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Simplicity Of Character

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kThre is nnthlng more beantiful in the younK than ilmp] city of ctmracter. It s lmncst, frank, and attractlve. How Itfferent is affectation. The Implanlnded are alwaya natural ; thiv are al he same time original. The nffected are ever Dal u ral. A" for orlglnnllty, if thev ver had il, r.liey have crusbed fout, and m ried U f rom siglit utterly. Be ynurclt'. To attempt to be anybody eUa is worae tlian folly.yit s ImpoMlble to atain t. It is contvmptible lo Iry ir. Hut npposeyou could uceeed In iinitatin he greateM man that ever tigurcil in bisory, vvnuld tbiit niake you any bettcr ? lynomeana. You would ahvays snliV-r n coinparison with the Imitfited one, and )e thought of only a- a shadow of i substancc. the eoho of a real sonnd, t lie ¦ooanterfelt of a pure coln, A jcenoïne cent ia wortli. more than a OOBDterfelt dollar; and the smallest man wlm is real ¦ wortfa more tliau thu biggestlfraud In xtatenoe. bet the fabrlc of you r eharactert tllOUgh ever so .humille, bc at lea!-t real. The world lias frands. and bami, and hunibiigg enougb - do not add to their number.


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