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Henry Baoon inikcs :i quaint contribtitloo to liintory in au articie tot the NTew Yi-ar's. Wide Awak(! iimler the title "The Doves of the Frencli Kevolution " He accompanlei the article with a fuH page picture. An IntomthtK femare of the Jnnuary Wille Awake is au artiele Mitltled "Au Old House," deaoriblng Uiu old Lonjffellow liorna cm OmgreM st.. Portland, Me., Illuatrated wltü mmiy photographa and drawlngs. Krcoi.i.ections ok a Ouikk of Po Lioe: - George V. Walling, tor 38 years c maected wil 1 1 the pólice of New York, and who lias filled every grade, from patrolman to eilief, lias ritten a book of 000 paires. As Chlef Wtilling will givr the Inside workings of many of tlie great criminal CMet of tlie last generation, and proposes to exposé the corruption ¦xisti nr in the pnlitlco-judiolal and pólice (lepiitments ot New York Citv, it will rreate a sensation tiotonly in this coumry liut In Bnrope. The vrork will be profusely tllustratcd trom thu RojrufS Q illerjr, and will !,¦ sold by SubBCrlptloQ by the CaztOD Book Concern, Limited. The Musazine of Art for Jannary is a worthj foflower of the ben uti ful Droem ber n amber of this rastpatne. The froutispieee, 'Tandora's Box," is a strikini; Itttdy in sanguine. The plnce of honor isgiven to Slr. Charles de Kay's account of "Movements in American Árt," which deals putieularly with the very interestIng collection of Mr. Thomas B. Clarke. Tliia u;eiitlem!in, be it knoivn, devotes his time inoney and taste, to the collection of American palntinjft exelusively, and the llirestmeDt h is proved as j;ood a peeuniary one as he could have desired while at the sim e time it has ütarted other collectors in the same direetion. Kxi ellcni reproilnctions are riven throiigh text of this artiele of pa!ntios by V. b Churcb, Th.imas Eakins, H. Siddons Moubray, and Gilbert Paul. The first paper on "The Paris of the Hevolution,'' giviug a description with a pen and pen pencll of this picturesque and exciting epocb. "Some Portraits of Mrs. Siddons." In the series of papers "The Iiotm mee of Art" we are given the story of Van Dyck at tlie Court of Charles I." This comes just before the second paper 00 that wonderfiil old Kniflish house, H nijjhton Tower.- Ca.ssell A Company, Limited New York. " The Popular Science M)nlhly " for January, [887, is uiiiisu ally licli, even tor that migiizine, in articles bcaring upon social and educational topics. Prof. V G. Sumner hold the leadinji place with a dUcUMlon of the question, " Vhat makes tlie Rlch richer, and the Poor " Sir John Lubbock, who is as eminent for the personal attentlotl which he gives to the diacharge of his dutics as an inspector of schools as he is in scientiflc research, considera the subject of " Manual Instrtiction." Mr. Frank P. Crandon ffives hisattenlion to the " Misgovernnient of (lieat Cities." In a paper on "The Iutermin}.'lin Of Haces," Mr. John Remde shows that Crossing la a general and almost universal phenomenon in human historv.aud tiiat most of the existing races of men are to a greater or less extent the resulta of it Mr. Daniel Greeuleaf Thompaon, in "Science in Keligious Edueation," pleada for giving scientittc branches a more import.ant and eawntM piare. Tile iortriit and sketch are of Nicliolas Prejcvalski, the gieat Hussian explorer, wliose achievenients ure omnprabl with thoseof Camcron aml Stanli-y. Tlie editor at hls table talks of " Politica) Skepticiim." or symptoins of weakness in convicllom of political principie, and answers a new but not veiy ereditiible argument which has been broached agains-t spclünü retoriu.


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