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Women Can Afford To Remain Single

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The commoii talk 3 amono; young men that they cannot ufford marriasre because wivt-s are 8iieh an ezpeOBive luxuiy, and altojietlier suoh an expediment that no one can rtS'oid to havi; onu unless he is very lieh, or U wllllog to reiuaiu very poor. Tliis kind of twaddle a so msch in vogue that it will probably seem lieresy to take any other view of the case, by hearing in miiid the innumerable stories of beating and miüilation, and even morder, laflioted upon waaien by drunken and ugly bUibandi, it mcou ftboat time to Start a crusade to bring about a resolve on the part ot' wonien not to get married. 'I'licy run abont twenty times as nnieli risk in such an operutkm as the man does, and if the latter caunot "all'ord" to take unto hiinself a Wlfe, the majority of wonicn can wcll att'ord on tlieir part to reinain siliKle. Within tiventy yeirs ve predict that clubs for wonien, and an increased In eamlng a livelilinod, and a fienerally better status for uninarrled woinen will ïesult in a Mrion diiuinution of the trarriage rate. And, when WOtnen are uot to be ot for the a-kin.;:, men will be more careful of them. A little "corner" in the marriajre


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