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Electric light is (lie latest lalked OÍ improrement it Dexter. A liaptist chicken-ile social at A. A. Buckelew'g, Dexter, Friday evening Oec. lOth. John Allison of Pittsfield. and MI Agnes Irelind of Detroit, were marrleá Nov. 24. Prof. .1. K íSige of Aun Arbor, is -tnrting n singing school at Lima igain this winter. The I)íxter oommon council nre atteraptlng to make its saloon keepers obey tin1 law. Mr M. J. Noyes, of Chelscn, is visitIng fVtonda in Uraiid Hnven, for the past ten day8. Rob't Campbell, of Pittsfield, was marrled Nov. 2tth, to Miss May Waldron of laekson. K. J. McMullen, of York, commenecd ;he school In district No. 3, Pittsfleld, on Monday last. On Déí. lt Hie Taiiies library of Dexer wíi inoMMed by aM even IDO voiunn's, naklng 775 volumes iu ull. C. Joknton r.iised this seasrm froni 12 teres of land 1,100 bushels 'of corn, l'retv good f Mii oll'year. - Saline Ob.-crver. The Dexter Leader commends a movenent to close the stores of that place at 8 o'cloek p. in. And all good leople will say " aye '' to tlie proposition. Mr. and Vrs. Cufhmao, of Sharon, have een visiting relatives in the county for a 'ew days including tbeir daughter, Mrs. Bdward P. Alien, M. C, of Ypsllantl. Ellsworth 8 líichanl, of Catón Center, X. Y., was married Nov. 23d to Miss LUie .1. Bayerof öylvan, at the residentv 0Í the bride'a parents, H. M. Uallup ofUciating. IrvingStormsof Lima, while returninp ïome from Ann Arbor recently witli hls laughter Nettie, was thrown out of the carriage by a wheel running off, and jruised consklerably. The North Lake lyceuni, whlch by the s one of the good instituí iotis of that secseciion.will discuss the qsestlon : " Whethr a man will work harder for inoney or ïonor," at its nuxt meeting. The apple driers are now througli for he season, and have done welt The aples Imve sold readily for 7 to 8 ets per lounil, wliich was considerable inore than ast year"s prices. - Chelsea Echo. Kev. H. Palmer, pastor of the M. E. church at Lima is very popular in bis charge. That's sn old fasbioned way lie ias. He never yet was statloned at a i)lace where he wasn't popular. He is it tr of the good soldiers of the cross in this world. There is gomething the matter with the lislit in the court house tower, but it' so confoundedly dark up there that the cause of the trouble cannot be ascertained.- Dexter Leader. If one or two bilis are cut down by the council, the trouble will be over with probably. Several sprigs of swect smelling lilaos were left on our table Wednesday by Mrs. Lafever. Is this sprino;?- Blissrteld Advance. No; it's a whopper! - lludson (iazette. - A lilac that ought to keep untll spring. - Manehc'ster Enterprise. Mercy ! Thil sets us a La fever. Georgc Schill, a IC. O. swltchnian at Jacksou, was killed in the yards at that place Sunday of last week, while on duty. He was a son of Fred Schill, of Manchester, and married a daughter of Jolin Haáp of the same place. He leaves a wlfe and ftve children', the oldest not yet uine yeart old. During several days last week a large gang of men were engaged in lowering the poitkrt of I! street opposite the new depot. This of course has made somethinff of an iinprovement in thecondiüon of aft'alrs. It is evident!}' the intention of the railroad company to bring thiugs down to their level, and thus far they have succeeded admirably. - Dexter Leader. " It is a solemn thing youug man,1' said the broKcn hearted father, " to come luto the borne of an old man and take awaj his only daughter, the ligbt of bis liouseImld, and the prop and solace of his decllnlng years, but you have my blessing, and I wish you joy and - " " Uut I won't take her away, sir," interrupted the young man, inexpressibly affected, " we'll both stay right here." Mr. N. W. Holt, proprietor of our new roller milis, is an extensive inventor of milliiig machlnery. He has sixteen patents on rollers, centrilical bolts and every