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l887DETROIT JRIBUNE. The Metropolitan Repiihlicnn Jon mul of Michigan. A Standard Family Newspaper The subscrlption list of the Detroit Trihnne has been very larf;tly increascd under its ncw mana; einent, and its politics] iniluence made itself strikinlyfelt in the campaiL'n which has just closed Asa Merlinic Family IMeWHpaper itwill not mcrcly maintlln lts liili standing durini the comina ycar but it will be strtngthcned and lm' THE TRIBUNE 'on taina All the New, Forei -n. Domestie, State and Local, in the most readab.e form. lt conUins the latest and mot readable Market Rtports. Itcontains alle. viorous Editorial and pup, ent parafirraphs. candid and timely comment on current issues anil importnnl questmns of the day. In short il is a BRIGHT, LIVELY AiiGRESSIVE REPUBLICAN NEWSPAPER - A MICHIGAN PAt'ER FÜR MICHIGAN READERS. The WE E KL T TRIBUNE Is ;i lafge ei-ht-pa?c paper of 64 columns, cont;iining editorial discussion ol' current issues f rom ÜM stundpnints of accurate ntormation and adherence to correct political artd economie principies, itin-restiu,' and valuable misLclhuieous mdlOC matter, ori inal and quoted poems and Srtetches, and selcctions from the best literature of the day. Kspcciul attention will be paid tb' topics of interests to the rural coinmunity, and to discussion oi' quettlOat "1 intertst in practical uriculturml, letters on Kim and home topics, receipts, etc. In brief, neitlur, patat nor expensa wüi be spared in keep] n? Th Tribune a flrt-rlt&HFauilly IMemipaport stron in uil dfpurtments, ;md in every WRJ WOtthV of the : rent state with whoftfl htttoryand nowth it has leen so lonj; and so closcly idcnïilinl.'" TEBMS: Per Six Threc Annmn Mos. Km, DAILY, except Sund.iy m $5,00 $2.50 $1.25 DAILY, Indudina 6.00 3.30 1.50 WEEKLY i.OO -50 .30 For $1.50 we will send the Weekly Tribune for one year and a copy of "Uur FanillyPli) - NM-iim,' a valuable household medical work of 544 pases, well printetl and haiulomely Ixnind - a Dook tbm! ratails ;it , Tlie Woekly Tribune ïvill bc sent o trial to New Subscribers tliree months for LO cents, AH posta -'t prrpaid. Specimen copies free. Remittances may bè sent at our risk by drafis on Detroit banks, money orders or in registerod letters. Liberal terins to ftgtnta and canvassers. Send. tor purticulars. Address THE TRIBUNE, Detroit, Midi.


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