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ba 90th ín favor ol on ii'i dt Ui uner Feanette nul t be w dowj rtio perlshed. A blll ni niliiiiTs and tallón who t ftarm an nereated pension Billa ed in ;he House: To appropriatc ItOO ;Ion of u monument to n ¦¦ ïrs rho lost tlieir lives In I forjid the salo ot ltqnors witbin t Soldlers' Home; topantsh tinCon fedérate money , and to repeal ü'.l ad molasse - ¦ reduce tho amounl of di oited iion'ds to bo reqalred of and to restore to the channcl" i _ ihitions ol lawfu' jjê treasury; to punish tho poseorQï counterfeitmg mom %. " n lec! striu-tin to report a blll r. vT 'ls i In tkt' Sf i in i.ppropriatlou to Bupp ilea . jr ttie public printiug and to ir patsporM at 01 ; . [emnity blll Mr. v. i he nilnl.iy r.'i 1. Hl . BUI, by request, ¦ taturallzatlon ut, bic ifter iny alieu shall ba In tbe l i itates tor tbree years he may p p tl ion for dmUslon to oltlzensbip, wblcb -- ¦ourt wiii grani U during Üi1 tlm be bas been : f ioon toter and oan apeak tbeEnrllBb language, bul be ibali nol ' i1-1 roteunl rihave slapssd. Minor c-liillren ol forelgn-bora ,.r irttbin I b ution ior ; ho Fan nar] ¦uieuumum ¦ui .-.i in, Tbe Armv Approp Ion biU wu passed and the Pension ApproA rrgolutl ' tor ;i boll iary I was adopted. The blll for the relief ui Hi Je:mutto sur¦1 in. Mu. ni.Ain roported a blil In the Snnate on ie lawgrelattng to penatom. utlon l.y Mr. Dawea to Inqu report whai specilic rcductlons oan be mai and int. tik); wili ssnry and ¦ ment without lm] uil; the proaperity of home imlusti atlon oí borne la ipted. Adjourned to January 4 In the H r reported -,i bill roquirin rant rallröad eompanle to oonstruot, maintoln and opérate telegrapb Unes. A:t on of ahorna bill the 11 .n-ncd until January 1. DOMESTIC. Bvbtbrb iNKiii Setonatloi tle UOth in the región of Bummerville, S. C. J. T. Pbbbt, mayor He, AU., was on tho 20tta flued üftj ¦¦ for assaultiug K. S. Cheeves, u teraperauoe lecturer. Ai.ükn' Qoldsmith, the famous trott horso broeder and tra at Wahuit OrOTe I'.uR, Y., aged iixty-slx yi T1AÜREH O'RïTLLT, 0Í tb" Irish X'tional League In Americ i cabio on tbi irr Konu the Ii i-ii Nation il Lea Geokob Kades, an old man, wa ¦ tonccd at Cleveland, ü„ m t! thirteen years' ImprUi step-dauijhtcr beoaaa f rom bed whi Peacock Bbothbbs, extern ers at Col.' . Col., faii 20th for í)0,000. The colloct ions of intert i dUTing tho tlrst flve months oí the pre year amonnt to M8,006,806, boles than the colleetions during sponding period oL the last fiscal year. Sam Staru and Ben Foreman, notonova desperadoes of Indian Tfrritory. shot vu h other dead on tho '2t)th at a dance. The doublé murder ended a bloody family that had lasted for flfty years and ba sulted ia tho death of uuiny men on both sides. James Adams fiftecn years old, v. tally shot B HUI, [ad., by a companion named Ora Curtís, wao was fooling with a pistol which u3 thought was empty. Secret-service ofBcers on tho 21st made public an attempt to float counterfeit twenty-d ollar silver certitieates by the Miles Ogle gang, with headquarters at Ciucinnati. Twentt-eioht residcnces and two business houses wero destroyed by flre at Gaïveston, Tex.. on the'ilst. Loss, $120,0)0; in surance, $75,300. Judge Sloan, of Milwaukeo, on tho 21st sentenced Paul Grottkau, the Anarchist, to thitty days in jail ior the publ catión of a poem reflecting upon tho court. Mussels, who murdered Daniel Christinan and attempted to burn tis wife alive, was taken from jail at Eaton, O., on the cvening of the 21st and hanged to the electric-light