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That Old Cemetery

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Ed. Courier: - Some time ago I was mm-h Interested in nu article the Coorikb about the old orawtery ground?, and I was hl hopoi somt'thing wonld come of k; tuut sume of mr citizens would be woke up and do 80methinr towarda wiping out th:it st:miüng district" to on r city. One of our prominent citizens wliile in California last smnmer run across a man who liad vigiled Ann Arbor, wlio was quite profase In its praise excepting two things: "you have two things sir, thatare barbarous. I refer to your depots} and and your cemetery. Why, the Indians of Qeronimo's tribe, liave more respect for their dend than you classiciil fellowa of the university city of Michigan." Upon explaniitioti tliis gentleman had seen only thia old cemetery and thoujfht '(¦ buried our dead there. The land of the old cemetery was conreyed to the supervisor and cleik of Ann Arbor town by warranty deed, to be used forburial puiposes, and if it cin be con verted into a park, and held saered beC&Me of the memories connected with ir, there is little doubt but that a goo I tltle can be obtalned. Then in addltion the lots to the west coming out to N. Ingalls stit-et ought to be obtained also, as well as the lots on the south taking in the old cnthole. Tliis could be made very handsouie with drives and walks and fountatns, and Ann Arbor city could do nothing more beueflcial to its interest. In8tead of buying land to help Uierailroad company out of its "hole in the wall" it miyht better put a few thousiind of the liquor tax money Into this improvoment which woukl be a .greal beneiit to the people. Wake the folks up on this park questi n onüe In a whlle Mr. Editor.


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