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The K. O. T. M'a hart a grand lime nt'1 ...

The K. O. T. M'a hart a grand lime nt'1 ... image
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The K. O. T. M'a hart a grand lime nt'1 their installation of' offlcen last Wednesil:iy eveoing. Aftcr business was over a feast was partaken of at Hungsterfer'.s mul a right joytïil occasion rcsulteü. The lodge tlien deoldad to dónate to Mrs. Oscar Weiner, a barrel of llour and a load of wood. Schiller Councll Roya] Arcan urn of t bit city hu eleeted tliu followlng otllccre: Regent, L 1). Wineijylce regent, K. Kittredjcei ptlSt regent, Oeo. C. Witherby; eccretary, J. (. A. Sessions; collector, F. H. Helscr; treasurer, S. S. Blltz; chaplaln. Gc-o. W, Moore; i;iiiiU', ][. J. ürown; warden, John Iindeiiáclimiil. Ann Arbor lodge, No. 44, Knighta of Phytias, chose the follow i n jc offlcen last Monday evcnlng: P. C- Dr. V. O. Vuughan. C. C- Qllbert BIlss. V.C- John Llndensclimldt. P.- H. F. Sundford. K. of R. Chase Dow. M. of F.- Fred. 8chlanderer. M. of E.- E. B. Abel. M. A.- Fred Uarker. At the annual election of oflicers of tlie Mystic Circle, the following oilleers were chosen: W. R, Geo. Moore; V. W. R., K Kittredgp; W. W., A. C. Xichols; W. S., Horace I'urtield; W. G., Chas. Bennet; W. C. D. C. Fall; W. F., W. A. Tolcbard; W. lï., N. D. Gates; W. W. N'ichola O. Elerbadi and L. D. Wines trustees. The boy or girl who is a regular newspaper reader wilt grow up in intelligence, and will use good languge, both in speaking and writing, even witli :i limited education. It is news, science, literature, grammar, history, geography and spelling coinbined. Sometimes it is a little dilllcult to get children interested in newspapers, but after they ouce get start ei I tlieir intellectual cravings are as gure as tlio deslíe for food, ai:d it is as necessary to leed the minds as the bodies. Tlie local neuspaper abovo all will interest them, and k ha3 becorae a neeessity in every well regulated family. - Ex. Charles H. Ludlow. bookltceper for John Keek & Co., in Detroit, sin lied a he read the account in au eventug paper of John Keek walking all ttie way from Detroit to Ann Arbor soon after hls fallure. two weeks ago. "I thlnk the puper is simplytrylng to run on Mr. Keek- to guy hlm," sald Mr, Ludlow. "He rnlght have walked from the Ann Arbor depot to his reldence, but it Is nonRens to belleve he walked all the way from Detroit. Mr. Keek left tiere two weeks ago to-morrow, and I have not heard from liim slnce."- Detroit Tribune. Xow, had tliat "evening paper" given the Codriek credit for tlie item above tnere would have been no question as to it3 ííenuineness. As it is, Mr. Ludlow better come to Ann Arbor and pott np. Mr. Keek did walk from Detroit to Ann Arbor. It is gospel truth. The Michigan Farmer remarks : "A correspondent of the Ann Arbor Couuikk claims the chapel in Bcliool-buildings, being a room used but once or twloe dannsc the year, should be located in the tliird story of school buildings, and tlie lower rooms devoted to recitation purposes. The truth is there are few towns in Michigan where land is so valuable as to necessitate a scliool building more than two stories in heiglit; and when people understand tliat au imposing building, ' an ornament to the town' as they think it, means ill health and disease to their ehildren, they will btiild so as to avoid 80 mach running up and down stairs."


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