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D. F. SCHAIRER'S ANNOUNCEMENT. Tketmmedlateefejcctof ihUMWoniicfment is (o prove most coiicIiimvcI) the immense, piipuiarity r onr CLOAK DEPARTMENT. No Kady can afl'onl lo wake lier decisión regnrding any ready-made i?armcnl, ben a ]'liih Sacqne, Asiraohan Wrap, Jacket, or MIaset Cloak or any olher thing In tliis department without flrst examlnlng tho Styles and notlclnf? the I.OW TRICES we are this season. Elegant wrep, correct chupe, trlmme'l witli Jïiis'i:in Bare, faced uii Batln n $7.()i), $10.00 niid (19.00, 11 bkrgaln. Real (ciuiinc Astnicliati Wrap?, 83 lo 44 Iiichfi', at $12.00, $15.00 iwü 110.00. 1 o áSh - z, ÉfíL '9 SF ¦x c Ê' Sf & ¦ AgÁ é WL ai - G Jj} ' i ll w WE ARE CUTTING DOWN PRICES. We offer 25 Slictl:ind Seal Plusli Olnaks 44 incliis loajr, fonroeal Loop, Chimot' Pocket!, ut $25.00 wortli fully $3300' Remember Ihese prlces lioltl good tor a short time only. - 1. - JH ff' Srg ; S T - '4; i 2 w BB g. Newmai-kets $5.00, $Q.."0, $S.OO and $10.00. Clrculars, $3.00, $3.00 a'id $10.00. Cirealan Newmnrkefs, J:ickets, and Havelocks $2.00,$-2.50, $3.00, $5.(10 $7 00 and $10.00. Let it be recosnizptl we nre headqnariers for Ladles', Misses' and Chlldrea's Cloks and it remalns Tor you to decide where to Buy. Kespectfully, D. F. SCHAIREK'S. UfniTTlTT to ba mide, ('ut Itals out and reI ll L V "lr" to U8 and wl" aciid y" I 11 p 1 free, sumetliing of yreat valne IIJ.UI1 JJ 1 an'1 importance to you, tht will i-tirt yoalB business which w III briDg you in more money rlght awny thau nythinK olsein thl worM. Anyonü enn (io ilie work and live at home. Eithor iex ; all ees. Someihlng ne'. thatjust eotni money fur all workers. We will atnrt you ; rapital no' needed. This Ie one of Ihe gonnlne, Important chancofi of a lifeiime. Those who are ambitidua and mterprlslng will not dolay Address Tdhk & Co., Augusta, Maine. ASTHMA CURED CERMAN ASTHMA CURE Instantly rvlieren the moet violent att&ck and insurefl comfortable sleep. NO WAITIINO tor KEBV Lts. IloinK used by inlialatinn. itH action is immediste. direct nd pertain. and a cure is the remilt in all curable cases. A single trial conTinces the moat akt'ptical. Price 60c. and $1 (10 of any Oruiadat, ir Iy mail Sample Vree for 1817 -1310.


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