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H1MO5UC lUKIitTOitlAsi .mii}Ki'o.iivNuKi:r, No. l:l meet flnt rusa lay t .¦ni m uth, W. U. Uoly, B. (J.; V. v. folotjar l. Reoorder. Wahhi'kvvv Ohahhb, No. i':, ll A. M.- Meéis Dnt Mouday Mob month. Isaac Hauiy, U !'¦; Z. Hoath, secretary. BUSINESS CARD S . II!. W.KK IN UÍjUIü uAoiJiiï), ulJblALlL And OonmoD Oofflna. OaUa ftttented to Day or N1IU. Eiutmlininic " speclalty. Hto eroomon E. Washington mi reet. Hesldence Cor. Liberty and l'l fin. __ V. II. JVCkSOX, 33 iESÜKTIITIIIIISIITIL Olf FICE : Over Ilacli & Abel's Dry tíood Store. E atranca next to Ntioa&] Bank. WILLim I1ERZ, House, Sijn, Ornamental and FRESCO PAINTER! Pauerlne, Olazlní;, Oildlng, and Oalciminloe, and work or evury descrlption dono iu the best style. and wiirranted lo give aatisfactiun. Sliop, No. 4 W. Washington St., Ann Arbor. W. W. & A C. XICIIOI.S Room Ovor Aun Arbor Savings Bank, Ktonte Temple Block. GASorVITALIZED AIR Adminletercd Tor thf palnless extraction ..f teeth. STATE STREET Mlú lúa Uúlúmi ANN ARBOR, MICHIGAN, If yon want a neat Snit donut order muil yon liiivu ieen JOSEPH BERKV, Merchant Tallor. Blata Street, Aun ;v'!'"r' Micli Yon will fln.l a vary liue Une ol hngllsh vvorticls tor Draw BulU, and a 1 the HweMSbadmnd Weave In Baok SnltlBga und trowserings in st cH nd i imples M or - dOufrrïó"g experlenoa Ín Outtlng enablesut to Klve yoa a nsát and perfect tlt, and Clothes made in Oiït-elaM order, t Lowel Uving Prloes Oalland iee ror yonrse f. PfffeTSSW. - T.l.or CET THE BEST FIRE INSURANCE! $29.000,000. Secnrity held for Ihe pmtection of the pollcy christÍan mack Bepresent. 'he foüowiní -f23SÍMÍ?i whlch one. Hm .Kina. has ilone paid 5,U,ÜW tire oi' tn xlrty-ttve ysrs : JStna.of Hartfonl... í 9.102.04Í Pranklin ol PhilBaelphia .' J8.J18 Oernunlft, N. Y !'3I Germán A.merloO, N. Y ffi Michigan F. .t M., Detroit. . . 887,608 N. f. Underwriters, N. Y Í69?1?IS National, Eartford. MJrSSS Phoenix, Brooklyn 3, u9,O.(o Losses liberally adjusled and promptly paid. Policies ssued at the lowent rates of premium. liettf ¦ ÍÜMBBRI LTJMBER! LTTMBEH! lt you contémplate batldlilft oiill :it FERDON Lüiii lili! Comer Fourih and Depot St?.. asd ge our figures for all kinils of LUMBER! We manufacture our own Luinber and guarautee AERY LOW PRICES a-Give us a cali and we will make it to your lntiíest.a our large and well ifraded stock fully ustain our assertion. Telephone Csillillttnns r'íí KBECH Supt JAMES TOLBERT, Prop "ïlTdoPorest. Fire Insurance Píate Q-lass Insurance, Steam Boiler INSURANCE ! Lowcst Bates, Honorable Adjiistments and Losses Promptly Paid. REAL ESTÁTE RENTS Special attentiom oivento OOLUtcnOB or Rents ani) Manai.i.mi m of Hkai. KmTATK INTKRE8TS KOK NOK-EWIDBHT. EWTIBE 8ATISKACTION TO OWNERS QUARAKTEICD" A. DeTOBKST. Mmore money than at anythlneelíe br tale ln an ueiicy' rur ih-s bent selllng Book oot. Bnelnnurs Bucreed grandly. None fall. Term free. HallktT Book Co., PortHnd, M'tine AOTUMA CURED! fiVI 1 1 fl iinro the moit ikrptictl GERMÁN ASTHHIA CURErlí.a mott violent atU k iiihuivb comí urtable leei ¦ effecU cures whrre all nttaer reinedíea fall. So wnicin tor rchultH. lis nction fu tmmpdin.Ce diri'rt mul rrriiiin, and a coréis a CL'ttABMí CASE U permuiAnür oured m. Bef u me at wj time. " Ilnn B. lott. St. Pa%U, Minn. 'I tm entlrclr nitored to h. hh hj Gírrnin Aithn Cr." Thi.M. rutón, iami#n, Okto. "QrmiD AiLhmt Cure II all jou .-llm for Iu It DTtr fclU." Pmf. 8. Von fingtrim, 6nll, S. C. 'Uj phyilcln rcommondil GertDn Aithm Cur. ït curswl me. Mrt, M. L. Tttnck, Lcndondtrry, OAio Tkund. of dollar LetUn en file. Ask mnj dmnt ¦ h.iut It. Oerninn Anthmn í'uif li oíd by all dniff. (hsU at 5O.nriit MI, or i--ut by nml on r( cijl of prlce. 'l rial p&ok&ut free to aiiy addrms for itamp. K.HciliVPM v,N. m i_ -. i'.u.i.m,.. SUBSCRIBE for the COURIER.


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