tower. The banking-house of V. O. Hush & Co., of Minneapolis, Minn., closed its doors on the 21st because of indorsements for $300,000 or moro for the owners of tho Puritau iron mines. Dispatches of tho 21st from Ark i report that colored peoplo írom B Carolina were arriving in largo numbers, and kü of theto readily found employment. At a farrn-house near Blair, Neb., an unknown man fired a shot-gun through a window on the21st and killed H. Bnttenschon at the supper-table. The assassin then tried to rob tho house, but was frightened away. Sseak-thieves on the 21st purloined from the First National Bank of Milwaukee $2,000 in flve-dollar biUs. Thero was no cluo to the thieves. Tue building at Philailelphia ocoupioil by John M. Marts & Co. and Kneed lor, Patterson & Co., was destroyed by Ure on the 21 st, entailing a loss of $190,000. D. M. and Burk Colvin, bankers at Akron, Col., and also proprietors of banks at Benkelman, Col., and at Cambridge, Neb., failed on the 2Ut wlth heavy liabilitics. Every business house in Victoria, Ark., ¦was set on flre by incendiarles on the 21st and destroyed. Total loss, HBO.0 K. Five meu wero fatnlly in nred on the 2tstin a coal mine near bcrantou, Fa., by a falling rock. President Cltei-axt on the doned threo Pima Indians who H going a sentence of ñvi ycurs' iraprisonment in the Arizona Peniteiithu-y lor a murderou3 assault on twu white men iu üurixo a flrc on the 22d at Cheboyn, Mich., which consumed the opera-house and tity hall, two prisoners in the lock-up were burned to death. The failure was announced on the 22d of Warren & Birmith, manufacturers of woolen goods at Cape Uirardeau, Mo., with llabilities of ÍKX0.OO0. Tn l district attorney at Boston on the 23u :,t fivo sutts against the Hay Stats Compaoy for ünporting Frenchn k ::i IX yards. HEon tho Od at Oskaloosa. Ia., daI the opera-house, post-ofüüo and aing f60,000. RoBBBSa brok.' the pUte-giass window of .1 ( , , . . -ïi-.v store it Uinnaapolia on tho "d and carrlod off t(',ü;x wortli of , E. Owens, once a bank toller in St. Louis IZZled W00.00O, wil on ¦ i from tho Chcstor (UI.) President Cleveland, after g IkiIi of a llvo-year term. J'im v i." Was prevailing at Buffalo,Jí i streoy irere Blek. - Tu ¦ I Ik Of l&BJMHrTLn „f u üaron ri-'i;"ri'mt'"ts muy jt-af'"1 an aJvanco In pricc9 ifsi iiumber of lomatei in tho ¦' Homos on tho '3(1 was 8,946, i liture íor tho fiscal year was $1,609,709. :ntlrvl frelght brakemon on ths l.ouisvillo & Nashville road struck .- of tho ditoharge of two men, and all frelght trains had ceased runlr was ansotmeod on tho ÍJ 1 thut a buildhii; ,, oo n 't leM than half a million atSiouxClty, Ia., InmamC. HndJick, !¦ tho Woms ; non. Mi; PoWDBKLY'a rci'nt secrot ordor pro ui Labor assemblleí to in aid of tho oondemned narohlata was the of liiallBtlo und labor clrclM OO Divin, O'Lbaxt, of Chicasjo, and V ;m.!, of Auburn, N. Y., staited ai 8:10 on Ui" night of tho 23d on a throohundred-mile walk in Syraouse. Ti:n Bne Belgian staüions belonglng to the Waba tmporting Company were Iob1 In the recent wreok of tb:' steam¦ [nshooast. Loss, 910,000. John T. Moerib, a Baltlmore reporter, was i : "' i 'n wee ka i in refusing to givc the grand jury tho souroo of cortain inre((ardinf( au todictment. A kvii.'a V. detective at Mobile arrestod two snspicious characters on the 8Sd, whfl offered considerable money to bc released. ttwag soon Coond that they had robbed u 9 of Í4.000. Bri irglar who several weeks huren of the Bacred Heari at South Bond, Ind., and stole the Orowns, wan on the !2!M i