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Death Of Mrs. Millen

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On Friday afternoon death removed one of the mo-it estimable ladies in the city. After a lingering illness of several months of consumptiun of the stomach Mrs. Chauncey H. Millen breathed her last at about o'clock p. m. of that day. Mrs. Millen was about 00 years of age, had been a resident of thia city upwarils of forty years, and stood high in the esteem of the people of Aun Arbor. The following tribute to the uieinory of the latu Mrs. Chauncey H. Millen, was prepared by a friend : " Mother is with me, good night deur ones,"- were the last words spoken by the patiënt sufterer. to the fumilv irathered at her bed-side when she quietly passed from death nto Lifeeternal. Bemitfful as Mrs. Millen was In earthlife, in lu-r dying hours she jjrew radiant as she neared heaven's portáis! Few, if any, have set before the world so briglit and shilling an exarnplp of Obriatiao virtues as Mrs. Millen, and she who now Hei cold in death"s embrace, has In her long life of uscfulness been a ministeri n r aiiRel at almost countless de;ith-beds, aml with her own loving hands bas tenderly arrayerl the departed ones for thir last sleep. With wonderful calmne8s and forethought Mrs. Millen entered into every detail pertaining to her funeral ; selecting her pall-bearers- even to the order of their procession. Friends from long distances have come to pay their last respects to the beloved dead, and to look once more upon the dear face that now sweetly sleeps " Beueath the low ireen tent wlio?e curtiiin