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ONB-QDARTBR OFF ! G-RAND ClearineSalb OF OUR ENTIRE STOCK ELEGANT Plush Sacques ! ASTRACHAN WRAPá, NEWMARKETS, CIRCULARS, AND CHILDREN'd CLOAKS, ALL AT ONE-OÏÏARTER OFF POR A FEW WEEKS TO ('[.OSE OUT STOCK. UDozt "Walt! BUT ('OME AT ONCE AXD SECURE THE BARGAIN8. D. F. SCHAIRER. ïlimlfS NOTICE Is hereby glven to all whora it may concern that the nnderstgned has been duly appolnted and quallned as the Assignee In lnsolveney of W. R. Monroe and Charles Winchester, partners, dolng busmc-s al Cleveland, under the name of Monroe Bros. & Co., and lde, Frerichs & Co.: at Palnesvllle, Ühlo, under the name ol the l'aloesvilie Luinoer Co.; at Alllance, Oliio, under the name ot The Alllance Lumber Co.; at Salem, Ohlo, under the name of The Salem Lumber Co ; at Clinton, Ohlo, under the name of The Clinton Lumber Co.; and at Aun Arbor, Michigan, under the name of The Ann Arbor Lumber Co. All debts due loaatd flrm inn-t be paid to me as assiguee, or to A. F Martin, Agent, and claims against siilil estáte preseuted accordlng to law. WM. B. HAUNDKRS, Assignee. Cleveland, Ohio, Dec. 27th, 1886. WHITE ME MBWBTS! MonumentsrírSlatuapy qSIy fl MarbÍjeor THE ABOVE GOODS CAN BE SEEN AT RÍO. 53 80UTB MAIN 8T., OPPOSITE KECK'3 FUitNITURE STORE. BENJAMIN CULY, Agent. 31-81 W C. H. MILLEN, INSURANCE AGENT! No. 4 South Jfatn St., Ann Arbor. The oldest agency In the city. EstabllRhed over a quarter of a century ago. Kepresenting the following tlrxt-class compauleH. with over $60,000,000 Capital and AhscU. HOME INS. CO., of New York. CONTINENTAL INS. CO., of New York. NIÁGARA INS. CO., of New York. GIRARD INS. CO., of Fhiladelpuia. ORIËNT INS. CO., of Hartford. COMMERCIAL UNION, of Londnn. LIVERPOOL, L0N0ON and GLOBE. WASHINGTON FIRE and MARINE, of Boston. Rates Low as the Lowest, Losses Libcrally Adjusted and promptly l'aid. C. H. MILLEN. STROH'S BOHEMIAN BEER. FOB- FAMILY TJSE, HOTELS UI RESTAURANTS. EVERY BOTTLE IS WARRANTED. TO BE HAD AT ALI, K&S, DEÜGGI2Ï2 M Mili Packed in Cases or Barrels to suit Purchasers. Bottled at the Brewery, DETROIT, MICH. ASTHMACUEED CERMAN ASTHMA CURE Instantly mlifrefl tho moet violent att&ck nnd inur nmfarubla sleep SO WilTlNu fop Rl. " Lt ¦"; S" wvxl bj inhltion. it ction i immedUte. direct and rertnin. nd & oure is tha rwinlt in all curable cuses. A ingle trial conTinco th mot aki-ptioml. Pnce lío. ÏSd100


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