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The Henry George Party

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Tht; Ili'iirv George Proaressive Üviiiooratie party is requiring ereryone that Jolna the i;iriv m Botton and N"ew Haven to maka the followinsr pledge. The Mme (oraal will ie aáed In all clties wbere tliu party effeeti nu nganl zilion: Anide 1.!, obliga tlon, aection 1 - Every pergon ndmltted as a meraber of this 'irr:mi. ,11. ,i, -ii ,11 i„. Introdaaad to ¦ - president and requectwri to r.iise iiis rlght I [ iivin; oatne] have read, or have hnrd re:id, and ilo approvc of tin; flecluratlon of principies upon whloh this Protfivgglye Democratie party polltlcal organizition das been founded. I pledge my word of honor tlmt while a member of the party, In any usemblf district or in any part of the United Btates, I will abkle by the decisión of the majority; thal I will do faltbful Work on any coinralUee to which I in iy be iippointed; that 1 promtw, it' posgible, on efection day to devote al leut tour liours to the duty of manniiig pulls; that I will use all legltlmate means to procure votes for our 0 ui'l'dates; that I will report to the oommlttee on organlzatlon any evldeooa of treaolieiy tlmt m iy appeur in our rsnks; that my penonal conduct will be ooh as to add dunity to the poltUcal party whlcb 1 this night join. I will ittend all meetings of this organisatie, unlcss preveiiteil by BlckneM or other causes over whicli I have no control. All thinga 1 pledjre myself t" do, in tli( belief that by the sucoessful establUhment of the principies represeitecl by our pirty will oome the elevation of all who labor and the ilownfall of the corrupt political partiet who, betweeu tliciu, iMiw rule the country.


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