variety of milling devices, aijd his machines are used in nearly all the best milis in this country. He hasj deslgned and built some of the largest and most perlect milis in the United Btates and is now at work on plans for others. - Manchester Enterprise. Au evidence of the good wheat market at this vülage, is shown by the tact that furers for many miles In every directlon, baal their ({rain liere for sale. Farmers residing within a mile and a half of Ann Arbor, have sold their wheat to our dealers, as also have the farmers near Manchester and Ypsüanti, while it is aluiost a dally oocurrence to see some tillers of the ¦olí from Biilau, Cone,. I.nUe liidfrc and othec lurroundlng pointa, on our streettwith loads of grain. The bank payi out on wheat ch''cks nearly $2,000 pèr day. - Saline Observer. This is cold wa ter on Ann Arbor dealers. It is seldom that a paper makes such a long Plride in iniprovement, as tho Argtis bas done, ander lts new ownaiwhip l ki evident that the deinocracy of the we-tern part of the eoiiiiiv are detennineil to have a respectarle repreaentative in the press, and come forward liberally to its topport Wlieri tlie deinoeiaey here manifest any such suit they oan have the iame orbetter. As yet we see no dlspoBition iiimiii demoormta, however, to lo likewise. - Vpsilanti Sentinel. Perhaps a like Iniprovement In the Sentinel would produce similar resu'ls. A inerchaiit. yiu knmv lias to show his goods before lic eau umke t sale. Messrs. 'nlentine & T wn have sold their evapoialor to Mr. A. J. Waters and will givi' pnartPMion On the 16th. They li ivi' botlffb.1 and nianuf .iclurcd abmit 20,000 busliels of applus during the 14 week" they have heen running, and have inadi aboal 189,000 poumls of evapiorated fruit wliich they ihfpped to Chicago and New Yurk. The i ruit has brought from 5J ti ;to ets. per pound, representlng t mm total nl $10,800. Bealdes this tbey have sold In Chicago partlM about 1,800 pounds of core? and skins at 2JLcts. ierpound. Theh have paiil 'ut a gOOa deal ofmoney tollu fariners for fruit and tn our citizens tin labor, whlch bas been a good thing for the town. They go to Florión this winterant in the spring will go to California toen gage In tho fume business. - Manchester T rl il fi,i i.i We have some fine specimens of yellow dentcorn rai9ed by Geo. PeaU, of Webstci1. The seed was brought from Ncbragka. He lias also some fine white Dutch oaU, wliicli yielded 40 bushels per acre. - Dexter Leader. Wlio said that we oujrht to have a new school house? Ynu must bc mistaken! That old blacksmith shop, (as cvery visitortoour town calis It,) that stands on Unaililla streef, with tA siiliiijr fallins; off and its chlmney tutnbllng down, is plenty good enougb (v) for our pupila to gather iiilci evory coKl ]ay and try to study, with the wind btowtag tliroujrli the great erackl o the side of the house and tbroofh tin' doors and windows enough to frenzea person standing by the hot stove, andyot t la gooA enoujih nntil it fiills down and kills some of the scholars, tlien our cominiinily will bc;in to tlünk about a new school house. - Plncknëy Dispatch. Thanksgivingday beiiiff the fortieth annlversary of tlie wedding of J. K. Yocnm aud wife, their chililicn, cliililrcii's hustands, wivos, (iriuidchililrci, and relatives - thiity-thi'cc in number - asaembled at Pat lier Yocum'l to enjoy one of their old bthloned rennions and partake of the :!¦ fliiiiirs said to be i'i store. One ot lie happy Incidente of the occasion was ;he presence of Mr. and Mrs. K. Skidmore, WDO were present forty years ago, wben the OOdtractlmt imrties ook each Other for better ot worse. At 2 o'clock all sat down to a SumptUOUS llrinksirivin;; ¦Inner, sncli an onc as Jlother Yocum tnows how to j.rovide, and satisfied the mier man. A nioe photograph group, consisting of ;. A. Yocum and lady, Dell Yoeum and lady, M. F. ïocum and lady, and Fred. EtOwlett and lady, was presented to Mr. and Mrs. Yocum for which the