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F OU TUE NEXT 30 DAYS Fnrniture at Cost AND LESS THAK COST. We cannot afford to hoM STOCK. WE MUST SELL. Wc will meet ANY COMPETITION Whatever, even f it Is a BANKKUPT SALE. Beur in Mind tliat our SI xk is Fresli luid New. COME AID COXVIXCE YOURSEW. KOCH d HALLER. THE JUDGE'S CASH PUZZLE TIE DUT1 ííí SI FUND, Use Your Brains and Make Money. m, mm, children, everybody. The Judge propopes to aselst the Grant Monument Funrt by orgftnlzlng a grand competltlon on word-huildinj; imakiiiK the largot nmubcrof Knulish uqrds trom a giveu aenteaee by tranaputiiin: and uiinB letters to snit the pulpóse), Uílng lor the theme the nentence "Who will be our next President ?" and otl'erins Uash prizen to sik competltors, eacb of who will have to pay Klfty (50) cents on preaentarlon of his competitiva paper. The money recelved ni ha applted ga Followa Twenty-üve ceate ia at once credlted to the Gram Fund. The muaining twonty-flve cenie, nfter dednctlng the legitímate expt-ix's oí advertíalos ñames wlih their respective anawera, etc , et.-., wi',1 he placed in a common fuud to be equully divided amoiiL' Uir the six succeeaful compautori, ¦'... Iha kíx perBon geuding in the larest list of Euglieh worde (proper noDBa lDcladed] made hou the sentence ,'Wüo will be our nei PratldttDi ï " The nmgnitude ot the prize wili depend on the amonntoi moaa; recelved, or In oiher word on the number of cnmpelltors C'orumunicati'ins open nniil b bruary 16, 1887, 12 o'clock. 'i bh i i"'t n naw thlng. In Bncland laree mim ol m.uiey hnve been ralied lor Chsrltj by thiime'hnd and tboas who hr.v.' parfteipated and Incidema ly i eipcd a wortb? ohj tel hava won a prlaa as high hs $iii, ih ii iis ¦ reward Uir mental aciiv tv. The nunca o( compeitton il ba pubiinhud from weck to e. k in Juaga aa they ma; rome In. Thia will 1 1 . t 1 1 1 u as ackaowledemnt oi tha receipt of the mooey, etc, bat wUl alo serve t Kimu the weekly proarrr.aa oftbafund. Qovero'ng rnlea la tbia weeava Judgt. Artdr -- "GRANT FUND," The Jullie PnblUklog ('imiiaiiy. Potter Building. - w York (iy. '¦¦'n'lT'ri'TT '" h ¦ '" 1(1 ¦ ' al ibh oBl and reI III Ij U inrn to Da, aod we will Mud yon III I I IV P. I "¦"' M"I"l-Jtli"ï of t' valué imjilJJ X "n ' impoilatce to yin, th'i' will ¦tin yon In bvainëpa whtcb will hrinp you in more monto ilthi awa) Uiam auythlnu eltein thla worln. Anyono cn rtó Ibe work and live at Imnic. K-ihT -ex; itll nues. AomelhinA new, thatJaM eulni money for all workera, We will atan you ; rápita I no' needeñ. Thtslroneol the ginnin -,i:. i ant chai cea "i u 1 fellme. Thoae hi ;ir.' aniblllun ¦ i Dterprialns will nol dclay. AridresK Thi'k a Oo„ AiiL'nt.i. Main. PÊNNYROYALVAFERS. ÊPreserlption of o physlcian who has liad a life lonf? experience In treat:iifemale diseases. Is used montlily wiili perfect suecess by over 10,000 ladu s. Picasant, safe, eíTectuaU Ladiea BskyourdrugRist for Ponnyroyal wafers and take no substituto, or Inclose postaeeforBealedparticulars. Sofdby all dnitrt'ists, % per box. Address I THE EUIIEK.V l'UEillCAl, CO.. DïTUOlT. Mica. Sjlii In Ann Al uur, Midi.. iy hberb ich Jt Sod. J3OS-: HIIWCH I lOCnO thia pope(,orobtain sstinntej on advertising tpace whon in Chicago, will ftnd it on file at tr,Advt;.ingAgoncygf LORD THOMASa


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