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Bert Heniou and wife are In the city for the week. Misa Faitli Iltlmeris spendiug the bolIdayi In Chicago. Mrs. II. A. Beal spentlast Snnday witli tlie Dcxter people. The Chequnmegons will cat and toot in Ypsllant] Saturiiny. Mr. and Mrs. Grant Jenkins Bat tuikey 11 M ir-li:ill Saturday. Prof. S. F. Sawky, of Oroliard Lake, was n town over Snnday. Hon A. J. Bawyet an 1 funiily will eat Christmas tiirkey in Chelsea. On Christmas eve Hiere will be a family gathering at Mayor I'obison'g. Oeo. F. Keek is tcmporarily eniployed by llie .1. T. Jacobs Conipany. H. II. Billington, üt. '85, is teaching a nsh school in Xashville, Tenn. Frank Henton is home at lus futherV, Geo. M. Henlon'a, for the bolldaya. The latei) neus froto Stephen Faiicliild is to the effect that he is improving. Mrs. Dr. Ilobinson and daughtcr Opal have gone to Oliio for the hollldays. Payeon M. Doty of Detroit, will help his brother, A. M., devour turkey Snturday. Miss Sabhi, of the 4tli ward school, has gone home to Mempliis for the holiday vacation. Mrs. Warren E. Walker's family are to join in a family re-union at her home on Christmas. Miss Lilly Eice, of Akron, Ohio, Is visit ing her sister, Mrs. Jas. M. Stafford, for a time. Nellie and Hattie Cutler, of the higb school have gone home to Grand Rapids, for vacation. W. J. Lowrey, medie, class of "81, now of Chicago, III., has been in the city during the week. L. D. Taylor, teller of the Ist National Bank, bas returned to the city to reniain for the present. Uncle John Geddes is lying very low at the residence of his niece, Mrs. R. L. Geddes, in Superior. Prof. C. W. Belser. of Carthage, 111., will spend the holiday vacation witb hls parents in tuis city. There will be a reunión of the Boylan family at the home of John Boylan. on Fiftli st., Christmas day. Miss Loulse Wurster, of W. Washington st., bas retarned from a visit among friends in East Saglnaw. Miss Mary Ivordes of this city, left Mondav for Farwell. to reniain during the winter with Mrs. H. M. Roys. Mr. and Mrs. V. H. Lane, of Adrián, will be the gnests of E. J. Knowlton and family during the holidays. Miss Cora Pulcipber, of the Ypsilanti telepbone exchange, will spend Curistmas at her father's Milo Pulciphers. Mrs. Finney, nee Carrle Wood, of LaGrange, Ind., is visiting at her uncle's, Moses Seabolts, on N. Fiftli st. George Eastman was over from Ann Arbor Tuesday mingling with his, well, aequaintances. - So. Lyou Plcket. Wirt Doty of Detroit, and Wade Doty of Marine City, are to visit the old home Ihis week for the holiday season. Miss Abbie A. Pond went to Plint last Friday to remain during vacation with her sister, Mrs. Capt. R. M. Barker. Gottlieb Gwinner, of the soldier's home, Milwaukee, Wis., bas been visiting his brother Albrecbt during the past week. Mr. and Mrs. W. II. Rand, of Charlotte, and son. are expected at the home of A. Moore, on N. Thayer st.. for the holidays. Mr. and Mrs. E. J. Hale and Mr. and Mrs. Chas. H. Ludio w, of Detroit are to take Cliristruns dinnor with Prof. Levi Wines. Mis. Chas. Le Seur and son Frank, of Toledo, Ohio, are expectpd in the city tomorrow to visit Mr. and Mrs. C. B. Davison and family. Allen B. Pond returnd home frora Chicago yesterday to remain during the holidays with his parents. Irving K. is expected home Friday. Mr. and Mrs. Delay Davis, of St. Thomas, Ont., are expected here for Christmas visiting her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Hayley, on E. Liberty si. The lady menibers of the senior class were handsomely entertalned by Mrs. Prof. Stowell, at her home on S. State st., last Friday eveninir. Mr, and Mis. O. F. Webster ofOwosso, arri ved in the city Saturday. O.F. returned Monday, but Mrs. W. will remain for a week or so witb her parents. President Angel! of the univeraity has been appointed a memberof the Board of Regents for the Smithsonian Iustltute, at Washington, D. C, by President Cleveland. John W. Thompson and wife, of S. Fiftli ft, will have their son, Frank A., and daughter, Mrs. I'orter Lathrop and busbaiid, with them during Saturday and Simday. Prof. Hennequin is in Toronto attending the final rehearsals of his drama. He expects to get back home on Christmas nlght to prepare everything for the production of the play in this city on Tuesday the 28th. Mrs. C. A. Vail of St. Louis and Mrs. C. N. Chapia and son of Medicine Lodge, Kansas, have been spending a fe tv dayB with Mis. N. B. Beers, 01 E. Liberty st., they returned home last Friday nigbt. E. Baur returned last Saturday from a visit to bis sister, Miss Clara Baur, directress, and hls daughter, Bertba, secretary and preceptress of the Cincinnati Conservatory of Music. He was treated to a rare entertainment by Mr. George Magrath, the distinguished pianist of the conservatory, who played for him Bethoven's sonata " Waldstein," and other fine pieces by Schubert, Liszt and Schnmann. At the Odeon Mr. Heury Schradieck, Leipzig1 great teacher of the violln, directed his symphony orchestra of 50 string and 14 other Instruments. All he missed at the grand concert, he says, was the appreciation by an Ann Arbor audience. Have your photograph made it Kandall's this weck if you want it finished before Chriötmas.