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neuifl NO FEE!! ) r.sT.ini.i:-.ii::n hu. i Merrill UNT1L BETTER ƒ detroit.mich. ƒ Block. S L==& The Nogalar, Old-Established jLy';;J PIIYSICIAIÏ & SURGEON % SKILLAND 8UCCESS YOUNGmen,middle-agedmen and all persons who by theirown acts of Imprn drnco or Folly at any periocl of life have brought ' upon themselves, the evil effects followine closely I upon the heels of Iran sijression of the hr.vs of nature, should consult the celehrated Pr.CIarke at once. Kemcmberl Nervous diseiiseorwith or without dreams) or tlobility and loss of nerve power treated scientifically by new methods with ncver fniling success. L#"It makes no diffcrence VFliat you have taken or who has failed to cure vou. fL$- terrible polsons of Syphilis and all bad blood and Bkin diseases, complctelv t-radi cated without mercury, Riiiember that tliisone horrible di se ase, if ncglected or impropcrly treated, curses the present and coming gencrations L All uiiTintiir.'il discharges curcd promptly Miliout hindrauce to business. No experiments. Both scxcsconsult cuiifltlontially. Age and experience important. A written nanatM of euro giveu in every cuso undertaken. J8fJ"Sufferer8 from any chronic dlseasewrite History and Syniptoins of your case - plainly. Cases solicitcd which others have faited to cure. ïCySend two stamps for celebrnted worlcs on Chronie. Nervous and Ielicate Diseascs. You have an exhaustivo syniptomatology by which to study your own case. Consuttation, pcrsonally or by letter, free. Consult the old Doctor. Thoüsands cured. Offices and parlors private. You see no one hut the Doctor. lïcfore confiding your case consult Ilt. CLAKKE, A friendly letter or cali may save future suffering and shame and add golden vears to life. Medicines 6ent everywhere secure from exposure. llours, BtuS; Sundays,9to 13. Addnat, F. D. CLARKE, M. D. MERRILL BLOCK. DETROIT. Mich OH! N Y BAO KI DR. HltuS ENGLISH BUCHU Is Ono of the Best , KIDNEV INVESTICATORS IN USE. Will euro nll (lisoasos of tlie Kidnovs Ti!nMpr V. Nuckof the It]:uidcr. llutiiiiiji LHne QJael ( ;.ni..rrh.. In all Ita lUges, Miic.u i],, i, „,. ¦'Jnit the Kltlncyü. Kruk lui Dcixuil lu i'h, i, . i, ,,, tlon of the Kldn.Ti and ln..,i,l. ¦ -.'n, ,,',,v ,t' K ,,'vï Acid Orine, Bloody Orine, Pain in il, ill„ ,S HU.lder.rAIN IN TUK BACK.Urlnn ttaShS RerSJ ('iiliului, ltcnnl Ci'lic, Kvtrntion of'l nnc Kri.iii.nt Orinjttoil, Grar.1 In all IK forro., In Itty to li l, Í 1T ISA ÜIDNKY IXVKSTIIIITOH that ratoPSTSl. oSSe t.ilt-iiii.tiirni o.l„r removw the acid and i-.nmnit.nnd theelTiH-tuf th ito- Iv uu of lnloikuUiitf diiiik. PRICE, SI; Slx Hottles for $5. Di'llvprod on iwelpl of prlco. r-Scnd for Ofsalan R..ld hy all DnlRBists. W. JOHNSTOM & CO.. Solk AOF.NT3. DCTHOIT, MICH. Johnston'g Sarwiparilla is the cheapeet t and beet Blood remedj In use.asitotÜ3 costa s dollar for a quartbottla Try it. Bithei ¦f tlio abovü sent freo on receipt of price. i RINSEY & SEABOLT'S BAKERY. GROCERY, AND Flour and Feed Store. We keep contulautly on irmd, BKEAD, CRACKERS, CAKES, EIC, j For Wholesale and Kctnll Trudo. We shall f also keep & snpply of ' SWIFT & DETJBBL'8 BBffT l White Wheat Flour! nelhi Fluur, I lour, Ruckwlieal Flour, ('urn ÏTIcal, Feed, Et-., AtWIüiU'suU' and Iti'tall. A genanü tork of GROCERIES and PROVTSIÜNS ('onetiiiitly on hand, whlcli wil] ite tn)d on ne KMOn&hls t'Tit'i nt ;it 'iny nthr boOKe 'n cit. . Cash pald for BUTTBR, BQG, tndCüUNTKÏ PRODUCE generalij Oo&i ! live"ed in jmy 'irt of the en y without ciirn charL"1. KINSKYA KEABOLT. fiAT y fleldi in ctc, bnt thene who wrlte to I I II IISUosoDá Co. Portland, Malne, wlU receivo ItI I I I 'reo "" Information bout work which I I I llhey"odo. nd liveal home, thitt wil) py " " -JJX them from $." to fi'i por daj. Soma havo earned oTer$.'iO iu aday Klther Mij younji or old. Capital Dotreqalred. You aro starled free. Thoae whoitart at ouc are abtolutelj turo of mog Uttla furtuue. All la new.


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