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ñaua NO FEE!! 1 tKOMumnun. Merrill UNTIL BETTER f DETKOIT.MICH. ƒ Block. J" Lm The Regular, Old-Establislied L. hA PIÍYSICIAN & SURGEOJJ 6? Wf i stül tioaüsg with tle rrutert SKILLAND 8UCGE88 Y0UN6 MEN, MiDDLE-AGED MEN and all persons wlio by tl.cir own acts of Impriidenenor Follyat any reríotl of life have brouwt upon thcmselves, thc evil effect followme upon the hecls of ranpeaion of thc la.vs of nature, should consult tlie celehrated Dr.C larlie at once Bememborf Nervou diaenmsfwith or without dreams) or deblllty and loss of nene power treated scientihcally by ncw methorfs v ith liever fnilinff success. Wlt makes no lifttrcnce whnt you have taken or who has faikd to rure yon. jrs-'e terrible pnton8 of Sypliilis and all bnd blond and skin disonson, completelv cradicated without mercury. Itemeniber thst llu-oi.o horrible diaeaae, íf neglected or Improperljr rsea the present and cuming gcncrations ts-AII nnnnturnl dKch arces cured prmntly Milioutliindrance to bustnen. Kp experiiwnts lioth sexes consult conli.l.iitlnlly. Asnaml exl)ri-nceimportnt. A wrltten gnnrantre of curo jivou in every caso undertuken. jjySnffererg from any cbronlcdiseagewrito HtAory and Symptouis of your case - plainly. .ilicited whicli otlicrs have íajled to cure. Ir"Scnd two stamps for celebrated xrorks on jiriiiiic. Xi-rvnUBand I-llnte Discxm-s. You . xliaustive syinptouiMtology by which t i BtudT unir own caso. Consultation, penonally or bv Vtter, free. Consult the oíd Doctor. Tboúsands curod. Office and parlors prívate. Yira sec no one but thc Doctor. ! confuliní TQur case consult UU. CLABKK. A Iriendlv letter or c.ill may save future offerl ng nd shame and add golden vears to life. Medicines Bent everywhere secure trom exposure. llours, btoS; Sundays, 9 to u. Addn F, D. CLARKE, M. D. MCRaiLL BLOCK. DETROIT. Mich CURES Goughs,Coids,Asthma,Tickling in tSie Throat, Whooping Cough, Quinzy, Sore Throat, Consumpíion, Bronchitis, and a!l Pulmonary Diseases. "y"oüñcs C o u c Hj 'Ti"""miw"i m-i.." Swii. Jítehajk. i'. I L íi -i 1 (U ati:wk % Imve tricil lr. K. with a HMiTfl1 %L A.YoungsOouKh cnld and threat-S lni ¦'" Byrup i ,ih htrtici mm fr more than a wblleonal g i year. M I bad o I to Hudaon, ! Xg I calon,a a remeMloh., abant a ! ' f t:"'ds nd moDtb ago, m ¦ C'.,uiíhs, a n i muob so Uiat l! { tim..iitarellRble wm nnable to lili fl aam J medicine. I appohitinent i ¦"¦ tani hi Aku.t., preacb ooi K i ,vit Syrup account or myj U llnButainUTWKJi eevere ciuiL-liiKt. ¦¦ ""¦ llrt "' 8U'but manaited to! ce, cnriim ray get honie.itmt 5 ¦¦ I motlier twhotte medlBtely took rtl ever ¦omeol lr B. A. I I I aerenty reara) of Tonng'i Couiib ftl ' the bardLung Sjrop I bad I W J,.., uck of meSSí "klSS U O jcbl" and feror. and I flnd 'i B" 'I I plfueure Dnt ruliii ; ! ! In reooromendlnK 1 am attacked ! ! i;'' rnby inútil .ni jdlea to all win 1 u ti m complalnt - need them. 11LV. Kulll IIEV. S. 1) KIMMKLL. Sold by all druiíiit. l'rlce, 25c.. 50c. and fl.CO. Lare bottlea n-Tit free on receipt of prtce. W. JOHNSTON Sl CO., OETROIT, MICHIGAN. RINSEY &SEA OLT'S BAKERY GROCERY, AND Flour and Feed Store. Wf keap eoBBtmntlj ñ ii:md, BREAD, CRACKERS, ( WK ES, ETC., For Wholesale and Retail 1née. We shall alto keep a enpply ot SWIFT & ÜEUBKL'S BEST White Wheat Flonr! Ilcliii Floiir, Kj' Tloiir, Buckwlicat Flour, torn Heal, Feed, Et-., At Wholesale Dd Retail. A itetwra] stock oí &ROCEEIES M PROVÍSIONS Ctu.e'aütiy on hand, wliich wiii he Mild on ae - nahle terinp fis al .n otln-r lionse lo ihi' cit . Cash pald for BUTTKK, KUG , and OOUNTHÏ PRODUCE ponorally Oood i', llveri-d to anj pari of the ciiy withiut extra el. RIXFT A KBABOUP. NEW lif SlBlE. Whlle TIIK M:V VOUK VKULY TU 1KI V K [a thc most expensive publ catión oí its class in the Unitctl States, neverlheless lts price Ís now fixed t $j, ii year. the Spmi-Wee'tly $i; Id botli cásea ;m extra bo y witli :i club of 