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The Fourth Year Of Our Business Career

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THE TWO SAMS "We have taken the wind and sails out of our competitors. We have astonished them all. Low Prices, lood Boeds, and Strictly OsO FikO! Has brought us the trade. Ladies and gentlemen, We thank you ! ELEGANT LINE OF OERVCOATS, at $4.50, another at $5.00 still another at $6.00, another at $8.00, all of these can not be bou glit in this coimty for any such money. SUITS at $5.00, suits at $6.00, $8.00 and $10.00, at these prices no man needs to go without a suit. Come and see our doublé extra heavy shirt and drawer at $1.00, we will refund money if you can duplicate them at $1.50. Come and see them. We have the largest line of Seal and Fur Caps ever shown, $1.00 will buy the best Fur Cap ever introduced. Our line of Mitts 35 cents. We have bsen selling this fall a line of Mitts made of good strong material lined with Cantón flannel, backed with heavy cloth doublé stitched worth twice the money at 35 -look at them. We have a very large forcé of salesmen ready to wait upon you. Mr. Torn Tuomey, of Dexter ; Mr. Fred G-akle, f formerly with J. T. Jacobs ; ) Mr. John C. G-rifTen of Ypsilanti. THE T"WO S-jyCS. if THE OÏÏLY STRIOTLY ONE FRICE CLOTHIERS IN ANN ARBOR. 38


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