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The folUnving tibie wH be scntmed wil li interest by many of our readers, giving as it does not only tlie equilized VftllMtton of eacti supeivisor's district in the county, but the amouiit of stüte and county taxes apportloned to each: The state tax is $23,193 03 less than last year in the ?county, and the county tax is $10,000 less. Besides the ubove Ann Arbor city will have $18,320 municipal taxes to pay and $19,500 taxes In tuis school district, whicli falla mostly on the city. Tlie school tax is $3,000 less than last year and the city tnx $2,234 greater. Tliis will make a total reduction upon tho taxes of tliis city tliis year of $5,927.46. So each one's taxes ought to be a trlfle less. ANN AKDOR TOWN TAXES. The followinz shows the taxes to be pald in Ann Arbor townsliip, and tor what purposes: State tax $1,011)2.1 County tax 863 : : Contingent fand 40U 00 Htghwaytax 600 00 Woodchuek (und 75 00 Poor rund. 50 00 Pald for patlentat Couuty Houae l 79 Dog tax 131 00 Kxcess on roll n 54 Total school tax 3.O63 tl Sum total 6,SJ0 51 Jeff Davis has been brought before tlie courte on a charge of slatulering a female temperance lccturer nnmned Mr-. Tliurman. All the partios in the ciise are col ored. There are novilties eonstantly being made by the fertile hnlns of American i n ventora, anrt in no line of grxids me they more noticeaWethan in bruis l)Bque, pltish and othcr anieles of virtn and brica-brac. And at Goodyear'i dru ftoie may be found everythini; ncw fnr decorations, and liousehold orn amenls. The ítrund opening takra place next vck Monduy and Tuesday, and no m:in, voman or child who loves thc beantlfnl r;m atrord to stay away. Step in and look tbetn over.


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