10. Thc camp.ilííii JOSÉ dowd ÍOifnd the country in the trough o f the política! waves. The Republi can nmiuiirers hton máde thc bt-st they could ajíuinst íi st:ite oí" general apatliv 1 ti it fbw Stiltes llicy have beEO did&rj bv the iMpirlfcf presence of a great leuder, whose spee hes have awa ened almoft the only cnt)iusi;isin anywhera ihpwn, Tlie mnliof the cumpain i.i ynttfylng1; its gains are an inspiration ; thc Democratie Iosaci are a Íilaln gfntdc to the popular dr l't. From this time onvani tht countrr wül lVcl tlie lift of th advancIngwuveof [888, which, if we all do our duty, will swnp out from Washington the misqueraders now in potseMlon, the feu qf protoctíon, equalily and patnoiic gorérhment lt is now tlie duty of a41 eanwftt Uid expenenced workert t bend thtir ener giestoward unitcd an l hearty fforh (br iSS. Thc party is to bc Consolidated, checred and riillied. To Ihis work THE TKllíL'XH pledgts its .talous ' efforts. TULfi TKIRIJNF. offer for 1SS7 several excellent premiums, Includlng Tlie Tribuna B(Mtk of Opon Air Sports. ¦ A wdrk coinpiKil by THE TRIBUNE, tspeclally lor thc young men of the United St tt s lt Í-- u thorougn statement of the prese it of OpenAir atliletic ainiisfiiKiit-. in America, uith suKftions to beginners, the rutes of every important trame, the reconts of noted contcsls .nut the aihie euients of American CharapíDoa. 1 ïic boo v will coi ii. ii n al)uut 150 illuttralions. Chapters are provided on Arciu! ; íl.i-e-ía-l, witli the r cora oí wxwderful playing and the League and Associatlon eontests, mul Instructi m hótv t corve a ba I Lbh n luim', Couit Teiui-s Fi ot bal) Cricket Racket, I , ie rosse, HorsetnftiMhlp CrOM Ooontry ÍInnting ; yachting, witti a. diacusaíon of Sloop and Cuttef 1 and instructions Ili'. to Design, iBulld and Snii 9 Bo;it; Kowing, Canoeinp. Pishiog, Tnbpping, Huntlng with Shot-gua und Rifle, Camping-out, f Winter Sports, Bicyclíng, Amateur Photographv aml a lew minor sports. Amon the writers who have contributed are Will lam Blal ie Mauric Thompson, Captain icob A. Augur, Cavalry in structor at West Hoint David Kuby, Tin -mas Cl.ipham, OenersJ Goor [e W W inite. Professor George Gnldie, Director of Athl tics of the New YorK Alhletic Club; and a iarge number of private gentleman throoghout the country have iurnished i facts concerning the wild game and hunting sports of thtir KVeral lccallties. No book of tliis ch:.r;iLter has ever been put into print o America, lt is sufliciently elemental tobe a ' Own Bonk." :i!i(l answiT all tie parpotát Of our manly youtli. and yit will siso meet the demanda of adulta. Will be ready for delivery December ist. Octavo, coo paara. lletail price, $ 50. Terms, postage paid, witli Weekly, 1 year, S2.50. with Semi-we klv, 1 ycar $.150; with Uaily, Sio 50. On y to be had 111 eonnection with yearly subscrii)tions to THE TRIBUNE. Also "BluntV Rifle Practice,' a book for every 1 hunter, and National; a fine Waltlrun i Watch; the Lowprired Watcrbury Wntch ; the } two Unabrtdnd Dictionaries; Wood's Medicine, Hygiëne and Surgery. Illustratecl ; and Voung's 0 Concordance of the Bible. Sample copy, niving tcrnis in ful 1, sent free . Order by postal ctird. A Club Agent wantetl wherever toara is none, 1 THE TRIBUNE, New York. 1 - ¦ - O The BVÏKHS' G17IDK ! lssarU Scpt. and Slanli, tarh yrar. 31 !¦" s'., i í I ¦ . iiirli.,illiiiiir 3,5OO Ulnatratluua - m whole Picture Gallcry. GIVKS 'lioleaale Prlce direct to consumera on all good tur 1 pertonal or famlly ue. TelU Uow to order, and gtvea exact coat of evrjrthlng you uae, eat, drtnk, wear, or e nave fui wtth. Theae INVALl'ABLE ' BOOH.S eontaln Information glinn-d '( from the markets of the world. W wlll mail a copy FRKE to any addreaa upon recetpt of 10 ct. to defrny npenae of maUlnf(. lt u hear from you. Reapectfully, MONTGOMERY WARD & CO. S27 Se ïï lVabaib ATeuc, CUlcmio, 111.


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