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rcawui?. fri!E5 i SPECIAL AkiNg I (TS?-. T-cb J NATURAL FRUrr MOST PERFECT MADE rrpparoil ...m itrIctMaanttoPnrttTlBtrngfh,ud HealthfulnfBs. l)r. l'r. arder conttlnê ra A!iim(ini:i,T,iinAlu!n or Pbopphates. Dr i Extrutts.Vuuilla, I . Bavot deUdolf . PRCC BáKINS POWDER CO. Cncío._io_St_LS!!!. L.AMPGHIMNEY M B 8ee at the o i S O ', EXACT LAOLE IS ON ' f j ÍC ' EAOH CHIMNEY AS S J 2 SHOWN IN PIOTUBE. % 3 m I .-1 ÏV ' I ' Ï ,?l fM 11 MNf I "? til VJK SnoHSMT t ss -Wjfx ¦ I (,0CT-30TH-V6' I M yÜuFACTURED ONÚY JY GEO4.MAGBETH&EO. k 'ITTSBUBGH1 P ) rDR SALTBVEALERSJilEffY WHERE. DFL TJ I TU Ö. E. tN's IMPERIAL TKI 88. Bprlng, gradad trom i lo i pounds ín pressnre. WOUX DAV AM MGHT, by an lnfaut a week oíd, uran adall BOyear. ¦ a perfoolion. Bnclose stampt tor tfstiinuulU - 10. I, TRUSS en., An.n AitBor-, M icil. cIÍTÍYws MAMJrACTUHKRS OF ttOlliCU FÜRNITURE. OPÜRA IIOITSB CIIAIKS AXD WIND-MILLS. Aro now prppared to manufacture School uud Cbnrcb Furnlturo, and opera Hobm Chaira, LawnSettee, Ciinip Tables and the TRIUMPH WIND-MILL The best and s mplest nd most reliable in uso. Hepalriog done on short notloe. Also dealers In PUMPS, CYLIXDERS, PIPES, ETC. TANKS MADE TO ORDER. LADDERS, PEACH BOXES, BERRY CUATES, Jn (act, any artlcle made to order. NO. 33 N. FOURTH STREET, A XX ARBOR, MICII. L'EAL ES1A1E insorangF agbngy. OF J. A. SESSIONS, ATTORXEY AND NOTARY PUBLIC Real F.stiitc Kolil iir rented and rents collecte.! on reasonable term. bul oW ftnd BWt-claM Insurance lanlei represen ted-witb Insurance capI tal of $10,000.1)00, Ratea s low a any other Insiu ny nnd losscs promptly puid. OfBceover American Kxpress office, Mtiin Street, Min Arbor. Mlob. Please to Notice This ! I wil', lend caoh nf iny Caatomèn Notlee when bis Note or Ac-.. uut will be due. I will expecl blm to ïiT thu matter hls srompl atlenlion I Ihat Urne. I will send only ime Notice of tln kind. I hop.' all will eonstder thla sufBclent. l'rnllts are loo tnall and ir-iiiis t.x i-h iii to mftrrant m t" borrow money tn Pay my Dcbts, no matter hotosmatl or how great the Bill. I want lt forlbooming wben np. I am ilia?ikful fur y,,ui . .. bul tbe Pay I must have. ïours trnly. M. ROGERS, FOR DYSPKPSIA. MENTAL AND PHYSICAL EXHAUSTION, NERVOUSNESS, WEAKENED ENERCY, INDIGESTIÓN, ETC., ETC. ñomforfa ACID PHOSPHATE. A llquld preparation of tbe phosphates nd pbospborlc acid. Recoramended by Pbyblclans. It makes a dellclons drink. Invigoratlng and strcngthenlng. Pamphlet free. FOB SALE BY ALL DEALERS. Rumford Chemical Works, Proyldpnce, - - RJiodo Isiand. 3?BKWARE OK IMITATIONS. ABNER MOORE'S TONSORIAL PARLOR, HTJIOIT STEEET, Next door to the Farmer' and Mechanic'a iiimk. IIAIR OUTTJNO, SIIAVING, SHAMPOONUÍÍ3 AMD DYEIKG. The best oí T"orkmen nnd SatUfuctlon i. OU'iarauteed.


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