jrean In tho penitentiary. i i.'s (arm-house noar Say i-oyed by flro on the The old couple escapod from tho Barnes, but died in a short time, wnue tncir ¦ demented sou vm bnrned to death. : strrct-cars in Brooklyn, N. Y., were Ued up on tho 2A1 by a strike, arts iif violence being reported, but tho matter was djusted in the evening. itsoni were injured on the 23d in a railway accident near Fletchers, N. C, caused by the sproading of the rails. A woinau was fatally hurk RoiiEiiT A. Wilson, an extensive beef dealer at New Orleans, committed suiude in his office on the 23d by taking laudanum. Neak Ne wtown, Conn., iu a fit of jealousy on tho SU Wiiliam Warner shot and killed a youuR married woman named Mary Lynch and then killed himself. A kemarkable development of petroleum in Sinith County, ïenu., was reportod ca tho 23d. James Jesson, a well known farmer living near Newton, Ind., committed suicido ou the 23d by cutting his throat. A LASOS number of bogus silver dollars were ín circulation in Detroit, Mich., on Sd. Tuk. United States Court at Toledo, O., ¦-' Ü that expross companios tor the loss of inoney packagos lost or stol n while in their car.' 'ii ;; belongiiig to John Lindsay, i, ovi rturned a box con 'il tv dollars in greenbacks ontbj .itupthe money. Lindsay hadthegoat killed and cut open, but the ¦ lly masticated that it was no good. Tiib organization of a Patriot" s League in L'li .uinounced on the 28d. It many business men, and is op anarchy, socialism, communism, onism uui despotism of all kinds, and ad assist tho dovelop mem ¦ i of all classes. .1 explosión of gas on tho '.Std in the ooal-bnnkors In tho British ship Suez, lying at the leveo at New Orleans, the second englneer and four Chinamen were fatally burned. A DI8PBRATH attempt was made on the bnrglars at Medina, O., to rob the eounty treasurer's safe, containing 0, but they were frightened off. H. 1'. F'ikwood, a leading Louisvillo cotton merchant, who failed a year ago, was placed in an insane asylum on the23d, his tinaneial troubles having dethroned his ivuson. Ï1113 Pray Manufacturing Company of Hinoeapolia made an assignment on tho 88d, throwing two hundred men out of employinent. '1 he liabilities were $290,000 and the assets $150,000. F. K. Uoodfiakt, of Reading, Pa., whilo lounging in a saloon on the 23d was made a ravius maniac by a party of f riends, who dressed themselves in buffalo robes and rushed at him witU uplifted hatches. ïue leaders in the remarkable exodus oí colored peoplo from South Carolina to Arkansas gave as reasons f or their action ou the KW that tho cotlon erop wus a failure; that the landlords absorbed all the proceeds of their labor, and that they had no politieal rights. It was said that unless the Btate Legislatura improved the condition of the blacks by repealing obnoxious laws hundreds of South Carolina plantations would remain uncultivated for tho lack of colored labor. A MECHANic who arrived in Oswego, N. Y., on the '23J from Panama, where he was at work for tho canal company, said that employés were being buriod daily by hundrods, and that at the burying ground a long trench was dug, and the bodle3 were dumpcd in and coverod over with two or three feet of earth. B. F. Simi -on-, a farmer living nearLittle Rock, Ark., while playmg with bis threeold boy recently was bitten on the thumb by the lad, and on the Kid he died in great ftgony from blood-poisoning. Hits. Nannie Smith, a young woman of Bpartenburg, S. C, shot herself fatally on her husband was going to Florida and would not take her