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.HO 18 UNACQUAINTED WITH THE CiOCRAPHV V SEE BY CXAWIWINC_THIS_M;_P, TH ¦ - , - jlSf l 1. 1 j i sf ; sfe-d.. 7T-' !_.-.---i) CHICAGO, ROCK ISLAND & PACÍFIC R'Y of iatorinediate cities, towns and viUageB. THE CREAT ROCK ISLAND ROUTE CHAIB CAB3. THE FAWIOUS ALBERT LEA ROUTE lncaüties and hunüng and flshin; p-rounds of Inwa and Mxnnoeota. lho wc.i wlle"t fleldB andgroíius lauda of interior Dokota aro reached ym Watorfcmi. A Ghort dSSa'blo routo, via Séneca and Kankakee, offer superior inducementp to trkvelers between Cincinnati, IndianapoUs. Lafayetto and Councü Blafte, St. Joi;eph, Atchisou, Leavenwoi'uU, Kauaua City. Slinneapolis, St. Paul and inteim Au1lSïï"óL patrona, especially faraiUes, ladies and chüdren, receive from offioiSl iid mplSyes oí Boík ïeland troLia pi-otection, rospectful courtosy and lr TeteMaps, Folders - obtainable at all principal Ticket Offices in the ¦United, öiates and Canada- or any desirod iularmation, adoress, R. R. CABLE, E. ST. JOHN, tresldcnt and Goneral Manager, Chicago. General Ticket and Passenger Agent, Chicaeo


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