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7%!! beat Ilistory of the War thcit has yet uppenred. - Botton Travcller. flARPEtf S iH Tb platel of Harper's Weekly daring tbe War liuvliic been dcstroycil, HAUFER'S Fictorial History of the Heiielllon Is ihe only means of obtalning ïts lnvalunnic hlstorleal lllustratlons. In two splendld ] folio volumes, same size page as the Weekly, and contalnlng 1.000 of lts fimous Wur plctures. Prlce for set. cartlaee pald, In beveled ! OlOtbttlS 00; In Half Tnrkey Moniooo. handpome Kiillt siamp on ilde .nd marbled edees, _'.'. TO AMiID DECEPTION, 8EE TÍIAT BOOKS BK.R HABPER'8 NAME. Mol.l by sut)sciriiiiuii only. Sand ut Illostrated circüMcDONNELL BRO'S, 1S5 I( ai lii.rn St., Chicago, Hl. Of PriedesK vnhte fur Preaerrntion. - lin-tnii Ailvcitiser. 17-05. i Holiflay Openina ! MONLAY AND TUESDAY, December 6th and 7thJ AT j. j. iimiin DRUG STORE. MOST BEAUTIFUL DISPLAY OF NEW NOVELTIES, AND HOLIDAY GOODS EVER BEOÜQHT TO TUIS CITY. It ii i II I'ny you to Ixok in iijtnn the Grand Siglit even ir yon do nol Bnr. FRANCIS L YORK, M.A., Wlll recclve daring THE COMING SUMMER A Limited mimlu-r "f Puplls In PIANO, ORC4M AND HARMONY, At greatly EEDTJCED EATESApply by mail or at XO. 30 SOUTH INGALLSflTREET Sclr.iol of Peninntiship and Shortlinml Instituto, Ynsilanfi, Micli.. Offers anaqa&led advantacea (br preparlns Yonngftnd UtddJc At;til and Womcn i o tt 11 Important and Lucrative Poaltloni In Ufe. Superior systt-tn of Actual l.ulnt'ss. No vacations. Larg attendsnoa. MINBteaoben Good linani wlih well faruUDed room . Sit.00 feo #ü.l)í per weck. Now Is a ileslrable thoe Ui enter. CH or wrlte lor Clrculurs. oi-n P. B. CLEABT, l'rlnclpnl.


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