with him. PERSONAL AND POLITICAL. Maurotbmi Bet, First Secretary of the tAiegationat Madrid, has been apI Turkish Minister to Washington. Tuk widpw of the late General Georgo B. McClellan on the 2Oth receivod a check for: f 10,000 from the publishers of the remiuisoencea oí her husband. W. A. Walkkh was on the 20th nomInated to be United States Attorney for the Eastorn district of Wisconsin, in place of Delaney, who resigned to run ior Congressman, and was defeated. Rjsv. Wioais, of Button, Vt., agcd seventy-five years, oommitted suicide by hangiug on the SOth. No causo was kcwn. Captain ö. r. öhajcsok, me oiuesii w Fellow in Illinois, expired on tho 2Ut Bloomington, aged sevcnty-eight years. P. A. Stalbna, an embarrasseU dealer at Crestón, Ia., took arieni tha Ülst and feil dead in a snow-bank AT Indianapolis on tho Slstj gtate3 Oommissioner Vm Buren Lnceá 8amuei E. Perkins to mnetyfl impris0„ment for contempt m r . ' .f u slectloD fnuul ca6 .''SJSSfSfltoT. Dr. J. J. Hisht, assistantedr of th(j ckristiaii AdvojJAjic place at Cinoinnati on tho 21st. ïiik llouso ForeiRn Affairs Commiteo at Urtshington on the 2M reatored to tho Diplomatic and Consular Appropriation bill the provisión raising tho Chinóse nmsioii to tho flrstrclass, at a salary of $17.r ) i. Mr. Bi.aine was on tho 29d aM to bo jathering material fora hiatory of tho war of 1813. Revu-Apmihat. WoituEN, of the nTy, tho hero of tho fight between tho Merrimac and Monitor, was on the !d placed ou tho rotired list. W. W. Moore, a veteran journalist and prominent Odd-Fcllow, expirad at Washington on tho 23d, aged eighty-four years. Samiel, Patkick, Democratie Represent at ivr-cloet f rom the Twentieth Illinois Legislativo district, died at his residenco in Washburn on the 'Lid. Tuk resipnation of Lord Ilandolph Churclnll from the British Cabinet causod gront excitement in Lon Ion political circles ou the asd. 1 1 m announced on tho 21 that tha Britili buk ('r.iiiiiuvir, bomul from Liverpoo] to l'inladclphia, had been lost wilh all persons on board, fourteen in number. Tue South Carolina Legislature adjourned tint at on t'ie -:l ' Rev. Dit. K. F. Samili-, for nineteen yrurs pMtor of the Westuiinstor lYesby U'niui Chureh of Minncapolis, realgned on the'J8d to go to the Twont.v-third Stroet Presbytei-iau Chureh, New York. FOREIGN. A pwii.t of eight persons wnv asphyxm theiüHh in County Tipperary, Ireand. Five chililn-ii wera daad when fouud, ind the parentt and other child could nut jurvive. Tuk sti-ainship Llanelly, sailing frcm Liverpool, foundored at llolyhead on tho 2Mh, and twelve persons werc drowned. A mimo railway collision oceurred Kt Charkuw, Kussia, on tho 20th, by whioh thirtoen persons were killed andtlnrty others injured. He.yvy snow-storms in Central Germany had on the 21 st blockaded tho railroads. ïiie increased activity at tho Frcnch Governraent's manufactorios of war ïmiterial causod uneasiness in Paris on tho aist. Italy was also arming, and Germany was tncreulng her troops In AisaoeLorraiuo. At tho rogular fortnightly meeting in Dublin on the 'ilst of the Executive Comraittee of the lrish National llague John Dillon saul he would continue to carry out the plan oí campaign in Ueüance oí tha OovernmiMit. CiiAi!i.i:s S. Hm:shi.i. was dangerously IU in London on the 21st. It was authoritatively stated on tho 33d thatMr. Pamell was convinced that. ili ¦ ]Ksition of the lrish tenants was worse iiow thanwhen hl iutrodueed his Anti-Eviction bill. He would load a strong attack Uion the whole policy and acthm of the Goveniment towards eland at tho opening of tlio coming session of Parliament. At a banquet in Paris on the 23d De Lesseps said that 137,000,000 francs w.