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1837. Harper's Bazar. lLLUdTKATKD. il uü'kií's Bazas oomblQes the cholees! llteratureand the flnesi art IlluKtratlons wlth the latist fashions and the lllot UsefUJ faliilly readlug. lts storles poema and essaya are by tbe best rites, and lts humorouR sketches are unsiupassed. lis ]:ipera on 8oelal etiquette, deooratlve art. housekeeplnu ; in all u.s brancbea, oookery, eto , 11 Indispensable la svery bousebold M beautlfl fasblon platee aml pattern-sheet aupplenients enable ladies lo save iiiniiy times tbe oost of nbsorlpllon by belngthelr own dretsmakers. N'ot a line Is adnaltted lo IM oolUTi'li- tbal COUld snork the. mosl lastidious taste. II VRPER'S "PËRIODIUALS. PER YKAK: IIAKI'KKS B .AI{ l 00 ! Il UI'Ki. s M Ui ZINK 1 IK) IIARI'KK'S WhKkl.Y 100 KARPER'S YOUNO PEOPLE 2 U0 HARPER'S KKANKUN' SQUARE I.iBBARY, One year 182 Number) 10 Q0 Pjstate Frfe to all tubscribem in the Vniied Stait i or Carnada rüe volumes ol Ibe ii.ïh begin wlth the ïhsi numberfor January foreach year. When notlme is mentloníd, snbsorlptlons wlll Kin wiiii th N'unibiT correa t at time ol re cetpt of order. Bouud volunios of Harpbb'S Bazar, for tbree y.'ars back, lii aeal olotb Muülnic, will be scn'i iy mail, postase pald. or iv expres, free ofexpeoae (provlded the frelght does nol ezoeedone dollar i'it roíame), ror PXWper VOlUMH' Clotb Cases for each volume, saltable lor binding wlll be sent by mail, postpald.on recelpt ot 1.0U i-ncli. Remlttanee suould be made byrost-Offlce .Moncy Order or Uriifl. to avuld o&aDOe Ol loss. &4W9P tpért 'ire nol lo copu this advtftiseinént tvithmttthe txpress r ƒ llAiirmi 9 llnoniA.ddresa HARPKR ¦% BROTHERS, Ntiw Vork. 1887. Sarper's "Weekly. IILTJSTIi.ATKIJ. Habper'8 "i:kk'i.v malntatns Ita iiosiilon Mtbeleodlng Illustrated aewnpaper In Amerloa; and lis bold ddoii publlt exteem md confldenoe rvevër stronger than at ihe present time. Resides the plctures, Hak ci it 's WsBKLT always oontAlns Inntalments oi om-, oooaslonally iwo, ol tbe beul uov is ol theday, ilnely iilustrulfil. with short atories, poema, aketobes, and papera on Importaul earront topics by the niosi popalar wrltere. The ca !¦¦ ïiiai has been BUecesKfully e ei dsed In the pastto make Hapbe'b wbkki.i a sale as wei) as a weiooms vlsltor !¦ every boDsehold wlll oot be relaxed In the future HARPER'S "PËRIODICALS. PEK YKAK : HARPER'S WKKKI.Y ?l 01 HAKPERS MAUAZINK -1 (Hl HARPEK'8 BAZAR 4 ml HARPER'8 YOUNG PKOPLK 2 00 HAIU'KU'S KltANKI.IN S(i'RK 1,1IIItAEY, One Yeiir (52 Nurabers) 10 00 Pottage Free to all subscriben in the Vuitril States or Canada. The Volumes of the Wekki.y beeln wlth the flrst Namber for January of eaoh year, When no tintels mentloned, subscrlptloDa wlll beln with tlie Number current ut time of receipt of order. Bou nu Volumes of Harper's Wkkki.y for threeyears back. In neal chalí binding, wlll be Bent by mail, postage pald, or I v ezpress, tree of expense ( the frelahtdoes n.t exceed une dollar per volumej, for K7.00pt Yolnni". Cloth Cases for eacb volume, sultable lor binding, wlll be Sent by muil, postpaid, on recelpt of tl 00 each. Bemlttanooa s-tiould be made by Poat-Offloe Money Order or Uruft, to avold chance ol loss. V wtpapert are nul te rnp; tfiis adverCiummt without trir txprtti o nl tr QJ Haui'ek A BBOTHi U, Addross HABPER BR0THER3, New York. Sawing adQ Easy. E0HAPX3 'LLGSX&lSQC&.'miíQ KACEINl ror loirpiü.T comps, wood-yanifl, fnrmers gottlnff on rt0V(., i :v,- Uori.lrJ Yticttw ¦ cuii saw ïuiïs ft nn _ohr lp :l. n." rav';v : anti ajoiirj. V,'nl "L iSEiïi. i : ¦ 1" colora AU tree renta Wuu .. f jiosa2:h tra. c:., ciirzurEüviLLE, ill.


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