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A Wasteful World

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"I hivo been Omring," a id Mr. statis lo, "on tho aiii'iimt ni' flnger-nall tbaila vaste'l lo tilla worul every ycar; and sir, C is ometblng enófmoufc. NTow, (ir, the iveruge penttn trtmSuff ii tliiity-secnl it an inch of nail from ench linter evciy week, or tliree luche a ytar. Tlie average of hiiin:in ufe tlie World over is 40 ear.s. Look at tliat, sir! Ten feet of li)íer-nail for eich linger- a round 200 Vet from tlie 20 lmg.-rs and toes. Well, r, there are 1,300,000,000 people n this voikl, and BlUNNtltei tlicy WMte, oji ín iverage, 300,000,000 fet or 56,818 1-5 niic-ü of linger-nail la ;i Keneratlon. W'iiy, slr, that is íuffiolent to reach around he earth mul itlll leave nearly 10,000 miles to do our Mratetalng with. Aml )iily tli i m k ! it would take les1 than f our (eoeratloni to rafee Uuger nail enotigh o scratch the eyes out of tlie man in thi noon. There s a heap of waste in tliiWorld, sir. :i hean." saúl Mr St:itit;


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