-rv stiil needed to complete the Panama caiml. Cholera caused twenty-throo deatlis m Buenos Ayres on the 93(1, and niuetL-en at C'ordova. Jac qi'es, tho English faster, weakene.l on the 2M after an ab3tinence of twenty-one days. Owixo to the continued heavy smnvstorms railway trafile was oompletelj pended throughout üermany on the S A maqistkate at Louglirea, Ireland, diichargcd Messrs. Dillon, Sheehy, II and O'Brien on tho 23d, deeuniiL charges brought by Police-Inspector Dav.s insufficient to justify their prosecutiou. UATER NEWS. QlXKBAL Jonw AiBXiNDBB Lor, vx, United otates Senator from Illinois, diod at J :54 o'olook on the af ternoon of the 2Mi ¦t !.is r.-iiamru in Washington after an i!lncss of only a fortnight, from cerebral congestión. General Logan was bom in Jaokson County, IU., February 9, 1838, servod as a Lieutenant in the Mexican war, and was soon afterward admitted to the bar. He besan nis poütical career as a member of the Illinoi3 Legislature of 1858, and four ycars later was elected to Congre3s. He was a private soldier in the battle of Buil Run, but won a Brigadier's star at Fort ilom-l-on, and was soon promoted to Major General. His heroism at the battle of Atlanta gave him command of the Army of the ïennessee. He was flrst il Senator from Illinois in 1871, and in ] st was the Republioan nominee for President. He was marriod in 1855 to Miss Mary Cunningham, of Bhawneetown. Their son is a cadet at West Puint, and their dan?hter is the wife of PaymasUir Tucker, of the army. The General was a r of the Methodist Clmrch, Th oar-w irkt of Sohall & King, at Mlddletown, Pa., were damaged by ñro on 'u to the amount of Í150.U01. 'lui Hritish iron-clad Sultan dragged her anchor on the 24tti in the river ïagus, at id drifted agaiust the FrencU s team er Ville de Victoria, sinking the lat. ith forty of her passengers and crew. Tuk business failures throughout tho e untry during the seven days endedon the S4th numbered for tho Unite.d States 231 and tor Canada 88, or a total of 2tt!. as compared with a total of 2ü:s thu provious seven days. Ni u:i.v six hundrod newsboys in Detroit were on the 86th presentad with new suits of olotlr' lv (ii)vernor Alger. In i_hicago s x hnndred newsboys and newsgirls wero turnished a dlnner by Mrs. Wallaeo from l'mitls left by her deceased son. Tin: exchanges at twenty-six clearinghouss in the United State9 during the weck ended on the 25th aggregated 1894,s:l 06a. Hbavt snow-storms prevailed throughcut Illinois, Iowa, Wisoonsiu and Indiana on the aeth. I-'msK Wi:kiman, tho oldest man in the Btatfi of Ohio, died at the home of In daughter in Cincinnati on the 'Jüth, aged LOS years and twomunths. .Mm DiiiüF.K, the wife of a farmer near Kinhvillc, Neb., killed her three childrea and liorself on the evening of the 5th. Sho had been subject to fits of lnsanity. A Christmas dlnnsr fund recently itarted ni Cleveland by the Leader drew mil oontrlbutloni amonnting to $:i,tiOü, witu vrhlch 3,800 baskets wero flllei aml distributed t the worthy poor on the 24th. "Jim" CiMMiMis and two accompliees nviv arrestad in Chicago on tho 24th lor tne reoent theft of f50,000 from an Adaras expresa car on the St. Louis & San Francisco road, for which Messenger FotheringIiam was arrested, Over $5,0Ü was fouud on Cummings when he waa oaptured, and In tkü house 55,000 was found concoaled.


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