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It is to be hoped that the very pleaiii'it and prctty custom of recciving and maklngNew Year's calis wlll oever fall into deeay, for it is one that should be linnorcd in the keeplng, especlally since the practlce of panlng wille anil otlier ardent spirits has been practically abandoncd. Below we give a list those who are to receive, and the names of the ladies assisting. There are probably others whose ñames have not been sent in. The publishing of these lists are a great convenience to caliere, and the custom of nnding tbem in for publicution ought to be more generalij' oLserved: Mrs. W. W. Ramsuy, No. 13 N. State st., froin 2 to 6. Hrs. and Miss Herdman, E. Huron St., assisted by Mrs. Gay. Mrs. President Angelí will receive, but the list bas not been fnrnlshed us. .Mrs. Byrou Clieever, No. 28 Packard St., asfisted by Mrs. E. B. Pond, Miss L'iui-e Pond, and Mrs. V. L. Bpaulding. Mrs. Prof. Perry, No. 55 Washington St., assisted by Miss Alice Hunt, Mrs. H. Randall, Mrs. Hnrtcl, Mrs. Loving and Miss Loving. Mrs. Prof. Harrington r,t the observatory, assisted by Mrs. A. B. Prescott, Miss Robey, Miss Lyon, Miss Alice Lyon and Miss Devine. Mrs. P. Bach, Miss Tinnie Sager, Mrs. Harding and Mrs. D. Mclntyre will recivf with Mrs. E. I). Kinne at cor. Fifih and Hnron Sta. Mrs. G. E. Frothingham, No. r6 Washington St., assisted by Mrs. Rufus Waple, Miss Waples and Miss Frothingham. After one o'clock. Mrs. A. W. Hamilton and Miss líale assisted by Mrs. W. H. Pettee and Mrs. Chas. E. G reene. Home from 1 to 7 p. in., at No. 44 Madison Street. Mrs. Geo. A.Douglas, No. 14 S. University ave., assisted by Mrs. 11. A. Beal, Mrs. A. Morris, Orcbard Lake; Miss Eva Beal of Nortliville. and Miss May Whedon. From 2 to C. Mrs A. 15. Wood and Miss Wood, 30 Jeffènon St., assisted by Mrs. C. L. Coffin, of Detroit; Miss Coffln of San dusüy, ().; Miss Herrón, of Detroit; MM MIm Addie Knight. From 2 to 7. Mrs. Jofan Ferdon, Miss Mary Ferdon as-i-tcd by Mrs. Frank D. Meid, of Ecanaba; Miss Olive Paul, of Forest, O. Mrs. Bepj. Dny, Mrs. Hen ry Wade Rog era and Atrs. E. II. Scott, trom 'i o'cloc to c. Mis. E. J. Knowlton and MIm Enowl ton Htfltted hy Mrs. .1. C. Knowlton, Mrs. A. 11. l'attengil, Mrs. J. G. Pattengil, Miss Mary Scott, Miss Rathbone, Rowley of Adrián, Miss Manon and Miss Britten, at No. 34 North State Street. The MUses Dougla 8 at No. C4 E Hur m St.. assisted by Mrs. Clements, Mrs. Wlghtman, Mrs. ,T. B. Gott, Mrs. Richmond, Mrs. Altman, Mrs. Condón, Mrs. W. V. Douglass, Mrs. L. P. Hall, the Mi-cs Q-ott, the Misses Condón, Miss Rlchmoiid, Miss Clements, and Miss Ball. Mis. L. Cíoodrich and daughters assisted by Mrs. C. R. Whltman and Miss Van Cleve of Ypsilantl, Mrs. V. C. Vaughan, Mrs. W. W. Beman, Mrs. H. A. Chute Mr-, M. E. Cooley, Mrs. 8. U. Clarkgon, Mis. Harry Morse, Miss Malihla Brown and Miss Mary Vaiighan, at No. '.) Soiitli State St., from'l to 7. "Halfdan Kjerulf's Album of Songs is the title of a neat collectioii of Qerraai Lleda, publlahed by Oliver Ditson & Co Boston. M;iss. The volume contain tliirty-three songs with the Germán an Engüsh versions. Kjerulfs songs are marked by ii peeuliarity all tlieir own vet there is nothing monotonous in tliei style. They are fresh and deüghtfully original. This collection comprise som of the brightest, some of the deepe-rt, an altogether the most beautiful of his pro ductions. To oe who studies thein they are works of art. The latest "fad1' on socials is the "geo graphical social." The gentlemen are rlven cards on each of which is printec the name of some county In Michigan while the ladies are each given a can witli the ñames of a county seat printac thereon - all tbr a dlme a piece - thei each gent hunts up the county sent of hi county to take to refreshments. If yoi cunnot teil the county seat belonging to your county you must pay 10 cents to th fond, as a forfeit before you can obtuii thedesired infonuation. If thisdoesno afford sufflcient nmusement for the eveting, geojcraphloal conundruins, charades etc., Can be introduced. Among the most important of the nu merous chances just effected in the bas ball rules for 1887, are the following Five bulls instead of six gives a ba?e the battor lias four strikes instead o thret', and is outif he misses the fourth whether it is caught or not; no one bu captains to speak to the umpire or play ers; no concher allowed vvithin sixty-fee of the home plate; every time the ball i batted out of siglit a new one is fur nished; batter hit by a pitcher is given a base; the pitcher Is greatly restricted in his movemvnts, and must make no at tempt to deceive the base runner. Ever; ball pilched over the base between the batter's shoulder and knee is called a strike.


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