc 8 and tliat is by the tree coinage of sllver at its present weight and finencss. Tliat wotild advance wheat twenty to twenty live cents n bushel, and it would not hurt anybody "xcept the ccedltor d M, who want money dear and product! chcap. They ure only about one in a hundred of our population, and I pn-sume they all re patriots willin to laffer for tlieir country' trooil. I think Ihry would not kick nuirli. Snppose they do. Thelr extra exertion miiht give tliciii a ;ood :ippetit so they would consume more of our farm product; tliat wmil:l have a tendency to itdvances pr.ces and make farmers happy, so I say let Ihem kick. Pleue print In connection with this Uie wilhin fiom Ucmorest's MonthlyQeo. A. Peters. Soio, Xov. 23 I, -SG. [The üttle item referrcd to by our frlead Petere, bout the farmers iisiiif thelr inünence to hive RttMla Ktíl ul a great war w;is said In j.;-t, Of 0011 rM, and Mr. Peters should not ?et so excited over it. lic need not u-c his influenc; in tliat way MleH lie cliooses to. In tact, come to think about it, we (lont bclieve it lulvi.-nblc, anywa}1. The filver questiou is a f ar different one, and one that is employing the best thought of our financiers to-day In IU soUitioii. But we Imve flrm f.-ilth 'In ts oomfnr out nll rijiht In tlie end ]- En. Coüribr. The following is the miele referred tn by Mr. Peters: THE Ml. hit MONKï QUKSTION. Tlie English % vern ment has appolnted a royal coniinission to inqnire into the proprlety of restoring silvcr to its tonner position, as :i measurer of values, n connection witli golü. Bl-nietalisni, it will be remembered, was the rule of tli" eomrnerciul worlil tor nearly seventy-live year.s. What is meant is, that the m:ijority of the leadtng uations inreed to pennit free coinage of jrolil and silver, at a ratio of lifteen and a half parts of tlie white to one of the yellow. The only leadlng nation whlch made gold tlie sole Standard of values wa Cireat l!rit;iin. Since 1816 every debt due a 15rili-li mi1ject was payable In Lonüon In (tol'l. J5ut on the continent and in the United Sutes the payment could be made in siver as well aa gold. When Germany, after the war, exacted $1,000,000,000 trom Frunce, the latler was forced to pay in gold, and and üermany took advantage of tht payment to follow the example of EngUnd, and made gold the sole unit of val uc. Denmark, Scaiiillnuvia, Itiily and for a time tlie United States, tollowed the ex.imple of Oermany, and the res tlt H that golil more Mud in parohuiux power, wiiidi fitct showed lUelf in the eheapenin; of every article the value of wliich frold measuied. This Included ilver. The result has been grent distre.s in the business world, as no one liked to produce gooda on a falliog market. The United States partially remonetized silver, and, because of that fitet, has enjoyed better times tilín has Europe. India, ba an exclusive silver currency, h;is l)een terribly dlstressed, beciuse it has had to pay its ilelits to Englaiid in gold, and tlie rute of exchunjje has been ruinous. This Is why England is takinjf steps to remonetize silver, and so check the ruinous fallj in prices. Shoiild this be aeromplislioi]. financiers predict a new era of prospenly tor the whole world.


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